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  1. Pillowpet New Player

    Need some advice as to what I'm supposed to be doing as a gadget buff troll. Mainly just want to know what load out should be and how to use it. Arts I'm using is Claw, Rao, and Urgund.
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  2. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Your artifacts are correct. Controller loadouts are all the same:
    Damage Debuff (Paralyzing Dart)
    Group Stat Buff (Defibrillator)
    Defense Debuff (Stasis Field)
    Heal Debuff (Napalm Grenade)
    Detaunt Shield (Distract)
    Group Shield/Power Heal (Battle Drone)
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  3. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    You don't need a healing debuff for 95% of content as very few enemies/bosses have healing mechanics. Though if you're using stasis field for your defense debuff and SC generator, napalm grenade is also an encasement breaker (encasements are bad mmmkay). Also you may want to take advantage of the stealth bar for extra stuns, shields and/or supercharges. Also keep in mind that stealth with the improved stealth hand mod is one of the 3-4 strongest shields in the game in addition to stealth's taunt properties.
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  4. Tree Well-Known Player

    Normalize Mental & Gadgets Trolls using their second loadout bar in Invis & Stealth!!!!!
  5. Pillowpet New Player

    Right now I'm running Defib, Gauss Grenade, Sticky Bomb, Decoy, Distract, Battle Drone. I know stealth can add much but right now I'm just trying to keep it simple to learn what I should be doing during content. Like, am I just popping defib and the debuffs every couple of seconds instead of spamming them like you usually would with a dps rotation?
  6. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    Debuffs and buffs all last for 12 seconds so there's no real need to use those powers more often than that. You might be thinking "well those only take 2-3 seconds to use, what do I do with the other 9-10 seconds?" Well, that's buff trolling for ya, lol.

    Also, you may want to consider P-Dart as your main max range AOE stun. It's effective, quick, has a fairly wide area of effect and the stun animation is pretty easy to identify vs stun animations like you see with gauss grenade.
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  7. Pillowpet New Player

    Okay, yeah. I'm always freaking out like "How the hell do I help more?!?". That's why I grabbed decoy lol. It helps somewhat when heals are lacking or no tank.
  8. Tree Well-Known Player

    If debuffs are placed and power bars are topped off, I will be using my weapon combos for damage and power regen. Looking around the battlefield for any mechanics or ads to crowd control that the Tank might’ve missed. Rallying downed allies, of course. Applying debuffs on new ads & checking each target for those 3 red icons (crosshairs, heart, shield) are under their names — I’m hardly idle as a Controller. Extra notes: Clipping our Debuffs or any other superpower with our recharge superpower is huge and shortens animations. I use Invisibility as a timer for when to reapply debuffs. Improved Stealth Mod is so op.
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  9. Magg Redd Well-Known Player

    Keep your eyes moving. pick-ups, cogs/other mechanics. Most DPS's won't stop trying to top the scoreboard to help their own mothers, so we have more versatility. Honestly when I troll I don't even care about my damage outtput (nor the DPS's for that matter), I make sure I always know the location of the tank and the healer and make sure they always have power, work any Cogs I see pop up, do any pickups, make sure the bosses are debuffed, and assist the tank with crowd control.
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  10. Nangaf Well-Known Player

    Just use like a dps but take off buff and def debuff in you loadout that it. The passive regen power in the game is too high so you dont really have to care about giving power , in my opinion use like a dps/troll or you can use troll with boost artifact ( parasite,claw of alk)

    in my opinion troll role really need a revamp to become essential to the team. In 2011 you force to have troll in your team ! But now it is just a luxury
  11. Magg Redd Well-Known Player

    Dang right, having me is a luxury. :D
  12. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    I'd swap out Gauss Grenade for Stasis Field for the extra super charge. That's totally a preference though. Your Sticky bomb will blow up the encasement if used right after so no need to worry about that getting in the way of DPS. Your loadout and artifacts are actually fine for buff controlling. Just be sure to keep the buff active.

    I would swap out decoy situationally. You could use Stealth in place of battle drone and have access to it from stealth. That would give you an additional controller ability (pull, root, stun) every 12 seconds. That's a preference though. So take from it what you want.

    A basic loadout would be
    -Power dump ( claw turns into a buff)
    -Defense Debuff (stasis is also a super charge generator letting you use battle drone more)
    -Power return super charge (could be inside stealth)

    The rest can be more situational or choice related
    -Damage debuff
    -Heal debuff (needed in certain content)
    -Decoy (if tank goes down)
    -Self destruct trigger (if using Stasis can give extra damage to encased enemies)

    One thing to consider is if you are speccing hybrid or super powered. For buff trolling I'll generally spec super powered but if you have a low amount of skill points it may be worth speccing hybrid and using your weapon for power regen (self). That way you get the extra 5% dom, vit, and resto. That will affect your playstyle and what your doing when you've applied your buffs and debuffs.

    I will continue to attack and crowd control enemies until an objective or pick up is needed. You can use either weapon or super powered attacks. Keep in mind when buff trolling your main focus for power use is keeping the buff and defense debuff active. Maybe reserve some power for a shield in case a team mate goes down but you can use your supers as you wish (just work with the tank to not create CC immunity).

    Is there anything specific that you feel like your having trouble with when controlling? Keeping people powered, crowd control types and when to use them, running out of power yourself?