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  1. RAbram Level 30

    Just a few quick thoughts on the new Tactical mods that would be the new head, back, and neck mods.
    The issues I have with them are you can only get them by opening time capsules. And since some of the time capsules no longer drop in game you can’t get these mods without sending millions on the brokerage. Well to fix this I thought up a few solutions.
    1. Make them craft able by using the White Speed Exobytes from central city.
    I like this option the best because it would make getting the newer mods easier. It also fits story wise as a lot of the new mods Accelerate your power cool downs, power and super charge generation.
    2. Make them drop somewhere else in the game “promethium lockboxes maybe?”
    Another good option it would hopefully bring the broker prices down.
    3. Rearrange the mods you get from your base dispenser to something like at
    Level 1 gives you weapon and old and new neck mods
    Level 2 adds you feet and old and new back mods
    Level 3 adds you hands, chest and head mods
    I’m not big on option 3 because these newer mods are power based so the list of mods in the dispenser menu would get way out of hand.
  2. Proxystar #Perception

    All fun and games until you get 3000 people trying to farm the small central city map ;)
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  3. RAbram Level 30

    There are plans to expand the central city map, and or they can have the speed exobytes drop in the other cities
  4. Owl Devoted Player

    Each of the Time Capsules will repeat. You will be able to get the original Time Capsules again.
    Plus there are still older Time Capsules in the Broker. The original Time Capsules were 9K each on USPS this weekend. The Amazon Time Capsules were around 30K each.

    The Mods can be Traded between players or Sold on the Broker.
    Adding other methods for gaining these Mods would devalue Time Capsules.
  5. Gimpy Loyal Player

    Lord, please let them devalue the TCs until no one desires them, thanks in advance,
    your friend Gimpy,