New Tab in develepment tab? Developer Feedback Requests

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    Been playing marvel heroes for a month now and always wonder why the devs don't open up a Developer feedback tab dedicated to devs ideals. Did you know every character that get release in marvel heroes the devs open up a developer discussion post and get ideals from players for every character ?

    What would you want from Magneto?
    How you want kitty pride to play?
    Rogue stealing alias and enemies powers your thoughts?

    This new tab could focus more directly on devs ideals. This mean devs could list potential powers, mechanics, other movement mode appearances, legend loadout feedback, weapons feedback, alert ideals and more direct feedback. When the devs are in the developing stages why not ask the fans what do we want from that power? They could give us a limited time per discussion. After that limit is us up and if that power makes it then it roll over to the testing feedback thread whenever the time is right.

    Example: (post from a dev)
    Developer Feedback Requests- Atomic

    This power is Inspired by firestorm...
    -Molecular Manipulation
    -Radiation Mechanics (TBD)
    -Chain Reactions (TBD)

    As a player consider our notes and what would you like from atomic? To get you started here are a few questions to point you in the right direction.
    1. What type of powers would you want to see for atomic? explosions, splitting atoms to duplicate,
    2. What color scheme would you suggest?
    3. Should this power have a new power interaction , existing one or both
    4. What type of supercharge?
    5. What iconic characters abilities would you like to have? post pics, vids and describe how it would work
    6. Pet or no pet?