New Solo and 4 person alert

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    I figured what the hell and tried Desecrated Cathedral Elite. After finishing it (which was easier than I thought), throughout the entire thing I only got 112 gear? From an elite, that is pathetic. Until they change it to guarantee at least 116+, I won't be playing elite again.

    As for the solo content. I have no doubt there are people who absolutely love open world content. But for only one Mark of Victory, and the time you spent doing it, it's not worth it. I tried it once, and that's it. It's not worth it.
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    Tell us the truth: Is this a dummy account for someone who already posted the same thing in one of the other (many) identical threads?
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    Well, joined in October 2013 with over 100 messages.. thats some dedication for a dummy account xD
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