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Discussion in 'Battle of the Legends (PvP)' started by Zizzi, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. Zizzi New Player

    PvP is fun and all, but I believe there could be some extra rewards for PvP.

    After winning X-amount of matches with a certain Legends character, you will be rewarded with a poster/statue or some sort of memorabilia of that character. Style, decoration, and other things of that sort.
    For example, Bizarro's Cape (style or decoration), a giant coin for Two-Face, a Batmobile for Batman, a swirling magical display for Fate, the possibilities could go on and on.

    Pretty much the same thing, except this would apply to the specific maps.
    Examples: Winning X-amount of matches in Ace Chemicals would reward you with a Chemoid statue. Winning in the FOS would award you a Sunstone Display or maybe even an FOS Lair Style.

    What do you people think? Also feel free to suggest other items for the maps and characters :)
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  2. Zizzi New Player

    Definitely thought I would get more opinions in this lol xD
  3. Maxx_Watt Loyal Player

    Your the Rodney Dangerfield of game improvments. Throw enough. ***** at the wall and something might stick. Before they add things like this they have a long road to travel, 1st how about if they make pvp worth doing, there was a time when guys like me did pvp months after any rewards, because it was fun plain & simple. Right now its junk!
  4. PurpCity New Player

    Would be a GREAT idea if it was incorporated in DLC 8.
    Another idea could be enough moon wins and you can get your very own red/blue moon rock.
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  5. Zizzi New Player

    Well that's your opinion. There are PLENTY of people who still PvP for fun, flaws and all.

    I just thought it would be fun to get some unique rewards for PvPing :)
  6. TrueMarvel New Player

  7. Zizzi New Player

    A couple other things I thought of as rewards:
    A Green Lantern for John Stewart wins, a Jet plane for Hal Jordan wins, or how about a Guardian action-figure/statue?
  8. Itazuki New Player

    Sounds nice, I'd like a cat statue in my Lair for using Catwoman.

    This could get people to start PvPing more too... Make the reqards non-tradable. So If you really want that PvP decoration.. only way to do it is by PvPing.
  9. Rebelyon New Player

    Since I use Power Girl in Legends, would be nice to have a framed picture of her in non super heroine beachwear attire in my lair for lonely nights.... :D
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  10. Itazuki New Player

    And a box of tissues on a table right beside it please.
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  11. Zizzi New Player

    How about a Sphinx statue for winning in the Temple of Isis?

    Lantern armor for winning with Arkillo/Kilowog? :D
  12. Zizzi New Player

    Tiger pelt for winning with Catwoman

    I also really want a mini-version of those displays in the various HQ wings. For example, the glowing DNA-looking thing in the middle if the Meta-Wing, which you could win by being successful in HQ PvP :)