New PVP Gear: Stat Gains & Stat Caps

Discussion in 'Battle of the Legends (PvP)' started by Brother Allen, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. HymnOfMercy Dedicated Player

    I understand nonetheless and look forward to the WIP thread when the time arises.
    I do know that it must happen after the stat revamp, as doing it now would only be a failed repeat of the past.
  2. Soul Dedicated Player

    Sharing is caring Mepps. :(
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  3. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    Confirmed: Mepps doesn't like to share!

    I'm kidding...please don't ban me. :p
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  4. ZypherUSPC Committed Player

    You guys are so easy to satiate it's almost comical.

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  5. Myxo Active Player

    omg...they gave you a new style for pvp. Please never ban my account...this game forum is by far the most entertaining part of my day. Enjoy DC dress up!
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  6. Soul Dedicated Player

    That movie was awesome!

    Considering how you guys carry yourselves Zypher, I always imagine this is what managing the game would look like if you run it:

    Entertaining in it's own way.. I guess o:

    In all seriousness tho, I think everyone is just around the edge of giving up, they don't seem to realize the importance of announcements, something people can actually look forward to. We're practically begging for communication..
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  7. ZypherUSPC Committed Player

    I already said it when we fixed damage before crossplay hit. I was only willing to match effort. At the current effort level I'm unsubbed, playing Overwatch, and posting dank memes. I'm not even willing to match effort anymore. Literally just milking the process for amusement now.
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  8. Captain Carkus Well-Known Player

    So what Mepps is telling the community is that this is a Style update and nothing else, and that we should
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  9. Grand Shaw Loyal Player

    You shouldn't have to beg. PvP has massive potential, but ONLY if nurtured properly. A small fix, or a few small fixes per update would be a preferable solution as a start, but it's not happening. It's just not, and obviously no amount of pleas from what's left of the PvP population will change that. It's not a negotiation, or a "reap what you sow" kind of deal. You beg, they do whatever they want.

    Does that sound like a healthy relationship to you?
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  10. Soul Dedicated Player

    You already know the answer. :(

    Now excuse me while I struggle for air because of Cactus. :D
  11. tinoman Dedicated Player

    It's obvious they don't want people pvping because all the money is in pve. Hence no fixes.:)
  12. ZypherUSPC Committed Player

    Ungrateful! Slap them with another set of gear!
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  13. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    Guys, guys, guys...and girl. ;)

    Let's not get my thread locked up. I worked hard on that damn thing. lol.

    Seriously though, I share your passion and desire but lets take it to another thread.

    As always though, I blame Zypher. :p
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  14. Grand Shaw Loyal Player

    You don't have to tell me that. I'm chilling in Overwatch with Zypher and other former DCUO players lol. That being said, it's in my sig that Legends PvP getting balance changes will revitalize my interest.

    Edit: Just read Brice's post. I will respect your wishes, Brother Allen. Hope Burns Bright!
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  15. Clutchmeister Loyal Player

    Not gonna lie that's one handsome mofo right there, full ****
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  16. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    Don't forget mental 35% :)
  17. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    I'm glad that they're aware of these problems. Hopefully they can be fixed within the 5 month hiatus they're taking from PvE
  18. ZypherUSPC Committed Player

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  19. Roguester Well-Known Player

    Yes there is,making the game balanced and as fair as possible would turn the players against each other instead against the devs.
    Players crying on the forum would get shut down with the old reply: ,,What is a good loadout?,, answer: the player.
    ..What is the best dps power?,, answer: the player.
    ,,What is the best heal power?,,answer: the player.
    ,,What is the best troll power?,,answer: the player.
    ,,What is the best tank power?,,answer: the player.
    And u would end up with a community grinding skill instead of pointless gears,and skill takes much more time to grind.
    Mind u there use to be a time like this,its soooo long gone now,many cannot even remember it,i do,and i will remember this one as the best pvp ever was in dcuo,the old ,,What is a good loadout?,, answer: the player.
  20. Knightmare Active Player

    Although I appreciate the sentiment of what you are saying the truth is DCUO has never been balanced so that it's totally been about the player skill. OP powers are a mainstay in every mmo because people don't like true balance as it is either immersion breaking or plain boring. Look no further than the 'beloved' RPS/ confidence system, it had imbalance built into it as a method of balancing pvp group play. The balance went out the window when people started to want to 1v1, or when maps necessitated 1v1 node fights people began shouting to the highest how OP powers were ruining their experience just because someone of similar skill "got lucky" at the beginning of the game and picked a power that gave then an inherent advantage over one third of the population, ya know just cuz.

    I'm all for a true counter system being implemented just not exactly what we had before, but that's for another topic.

    I'm sure you realize this statement is an oversimplification, the whole reason that they are needing 5+ months of time between pve episodes is because they are working on large PvE content in addition to the laundry list of issues in game, not exactly free time, but I digress. Why they won't buff stats on the gear to please the open world PvP crowd is a bit concerning though since their argument breaks down due to stat caps in instances having been in game for 2 plus years now it seems.

    Devs should use the test server as a petri dish and tweak things incrementally instead of this slow , though out, drawn out process they have been implementing ( see failed Tunso testing, and poor passes on electricity nature and rage ; on top of the Pvp gear stat issues), let the test server work for them , let the pvp community work for them not against them !

    I'm giving warframe a try, I haven't pvp'ed there yet but I wanted to try and get better at shooters, since I'm so bad at them. I'm pleasantly surprised by the speed of the combat and the good story telling that is immersive as well as fast paced and visceral ( who knew we could have both?) On top of that their Dev team has in game GM's that seem to be very transparent and present and they are constantly hot fixing issues. Warframe also has an alternate progression system, wouldn't that be nice . ;)