New Prom Boxes Announced

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by comrade sonya, Jul 16, 2015.

  1. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    I like the idea. I'm glad you can get more styles. Maybe some of us who have grinded for years to get raid styles can finally finish someo of those off. It just sad I will only get one month with the new lockboxes. What would be nice is if the box drops every hours during the first few days, that should boost the playing time.
  2. Circe New Player

    True, I love that we get to choose. But no one is going to choose the base items lol. I think it would be better if the base items in there were like how the styles will be, where we could get rare base items from maybe many places in the game (not all obvs lol) rather than just the same base items from before.

    But overall, I'm happy! :D
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  3. The BlackDragon Well-Known Player

    Really like this. It's a cool way to get other faction styles. Hopefully we'll get to see some new styles in the boxes down the road.
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  4. WorldsDown New Player

    ... or re-install the game on my PS4, for that matter.
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  5. darkscarletx Loyal Player

    Heroes and villains working together to defeat brainiac. You forgot already? It is a great change, so as the cross faction instance. It will be interesting. If you don't like it, leave. Many like it. It's annoying people complaining about everything. Try to be open-mind or find another game.
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  6. kravonik New Player

    crossplay doesn't exist yet. remember it got approved to be attempted. Doesn't mean its going to work. I hope it does, but there is a lot more to getting it to work then just saying its going to.
    Also there is no time line for it. For all we know it could be "years" out. Wit content every month, supposed XBone conversion, GUs, ect. that's a lot on their plates.
  7. Antwoman Dedicated Player

    I'm glad everyone like this. For me it does appeal to me I have too many toon so the cross styles will not matter, nor do I think a lot of people really care as much outside of the forums from what I've been hearing its meh...I rather they have new styles than cross fraction ones, but people have been asking for it lol I know one day this will back fire I don't know how or when but one day there might be a thread talking about how this was a bad idea. I rather see improvements in the overall, I feel like it haven't as of yet nothing to keep players who are new into the game or bring back old ones this is good for what a week then but at the end of the same ol' problems. Negative input is needed like it or not, if you don't like it just combat it with your positive feedback. Right now if I was someone new and interested in the game reading about the recented changes and seeing how low the population is and how many people are comparing this game in a negative to other MMO's why would I try it? If you want to increase the player base stop complaining about complants and do you part and make threads that show the positive side of the game. Thats is all on this may continue your positive or negaive on the lock boxes its your right afterall and shouldn't be judge either way.
  8. Southbeatz Well-Known Player

    Most MMOs eventually merge servers years after release. Sometimes it's just server names but actually just different phases of the same server. The Hero and Villain side has run its course. Unless the game population was up about 100 times from it currently is, there's just no good reason to keep hero and villain content separated anymore, outside of things like the HoD and WT etc. One problem this game has is its lack of open world and various things to do. Prom box updates are not even a band aid but at best just a little something extra that won't actually help the game's situation but some things that can help the game....

    We get instances for new content usually and these instances often are completed pretty quickly. Solo, Duo content is typically completed easily in under 10 minutes while Alerts are completed typically in under 20 minutes with ease and raids 15-30 minutes. This is just some averages but it's a fair idea of what the game is missing. The Ops were a good idea but I think the ops need to be more open world and less instance based for them to offer more appeal.

    I'll just use a few examples... Gotham Wastelands only has 3 daily missions and 1 weekly mission, once completing the daily missions enough you get bonus missions etc but that's it, otherwise the area is wasted. Gotham Under Siege is mostly similar to Gotham Wastelands as you do some dailies but a lot of area wasted and then we get New Genesis which has even less to do in their small version of open world. The game needs a new area like Metro and Gotham were designed.
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  9. megamanexe Committed Player

    how bout you be open minded to my different opinion and not try to make me like the same things you do
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  10. darkscarletx Loyal Player

    All I can say is nothing wrong with unite the styles. You won't lose your hero or villain title. It won't destroy the game. So no, I don't agree with what you said. You can not agree with me too but lots of people are happy about this.
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  11. megamanexe Committed Player

    you dont agree with being open minded? because those were your own words of advice..i see to you be open minded means more "think like me not like you" the reason it doesnt ruin the experience for you is because you dont care about the roleplaying aspect as some other people. if you take away the feeling that heroes and villains are really different then it destroys a piece of the game.
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