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  1. Martimaki New Player

    Ive been playing dcu for a long time, and would like to know if any new powers are coming soon? I personally would like to see powers like, Light/Divine (Healer), Darkness (Controller), or Water (Tank since Earth Fire and Ice are Tanks), I play daily and have Legendary membership so it would be nice to see new powers in the next dlc or something. It would probably also bring players back who got tired of current powers.
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  2. Sechuran Fox Dedicated Player

    I personally would love to see more powers but in one of those interview things (I'll have to see if I can dig it up) a couple of the dev's or SOE employees were quite derisive towards the idea (for example comparing the player base to children getting bored with their toys and declaring "No, No, No, No, No/ We do not need more powers) so unfortunately I don't think there are any in the works. They also seemed to compare the power updates to getting new powers - unfortunately I think we're going to have to make do with them.

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  3. GrimmwoodBlack Well-Known Player

    Not sure to be honest, though it's been speculated for months that Atomic would be next. Again that's just a rumor though.
  4. Mia Skye Well-Known Player

    Speculation is that there is no new powers for the year of 2013
  5. Evie Syrena New Player

    I'd be happy if there were at least new power skins... the sorcery colors are kind of silly
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  6. Claytoun New Player

    hoping for new content of this kind of things
  7. Oblivion Rage New Player

    I would love to see this actually ;)
  8. Circe New Player

    Love all your new power ideas, especially Darkness.
  9. Unknown New Player

    Add vocal/music there. Can't wait shouting so strong that all the windows of all the buildings in little bohemia break...
  10. Shn275 Well-Known Player

    I'd like to have Bizarro's Firebreath added to the Iconics.
  11. Captain Spire New Player

    X-ray vision?
  12. Pawstruck New Player

    To be honest, new powers are low on the tier list of what I'd like to see, which is:

    1. Newer, better content with more active/creative enemies and boss fights.
    2. Updated balance passes/particles on existing powers. Seriously, like 20% of them are either useless or ugly as heck or both... especially Iconics!
    3. More weapon combos: I'd like to see them add in a few new combos for each existing weapon.
    4. New weapons. You use your weapon 100x more than your powers, so they're a big deal.
    5. New powers.
  13. Volaron New Player

    Spytle confirmed this won't be coming out. Atomic ended up being Light, and they said we won't be having any new powers in the announced DLC's so it won't be in 2013. So I expect some bomb-diggidy raids.
  14. GrimmwoodBlack Well-Known Player

    Awww bummer I totally missed that. I really hope we dont have to wait that long for a new powerset, though new weapons would be nice too.
  15. GreenNGo Well-Known Player

    I was looking the the UREAL3 folder in the DCUO directory, and i found folders for all the powers. But the weird thing is there were folders for powers that dont exist (a least they might in the future) for Atomic, Ballistic, and Shape change(not to be confuses with Nature's shape shifting tree). not sure if the are Pre-F2P or Beta powers that didnt make it to the final game but they sound cool. As for a suggestion for a new power set, I would say the Blue Scarab powers would be awesome
  16. Sechuran Fox Dedicated Player

    Unfortunately I believe those were Beta/Pre-Beta powers. I believe that Shape Change was merged into Nature, Atomic can still be seen on some of the OMACs and Morrowbots, I'm pretty sure Martial Arts was a power in itself, and not quite sure what Ballistics was going to be (possibly a sharpshooter/firearms type power?).
  17. GreenNGo Well-Known Player

    thats what I suspected;however, optimism is always an option. Though, i really think Blue Beetle powers would be a nice addition to the powers overall. My guess is that it would fit nicely into a Controller Role
  18. Matador New Player

    I guess we can kick Wind power could bye.

    I'm still surprised that they have not thought about just having players use random powers that you could choose from every set. Kinda of like having a huge Iconic page to choose from picking what ever they want. But here's the kicker only Legendary members can do that. Hey if your paying for it you want a little more incentive to be paying to play.
  19. Statman New Player

    I remember a Spytle tease ages ago on the forums saying keep an eye out in 2013 in reguards to powers, but that just may be an announcement, not neccessarily a release (since they already have many plans for DLC's this year).
  20. Gwalir Loyal Player

    I remember that, though he also may be talking about the Orbital Strike and Supply Drops, since they kinda seem like powers.