New powers...Weak and lacking imagination.

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  1. kav Committed Player

    That is fact. I love the visuals of fires but I'm not going to use a power which hinders others at going forward at the end game stage. Most of the times you do not die because you're bad or because you slipped up, it simply isn't able to survive at that stage. Healers are overworked and can just do as much but it doesn't change the fact that fire is a broken power. The DPS side is totally fine, but that's not the main role or why you should be fire in the first place.
  2. Feenicks New Player

    I have fire tanked most all of the content in game and have done so beautifully. Fire tanking is probably the hardest tank power to get off right. It's basically hard mode tanking. But it's my favorite. And I'm not that bad at it!
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  3. kav Committed Player

    I know that you can pull it off, I did that too, but we're not the norm Feenicks :p
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  4. MinuteMaster Well-Known Player

    Different stroke for different folks :)

    I get what you're saying, not everyone is a gigantic lantern fan, and I try to understand that :)

    But, I feel like there should be just one more lantern power, make it a healer, and then I don't care what happens to lanterns. Just gotta keep hoping :D
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  5. Feenicks New Player

    Doesn't the S on Superman's chest stand for hope? :D

    See what i did there? :)
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  6. Feenicks New Player

    I can live with that. :cool:
  7. jpharrah1010 Devoted Player

    In reply to the thread title ... I have been wanting a standard physical tank since the day I started playing this game 3 years ago ...

    When I saw my only chances to act like my favorite super hero (superman) was ice or fire I was a bit disappointed... Earth came out snd although it was close it's still not physical tank....

    I for one think this is a great way of delivering to us the people who wanted a physical super strength style power set.... I never wanted to be a superman clone to the T anyway I'll enjoy this .... Unless if we get a kinetic energy tank in the future then I'll have some deciding to do ..... For me this isnt unimaginative ...
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  8. Mister Brees New Player

    I don't know, it does some good for cancer.
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  9. BroadSt Bully Well-Known Player

    If that is the case then you can also make a wind power set by picking up the powers through the flight movement mode... and with your line of thinking wouldn't that be the same as wind?
  10. ToxicAngelDE Dedicated Player

    so you want this game to die?
  11. Pandora Demon New Player

    50% Super-Chages:
    Atomic bomb: Hits your enemy with an Atomic Bomb that does heavy damage
    Replenishing Field Expert: Replenishes power to Group and shields allies from 50% damage within the AoE field Activates a shield if some group mates go below 40% health( PoT effect occurs on group members regardless if they are in Shield AoE affect). In Damage Role it will not have any of the PoT or Shielding, but will do an instant hit of damage, and does heavy damage over time.
    Supply Drop Powder Expert: This releases a powdered gas that restores: Power, Health, and applies a Power over time effect to all allies. In Damage Role: it does not restore health or Power, but will increase your Precision, Might, and damage output, it will also give out a small DOT to enemies in it's Damage AoE field.

    Knife Tactician: Knife melee weapon(s) This would be a power that allows you to use a knife as a melee weapon that increases weapon attack damage by 50%, when used while an enemy has a PI on them it allows you to have two knives for faster attack and more combos. In Controller role: you get increased Vitalization, and gives a chance of restoring power to you and 7 group mates every( factors in 60% of current vit). If you have this power activated and use triangle, you will fire the ballistic knife, and can only be used once per knife. Can be 35%

    Marksman: Gives POT to you and three group-mates, increases all weapon attack damage by 15%.

    Grenade Barrage: Throws multiple varied grenades at enemies these include: Flash Bang Grenades( applies dazed power interaction), Thermal Grenades( applies Burning/Frostbite power interactions), and Incendiary Shrapnel Grenades( applies DOT). each grenade does instant damage, but damage is different for each grenade.
    In Troll role: Stuns, and debuffs Target's Stats.

    NTH Metal Body armor: In troll role protects you and three group mates from all damage for a short period of time. In DPS role it will shield you from 50% damage, and increase Next Power's damage by 25%.

    Missile Barrage: Sends a Missile barrage at your enemy doing severe damage, and applies a DOT.

    Multiple Weapon Tactician: Increases Damage from all weapons by 10%, and increases Power Damage by 25%. In Troll role: Applies 50% of original buff(s), and increases Crit. Power Chances and Magnitudes, and restores power to you and 7 group-mates.

    These are just some Ideas that are military based, but mixed with DC universe.
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  12. Gooba1223 Well-Known Player

    more people play on US PS then US PC and EU PC combined so its not going anywhere
  13. GregDawe New Player

    This game will not die when the PS3 is cut.

    Actually the opposite, this game comes closer to death the longer the PS3 is held onto.
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  14. Gooba1223 Well-Known Player

    hes just a cry baby
  15. MinuteMaster Well-Known Player

    I wish I though of that one sooner :)
  16. VintageWine Dedicated Player

    Someone mentioned on here that the Devs explained why a water power can't happen and I'm curious to know what did he say about the idea of a water power and why it can't happen, is there a link or can someone explain it to me, please, thanks. :)
  17. GregDawe New Player

    Don't have the link, but all everyone seems to be saying is that it had something to do with the animations and it's similarities to ice making it hard to pull off well.

    If that is it, and it may not be all, but if that is the only reason, I don't buy it.
    I want a water set more than anything else.
  18. GregDawe New Player

    I agree, it feels unfinished now that there are 2/3 supp roles in the theme.
    I am not at all saying that it should be apart of what was released yesterday.
    Now looking back, I am blaming the PS3's capabilities for the SEEMINGLY simplistic nature of these new powers.
    Bring in Lantern healers, Shadow, Water ect. when they have untied their hands of the PS3 so that the powers are as visually awesome as the deserve to be.
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  19. Grumpy Dedicated Player

    PS3 maybe? Not sure.
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  20. sean04122009 Well-Known Player

    like star lord
    like punisher
    like rocket raccoon
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