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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by PolishEagle, Dec 10, 2021.

  1. PolishEagle Dedicated Player

    I have never done one of these in 11 years so time to suggest a power like everyone else. Ultraviolet lantern powers would be amazing!
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  2. Beastmaster Well-Known Player

    Im still rooting for wind controller because im stubborn don't even mention ice, earth and flight abilities.
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  3. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    I have new power suggestions but they would require another major overhaul and pissing off half of the community.
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  4. Rainbow Sprinkles New Player

    Magnetic powers like Cosmic Boy please. Or at least new skins for the powers or just some of the abilities of the powers. I really like the blue/gold of Atlantean sorcery or the pink hue of Saturn Girl’s mental abilities.
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  5. metal1ix Well-Known Player

    I pretty much mentioned this in another Thread, but here goes.

    Wind - Controller. Obvious reason, since we depend on air to stay kicking and violent winds can disorientate fighters.

    Darkness - Tank. Darkness is a form of power that tends to avoid damage whilst in the cover of its power interaction. When an Eclipsed Shield breaks, a total of 10% of overall damaged blocked will be blasted back to the enemy. Darkness users cycle between Intangible and Eclipsed interactions to absorb and reflect as much damage as possible.

    Parasitic/Vampirism - Healer. Consume Enemy HP to nourish the party. Simple and straight forward. Can double as a DPS while in Healer Role. (Idea from another user, but added Vampirism to the mix.)

    Necromancy - Tank. Command an army of undead to taunt enemies. Enemies will attack the undead first before anyone else (tank included) if the recommended Dominance stat is reached within the area.
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  6. Empress_Orana Well-Known Player

    No to every single one of these.
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  7. Kaegrin Well-Known Player

    Don't be so dismissive. It's rude.

    I want just one more Lantern power at least, just round off the roles so you can have full Lantern groups.
    My theory for a long time has been that they should do Hope and Avarice for heroes and villains respectively. They'd be exactly the same powerset, but with slightly altered visuals. Both would be healers that heal their allies/minions for percentage of the damage they deal to opponents through construct combos, as well as offering various buffs to their allies/minions.

    Now before you tell me that's impossible, there's only a couple key visual differences needed:
    • First, is obviously color and construct appearance. This shouldn't be too hard to do as we currently have Light, which has different colors and constructs for heroes and villains. Basically the same premise here. Hope constructs would probably seem more pacifistic, calm, and spiritually-themed in nature, while Avarice constructs should be far more wild, unpredictable, and aggressive.
    • Second, should be from where the heals appear to emanate from. For Hope, the heals would appear to emanate from the Hope users themselves and funneled to their allies. For Avarice, the heals would appear to be drained from the target being dealt damage and funneled to their minions.
    • Third isn't so much a visual, but a theming element. I keep saying "allies/minions" because in order to keep theming intact, Hope would be healing and buffing through inspiring their allies, with all allies within range of the Hope user having some sort of blue visual queue that shows they're currently being allied with. Each of these allies are eligible recipients of both the Hope user's heals and buffs. Likewise, Avarice would be healing and buffing through empowering their minions (Larfleeze does this with his construct corps all the time, as he views them as an extension of himself, and therefore it's not considered sharing power), with all minions within range of the Avarice user having some sort of orange visual queue that shows they're currently being conscripted as a minion. Each of these minions are eligible recipients of both the Avarice user's heals and buffs.
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  8. Aduzar Light Dedicated Player

    Everyone is waiting for a heal lantern already, if we already have, that would be an achievement ^^

    What if we throw a bet? How many topics like this will we have, before we have an announcement of a new power? :D
  9. Jaelia Committed Player

    We been fighting for more lantern powers for years especially for Violet lol so I doubt they will add ultraviolet especially since it’s close to mental
  10. Kaegrin Well-Known Player

    I think the odds of you ever posting on these forums in a non-negative, non-antagonistic tone are far more slim than the odds of us getting new Lantern power.

    Hey, I hear you... I still think they should make a Light variant that just changes the colors and constructs to violet. It would be an awesome compromise. If Skimming can just be a reskin of Flight, then Love can just be a reskin of Light.
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  11. Wallachia Loyal Player

    After that frenh guy's post I want a fart based power.

    Something that would allow me to make a power ranger or a DBZ character would work too.
  12. Ergotth Committed Player

    You guys forget a bit of the lore surrounding the lantern powers and DC Comics REALLY demands DCUO follow it tight, so..... I'll have to repeat myself here:
    Blue Lanterns - NO! The powers around Blue Lanterns are EXTREMELY limited. Alone they are weak and almost powerless, close to a green lantern both powers get boosted. Also, Yellow, Red and Orange lanterns are weakened by just EXISTING close to a blue lantern. And part of the rule among them is that new blue lanterns are hand-picked by Saint Walker, the rings don't have what it takes to scan the universe for new members.
    Orange Lanterns - NO! Only one Orange lantern is literaly ALLOWED to exist and that is Larfleeze. If another one existed, both would fight to the death for each other's ring, hence Larfleeze's corp is entirely made of orange CONSTRUCTS. They are puppets.
    Ultraviolet Lanterns - NOPE! As little lore as there is, Ultraviolet lanterns are ALL mind-controlled by Umbrax with the exception of Sinestro because he always had strong willpower to resist. But overall, they are all mindless drones for a dark sun entity. Plus all they do is drawn out negative emotions out of others. DCUO really messed that up by reducing it to a re-skinned bossfight in a duo :p
    Black and White lanterns fall on the same category as Ultraviolet. Mindless puppets of a transcendental entity.

    I think the only lantern powers that stand a narrative chance to be a Healer power would be Indigo e Violet (Star Sapphire), in all honesty.

    THAT ASIDE, I think Wind, Shadows, Metal/Magnetic, Sound, Light (not lantern-related) would be fantastic powers.
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  13. Aduzar Light Dedicated Player

    After all, we mustn't forget that here we are in a game and that liberties can be taken for the sake of it and sometimes the productions of the big, as well as the small screen, don't respect literary works whatever they are.
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  14. L T Devoted Player

    I'll have to repeat myself here (heh-- see what I did there?) and say that comic book lore changes literally all the time. There have been comics where blue lanterns functioned in the absence of green lanterns.

    EDIT: "evolves" is probably a better word than "changes" but you get the idea.
  15. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    -fist bump-
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  16. Stanktonia Dedicated Player

    Sinestro isn’t the only one not being controlled by the ultraviolet spectrum, John wasn’t controlled either, and there were others who weren’t. The red lantern corps is parasitic too, but we still got that as a power, so the same thing could happen for the ultraviolet camp
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  17. Ryazan Dedicated Player

    I just wish for a Ninja power, with its 2 ability trees being one based on the tools and weaponry, and the other tree being about the mysticism part of it in media, with chakra and elemental jutsu attacks.
  18. metal1ix Well-Known Player

    I think being a flat out Ninja is rather complicated since they have numerous sorts of weaponry and gadgets, and Chakra is a form of spiritual energy magical in nature, to which can conflict with Sorcery/Celestial. It's known as Ninpo, which allows the Shinobi user to tap into their spiritual powers and either combust the air around him (fire) or freeze to create droplets of (water) and hail (ice). Additionally, this Ninpo energy can supercharge gases into plasmatic levels (Electricity.)

    I could say Ninpo can easily fall under Controller due to how it controls nature to the Shinobi's advantage, along with numerous sub-elemental releases along from the mixing the main 5, being Fire, Water, Wind, Electricity, and Earth, all of which (except wind) are primary powersets of Two tank + Two healer respectively.
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  19. Ergotth Committed Player

    These liberties are all tied by the owners of the source material. If they say "no" to anything, Daybreak will have to oblige. They can't create new elements to a pre-existing concept without the big D and C allowing them.

    The Blue Lanterns are not USELESS on their own, but they are pretty much half-powerful on their own. They can still do the basic things, but the presence of a green lantern is what powers them up to 100%.

    ok, the two strong-willed characters are not controlled, but the very ESSENCE of UltraViolet lanterns are to be puppets of Umbrax. You can even hear the random adds in the duo saying "I can't control myself!". And while the Red Rings of Rage are parasitic, they don't control the Lantern's minds, every Red Lantern have complete free will of their actions, not an entity pulling the strings. Thats why virtualy anyone can be a red lantern, although this is a commitment for life, since removing a red ring kills you.

    *fun fact: Red lanterns can't fall in love, its the one thing that causes the ring to reject it's user.
  20. metal1ix Well-Known Player

    Green Lantern - Willpower | Bound to Oa's Galactic Laws.

    Yellow Lantern - Fear | Extension of Parallax.

    Red Lantern - Rage | Red Ring replaces the Heart of user, and if the ring is removed, its wielder dies.

    Blue Lantern - Hope | Masks fear, and the more hopeful priests are, the more powerful they get.

    Indigo - Compassion | Masks Avarice, therefore being able to shut down Orange Lanterns without breaking much of a sweat. Additionally this is the emotional spectrum that focuses on healing, and/or being able to temporary absorb other emotional spectrum and harness that kind of power for a period of time.

    Orange - Avarice (greed) | Capable of consuming excessive amounts of food or certain light spectrums to power their own rings. As this embodiment of greed, orange lanterns are constantly paranoid, and thus vulnerable to fear and love the most. Because of their greedy nature, Greed Sin Energy can manifest as a result.

    Violet - Love | Special corps that utilize a deep love for someone or something, and if that person's love is strong enough, they may manifest a Star Sapphire in the process (Which is unfortunately parasitic in nature as too much love becomes lust and therefore can generate Lustful Sin Energy as a result.) Additionally, they have an unhealthy obsession to shut down the Fear Spectrum, and by extension, Greed.

    White - Life/Origin to other emotional energies.
    Black - Death/Necromancy.
    These two are literal opposites of each other.

    Yellow Lanterns imo, are probably the weakest out of all the Lantern Cores, since a strong will masks fear, along with love, excessive rage, being excessively consumed by greed (which leads to reckless actions,) and loads of hope and compassion, along with being determined can mask the spectrum of fear.

    Ultraviolet is considered an invisible spectrum, and powered by negativity and the primal instinct of the user, of which can spread by "branding" non-Ultraviolets with the specific ring tattoo that therefore becomes an extension of Umbrax (Or the Black Sun) as a result. It's the only spectrum that can control both darkness and light at the same time, therefore the only way to push Umbrax back is by tapping into the White Spectrum innately found within every astral body (planets, stars, asteroids, etc.) as Umbrax itself is also considered to be an astral body in terms of power and origin.
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