New power possibilities

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  1. sean04122009 Well-Known Player

    Check out my sig I also have these powers listed I brought from old forum I need to update them
  2. Brother Reimar Well-Known Player

    I dont know what Serums is going to do, but if this isn't covered in it, I would like to see Chemicals. Things like catalytic reactions. Fun stuff from raw chemistry like Acids, bases, lubricants, adhesives, endothermic reactions exothermic reactions, explosives, odors. Then you have what might be covered by Serums and is covered by Gadgets , such soporifics, paralytics, toxins, antidotes, anesthetics, stimulants, hallucinogens, euphorics, mutagens.

    Sound would be interesting. Have to just make it more encompassing like including vibration.

    Or in lieu of chemicals, what about Matter powers using Element Lad, Chemical King and Matter Eater Lad templates and the like.

    I'm looking forward to nuclear to see if I can make a Wildfire like character. One of my first favorite comic heroes as a kid.
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  3. TheDarknessWithin Loyal Player

    Most of those won't make the cut. In fact some sound stupid, don't make any sense and are part of other powers already, no offence.

    Im up for these though:

    Shadow - Control/Tank
    Water - Heal/Control
    Cybernetic - Tank
    Magician/Illusionist - Control
    Gravity - Tank
    Exotic/Alien Tech - Healer
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  4. wolffer66 New Player

    Me i would like water power for healers sonic power for trollers instead of munitions not inpressed with it as for tanks wind is a kool thought
  5. Cosmos Girl Well-Known Player

    I think elasticity should be a superpower in the game. There are a number of superheroes in the DC realm who have it.
  6. leapoffaithninja Committed Player

    shadow water maybe black and white lanterns as healers like green & yellow are pi fear and will life and death are color swap should happen