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  1. Super Lantern Active Player

    I was thinking of a clayface themed powerset, it works like water meets shapeshifting meets earth with tanking in mind, ethan bennet for heroes and baslo for villians. Any other powerset ideas could be great too.
  2. 1 ncmike Dedicated Player

    That's how earth was originally there's some old video's on YouTube showing off earth power yesrs ago it did have some shipshifting and it did have the move that Clayface does were he goes into the ground .
  3. SparkmanX Committed Player

    For the next power, I really care very little what the name is or what it is inspired.
    Experience has taught me that no matter how interesting a power sounds because it is inspired by some whatever character, in practice it can be more of the same or less efficient than other established powers
    On the contrary, I want a power that is truly groundbreaking and that gives us a new perspective on some of the support roles. Preferably the role of controller since it is one of the most affected with this revamp.

    Here are some examples:
    Imagine that you have a power called symbiosis or spiritual Manipulator. let's see now that new mechanics can incorporate to inovate those that already exist.

    1. Crowd Control
    Now the CC has been very devalued in the role of controller; But what would happen if part of your CC consists in taking control of three NPCs and changing them as allies? As with Starro, now with this power you have the ability to turn enemies into allies. When they die, you can convert three more.

    2. Damage de-buff
    This is one of the least used debuffs since its impact on the game is practically insignificant. The only time it is important to use it is when the boss has an attack buff to be canceled. But what would happen if when the boss appears the giant skull in the head, you throw a debuff that reduces the attack in half? This can be achieved if you do the exact combination at the time the skull appears over the head of the boss . You must also have controlled at least one npc since you are going to sacrifice the "soul" of the controlled npc to partially devitalize the power of the boss. Needless to say that this would kill the npc to save the lives of your teammates.

    It would be great if the effect applied effectively is rewarded graphically. For example: When the boss's attack is sealed, a giant shadow that appears on the boss's back vanishes. This means that half of his super dangerous attack went directly to the controlled npc.

    3. Protection shield
    Instead of carrying a simple shield like everyone else, this power allows you to use one of your npc as a shield. If you do the correct combination (on the button where you have the "shield") the controlled NPC dies and its spirit becomes your magic shield. However, if you make a different combination, you will give the order to the controlled npc to fence and revive one of your fallen teammates. That would be something really innovative and spectacular to see. The npc would arrive instantly where your fallen partner since it is really his spirit that will act while the npc dies. Using the spirit and not the npc to revive it, the devs would save having to redesign all the npc.

    4. Camouflage. If you do not like to wear a shield, what do you think about being able to temporarily disguise yourself as one of the npc you control spiritually? This would be a power similar to distraction in the gadgets or grandeur in the mental. You would go unnoticed by enemies and you could deactivate consoles or revive team allies without having problems to be attacked.
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  4. Karas2016 Dedicated Player

    I like the sound of a cosmic god like not quantum but on a higher scale like trigon, antimoniter and spectre.

    I would probably picture planet creations that can explode into gamma rays, creating mini suns that shields you and give burning dot radiation to opponents, and a teleport that can bring a certain radius of opponents to one point as if you were eating worlds like antimoniter, while continuing the teleport your health grows, and you get bigger. Etc.
  5. DC Urban Committed Player

    Gonna be an elemental power because it is easier for them to implement. Same old same; handblaster animations, different colors, yadda, yadda.
  6. darth_paul Dedicated Player

    There have been talks about people wanting a kind of shape-shifting/plasticity power. It could be inspired by Plastic Man and Elongated Man for heroes and Clayface for the villains.
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  7. DC Urban Committed Player

    They are not good with proportion altering:D
  8. GrimmwoodBlack Well-Known Player

    I want a good physical good ol' fashioned super strength with invulnerability power set. Don't make it elemental, don't make it ring powered. I've been asking this for years with this game.
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  9. DC Urban Committed Player

    Serums or power grappling.

    This game lacks any true customization. Bodies cannot be scaled, where the parts go are also preset. Compared to CO where you can choose where to place an piece.

    Therefore, grappling is doable here. Think for a second, why would they even announce at a huge event if it were impossible? BDO and Vindictus both have grappling mechanics, and there is much more customization available there...

    I have been part of a community where devs push an agenda wanted by the players. Here, Megzilla is the only dev whom appears to ride for us. There has been numerous threads and request for a physical power/serums, but they shoot the players down. For the most part, they are unwilling to go an extra length for their players.
  10. Ascended Well-Known Player

    Stretching powers like Plastic Man are likely impossible due to the variations in body type, style, color, aura, and material.

    But something like Clayface or Metamorpho, where you're not just making your arm ten feet long but turning your arm into a big hammer? Doing that shouldn't be any more difficult than any other power effect, you'd just have to turn the opacity up to 100%.

    This is one of the powers I've been asking for since joining the forums. Really tired of energy manipulation powers and want to see something physical. This, Super Strength, or Size changing (like the Atom and Giganta) are the ones I want the most.

    Baring that, I want to see something big and cosmic, like The Source as a powerset. Inspired by the New Gods, with Omega Beam attacks, parademons or Foragers (depending on morality) as summonable minions, Boom Tubes, Mother Box healing, etc. Sure, its another energy manipulation power, but it's very DC flavored and I do enjoy powers that make me feel like Im in the DCU. Plus I have a Darkseid inspired alt that desperately needs a reason to be played.
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  11. Cyro Committed Player

    I still wants shadows, i would love for it to be a tank power as well.
  12. Mazahs Loyal Player


    I can always HOPE right-
    Besides the dirty villains can have Indigo Tribe
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  13. Golden Tanager Level 30


    Deadman for heroes. Gentleman Ghost for villains.

    . . . With a little Danny Phantom in mind