New player SP catch-up mechanics ?

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  1. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    So, after 3 pages, what is the consensus to tell Hani-Alami and other new players as to the optimal way to earn SP?
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  2. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I think he got the best answers on the first page, things he could do now to help with SP. Well before the 'what should be' or 'what we don't have' speculation and wishes started.
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  3. Drathmor Unwavering Player


    just be like rocky montage only SP help anyone needs


    LMAO i cant see these with out the song playing in my head
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  4. Proxystar #Perception

    It's all linked together, I mentioned the clamp because it's part of the equation.

    To repeat the point, because not a lot needs to be said.

    You could either remove the clamp and destroy the game, which is what you want, or

    You could just sell the feats, undemine just the old feats a little, support the game more while keeping more of the games integrity intact.

    You oppose because you worry the devs will make feats they intend most will have to buy, it's a cynical view, but I won't call it impossible and therefore not unreasonable, but it is your only real justifiable point.

    And what it really means is you oppose selling feats because you think it'll require you to spend money and spending money in this game is seemingly the last thing you want to do, that sentiment is echoed in your views on membership.
  5. Forum Junkie Well-Known Player

    Who needs SP? The game is designed around artifacts and allies. This ain't 2016 no more. Just pour some marketplace cash into your artifacts and allies. No need to grind SP anymore. I have 500+ SP and stopped grinding because they are not as important as max meta artifacts combined with max meta allies. To be clear, I don't grind for artifacts or allies either.
  6. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    'Destroy the game'...drama much? The game is NOT EEG, regardless of what you like to think the clamp provides. The final 3 episodes are all that matter, same as it has been for the last 7 or 8 years. The only time EEG difficulty matters is a feat run, which granted, would be easier with no clamp, but will be infinitely easier by eliminating the need to run it at all with a 'SP Pack' purchase.

    And who's asking to remove the clamp here? This is a common theme with my conversations with you. I am not asking for the removal of the clamp. Please show where I said that in a looong time. What I'm saying is the 2 things are different...vastly different IMHO, but yes...different. How you can back one and adamantly rail against the other is beyond me. Assuming your reasoning behind the clamp being in place is to make EEG more challenging/attractive so everyone will run it, how do you think giving most of the population less reason to run it will positively impact that content? News won't. As a person who is very VERY concerned with the EEG content, I'd think you of all people would want to preserve it's integrity. Such as it is, today.

    I guess I'm a 'full measures' kind of guy. Let's have a clamp and the feats are 'earned' again...or let's remove it and go back to 'easy' feats. I'd still be against selling them, but IF you are going to sell them, might as well do them both. They both will 'kill' the EEG portion of the game.

    As for my stance on membership value, it's always been based off a 'what do I get for my investment'. I used to get access to my cash and DLC access for my investment. Now I get a 2nd useless set of gear, and some extra Nth and Ally favor I really have no reason to need....and the ability to trade cash, which is a every few months need at best and has a good work around for 90% of the items I'd need via the broker. They lost my money the day they included cash as a premium benefit. I'd have to look back, but I'm pretty sure you have said that same thing in the past, you'd probably drop sub if cash were uncapped.....or is that someone else? if they added feats for sale, I'd still opt out. It's no longer that important to me to 'catch em all'.
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  7. Proxystar #Perception

    MOST of the game actually is EEG, that's just a mathematical fact when you count content, the final 3 episodes are all that matter TO YOU.

    My reasoning behind the clamp isn't to make it more challenging, it's to ensure that the content isn't broken, glitched out and utterly trivialized for new players and when I speak of content, I speak of the experience of running it in and of itself. The fact it's not blown through in minutes is also the reason why players are rewarded.

    This however speaks more to the experience than the reward and certainly so with respect to the feats, feats are the lesser part of the equation, which is also why people argue for an optional clamp removal that retains the ability to obtain feats in the first place.

    That is the reason why I back one and rail against the other, because at the end of the day I don't care about the feats as much as I care about the quality of the content itself and if selling the feats makes people quit their complaints about the clamp prohibiting their ability to get them then that's a positive in my book and if they want to spend the money to bypass it, that's entirely their prerogative.

    I don't share your cynical view that the developers would use it as an opportunity to monetize players on purpose with impossible feats and even if they did, my wallets not that empty, we're all participating in time capsules already, at least this would be more transparent.
  8. TI99Kitty Dedicated Player

    1) Mainly just run the content. I have almost all the classic game feats, except for the race and PvP feats, some of the style feats, and some of the collection feats. I would also say, farm a bit of in-game cash and buy the styles from the War Room in the Watchtower (or the main open area in the Hall of Doom), then all the hairstyles and skins from the Gentleman Ghost in HoL. Not only does this get you feats for the number of styles collected, it also completes several style sets.

    2) Run DLC episodes. Sure there are a lot of "Defeat xxx number of enemies" feats, but there's still plenty of low-hanging fruit, as well.

    3) Spam seasonal content, using alts, if you have them. There are a lot of "Collect x number of base items from XXXX year" feats, and "Use 1 of each type of y consumable" feats.

    4) Buy tiered equipment from Tempus Fuginaut, in the Orrery. When you hit the next tier level, it'll unlock feats from old content that are no longer doable (usually stuff like "craft x item from y DLC," which are no longer available), as well as the feats for collecting the styles.

    Also, though this isn't related to SP, equip generator mods. Those provide a boost to your stats. Yes, the affinity mods, too. The Omnipotence equipment counts as Elite gear if you level them up enough, and you can buy Episode 45's Elite rings and mask (which also gives you a couple more feats).
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  9. Plowed In Loyal Player

    I could see them sticking with style packs for a while if they were to go down this path…kind of an extension of the existing marketplace packs…there’s plenty of opportunity there that doesn’t quite infringe on “content specific feats.”
  10. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Oh...there's a lot of CONTENT available, for sure....but who's running it? Puh-lese....I tried to run an omni raid the other night and it took around 15 min to even enter. And that was at around 8PM, which should be peak time. In the meantime I saw shouts for LOTS of Static content and bounty spams, and some T5 bounty runs for SM, a few BOP groups (because of the 2x SM) and a few miscellaneous SOBA or DK groups. This is the norm. The only time you DO see someone looking for a group in EEG content it's for a feat run. Kiss those goodbye with your proposal too. What logic leads you to believe that people would PAY for SP, to then go back and run EEG, where A) it matters less and B) it's less rewarding (since after don't need the feats out of it anymore)? That makes absolutely no sense.

    But you know what? You've convinced me. The game going in a MORE 'pay to win' direction is probably a good thing. I mean, it's done SOOOO much for us in the last few years, why not add more? The game has only gotten better with TCs, Artis, Allies, Augments. I think everyone here can agree on that, right? It is odd though, whenever a group of vets gets talking about what their favorite part of the game is/was, I'm not sure I've ever heard anyone talk about the first TCs they ever opened, or the time they paid to get their Strat card to 200. Oh, yeah, there are a bunch of swinging-pencil types who like to whip them out to compare many artis do you have leveled, what's your SP, how fast can you get your OP or Elite gear done in the first week. I'm sure a bit more of those guys will be good for the game. Bring it on. Finally....something to spend our money on here.:rolleyes:

    I'm done with this side's off topic, and I already answered the OP about THAT topic. And as I said, I already called it 2 years ago that they WOULD start selling SP. I'd guess it was always part of the plan when they put the clamp in place. You are just actually agreeing with what I thanks. I'm just surprised you of all people want EEG to fail that bad. Shocking.
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  11. Taerah Active Player

    You should definitely be saving your Nth metal for double artifact bonus weekends, UNLESS, the dlc just got released, like now.
    The latest dlc got released in april so there's gonna be a couple of months before they bring back the double artifact bonus weekend because it has been said that the artifact bonus week happens before they're about to launch a new dlc.
    Invest in Nth Metal Detectors and just activate them when you're playing normally, that's how i level my artifacts.
  12. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    I am still opposed to this. However. IF something like this is ever done then I think the best way to go about it would be to sell grindy feats per dlc. For example in lightning strikes if you bout the dlc feats you’d get the reaper feats and CC bounties. And for battle for earth you’d get the 250 duos feats. Ad similar things to them that aren’t tied to doing specific things but instead just time sinks. So bounty feats, counter feats, mostly open world feats, and even style feats for that dlc.

    This would allow for players who just want to get caught up but don’t have the time just get these feats. The whole “either invest time or money” thing.
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  13. Offline Well-Known Player

    I've returned after like 5 years away.
    I can sit and ask for 3 people to do an alert to get the feats in old content and still be sat there and hour later asking. No one is running old content for feats even if they need the feats.

    I just wanted 3 people for phantom zone and nope nothing. Players need the feats, but the players don't want tocso the feats.

    After 5 years I would have though the devs would have implemented a system so you can mark up the feats in game where others can join your group to get it, but nope. They didn't. They left it all relying on LFG.
    Why didn't they make it so people can search for players who want the same feats.

    After returning to DCUO for about a week. I really don't think that this game is for returning or new players. Too much content and stuff wrong with the game pushing players apart from each other.
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  14. Offline Well-Known Player

    Some people on this thread are saying and quote " get a good league ". What a joke. Do you know the leagues in EU Hero only want players with cr 400+ 3x200 artis and sp 400+.
    Yep, any player that says get a good league is all lying. There ain't no good league recruiting noob players.
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  15. Skille Well-Known Player

    It's already been said but Artis > Skill points
  16. Plowed In Loyal Player

    Then join a noob league, work together and grow together…then join an average league and grown and learn together…then join an experienced league and poof…you’re where you want to be.
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  17. Raven Nocturnal Loyal Player

    What population are you smoking lol