New player SP catch-up mechanics ?

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  1. Hani-Alami New Player

    They implemented an amazing way for new players to catch up to the newest content and episodes through the multiverse vendor and it’s amazing , but how come there is nothing done to help with SP catch-up since thats way more important than CR, new players having to grind for artifacts in order to reach the same power level as veterans makes sense but the SP that most people spent years acquiring completely shuts off new players from ever competing unless they themselves spend a whole year grinding to get on barely even footing.

    And it is possible to implement such a system as it’s already happened, when i hit level 30 a few feats were automatically completed, earning me a whopping 2 skill points, so i would be sitting at 37 , only 500 (or so) behind any average late game player. So essentially im locked out of new episode releases even if they are free and i get stats amped, without skill points im still useless.
  2. August Moon Well-Known Player

    Its very easy tp get skill points when you look at your feats and pick out which ones you want. The easiest ones are just completing styles. There's also an extensive array of videos for anyone whose trying to catch up. Align yourself with an active league whose actively looking to grind feats and youll be up to 300 in not time , around that number itll start to get tricky where you actively have to plan your playtime around completing just 1 or 2 feats but its worth it in the end
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  3. Plowed In Loyal Player

    Do you have 200 artifacts?
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  4. Hani-Alami New Player

    No i just started last week (returning player from 8 years ago) it’s impossible to get 200 artifacts in a week, so im saving up all my nth metal for a double xp week, is that a smart thing to do or should i be using it to level up my 20-30 level artifacts? Im cr 100 btw
  5. Raven Nocturnal Loyal Player

    [Queue DeitySupreme posting a link to his super nerdy yet helpful guide on this topic that I'm too lazy to find the link to]
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  6. Hani-Alami New Player

    “Raven Nocturnal - 777 SP - Gadgets Buff Troll Supreme
    Mystic Nocturnal - 775 SP - Sorcery Pet Prec DPS / Heal
    SnowfIame - 732 SP - Doodoo Fire Tank” what is this bro , hard flexing while im over here scraping by for 2 SP a day
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  7. Raven Nocturnal Loyal Player

    Naw, pre-clamp grind mostly. Chasing feats was just what I liked to do. I barely do it anymore.

    ...I think he might have a guide on that too. There are tons of easy feats you can get and bring you over 300 fast.
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  8. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    there are tons and tons you will get just running the content not even trying to get anything. get a good league and just que stuff when your low on the SP counts they will just fall from the sky like rain every time you run anything with a competent group..

    SP raining those were the days lol
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  9. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    I would recommend getting all of the solo feats first, and as others have pointed out there are easy feats associated with completing styles. Also, there is the pricey “open 25 XYZ Time Capsules” feat associated with each DLC’s Time Capsule, if you wanted to go down that route, it’s just an option.
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  10. CaptainColdilocks Dedicated Player

    Again, as a new player just running any content will pop feats. So, like, run old content: solos for sure. Duos should pop (or shout in LFG for that duo). Emblems: many of them will pop a 25pt feat just for acquiring them so like, run content, earn money and buy emblems from the broker.

    Each vendor has a full set of gear, many of these vendors sell said gear for nothing but source marks. So like, buy that gear with source marks from running ANY content. Along with the gear, they also sell materials, auras, etc for source marks. Buy that stuff too.

    To, fairly quickly, catch up with skill points (400-500) literally just run content and buy things with source marks. Sell high dollar items and buy emblems from the broker.
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  11. Hani-Alami New Player

    That’s what I’ve been doing, running solo feats trying to finish them all, but most of the grind is locked behind styles that are either waaay to expensive on the broker or need things like quarks and time capsules , and doing almost all solo feats outside of styles has so far got me to 60 sp and even when i finish them it will be at most 100 , i don’t understand how you guys keep saying 300
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  12. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Get into an SM spam group (pretty much one going off most days) and farm SM then buy any any every feat related style you can in the HOL for 10 marks...there's probably 30+ SP in the HOL styles room alone. Then double back on any storyline feats you skipped in 1-30, many are from side missions you probably didn't do. You should have had more than 37 SP by the time you reach level 30...more like 70-80. Most are stupid easy and take very little time to do once you know they exist. There are some locked behind your mentor, so you might need to shout a min to get in a few different locations, but even that shouldn't take long. After that, hit the solos for 'one and done feats' vs the lengthy 'count' or RNG checklists that will take a long time and suck any momentum you gather up. Duos are a bit more difficult, but there should be someone you can team up with if you are in a league or use LFG properly, or you can shout for LFG filler to get in. Almost any duo is soloable unless there are 2 cogs to turn (like the Flash T1 duo).....just slower.

    Ignore the TC feats for now. The money is prohibitive for most unless you are willing to go to 'extreme' means of getting the cash. And if you are open to those means, go for the emblem feats first. They are generally cheapest...then the gear sets...forget the 3 collections, you'll go broke or nuts chasing those. Think of the TCs as 'frosting''ve got lots of cake to get first.

    Lastly always keep an eye on LFG for 'feat' groups. Many times groups will need just a body to get them in for a feat they don't want messed up with a random "need one to join and then can leave" groups are in LFG almost nightly, sometimes the same group multiple times. If you can follow directions, your 37 or so SP won't matter all that much and I'm sure they'd rather have that 4th or 8th body constant than to have to re-shout for a filler every run.

    One final note is know the content feats if you are random queuing. Take a sec to familiarize yourself with the feats possible if you want to random queue. As a vet just looking to score some quick SM in an Omni, there's nothing as frustrating as landing in a random group, then having someone say 'are there any feats in here' vs 'can we do XYZ feat'...especially if that question isn't asked till you already passed a critical point in the run. Ask specifically....ask early...if you want randoms to help in your feat. They still might not, but you've at least got a chance. And if any are 'No Death' feats, don't expect to be the guy dying...then ask for a wipe and try again. That's my favorite when that happens.
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  13. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    This is why skill points should not be tied to feats… and imma say it every time posts like these pop.

    Pre level 30 we got sp just for hitting a specific number of xp by running content any and every piece of content we can pre level 30. It should still be that way.
    That way time played = stats not where you are tied down to having to play the broker for skill points/ or rely on a group for skill points

    Feats should be bragging rights and bragging rights alone like most mmos I’ve played accompanied with styles, titles, auras, materials, accessories. If the item is pretty cool looking people will still try for the feats.

    Things that should not be added to feats.
    Op gear
    Trinket pets

    Anything that can potentially can give an advantage

    Feats should solely be cosmetic.

    Nothing will change my opinion on this.
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  14. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Wait.. I have a guide on sp farming/catching up? I thought that was on list of things to do. I should have a simple copy paste response to this to make it easier lol
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  15. Korlick Loyal Player

    You need a plan.
    First Check what feats you can get by yourself (solos and open world areas, like exploration and races, collections, investigatios and other stuff), styles from House of Legends vendors. Dont bother with the Quark Vendor, its way out of your reach for now.
    Then move into Duos and Alerts, check the emblems feats and see which ones you can get from the broker. If you can, open time capsules (not at random, check the feat list). Dont bother trying to get the full sets of armor from the broker yet, out ofnyour reach for now.
    Then move into Raid feats and see what you can get from there.
    Feats will be popping by just running some of the older stuff.
    When you get into Duos or Alerts, ask the group for Feats. Sometimes you might not get a positive answer, but most of the times you will. You can also use the LFG chat to form feat groups. I see groups forming pretty often.
    Just check what you need and go for it.
    You will also be getting feats for collecting NTH Metal and by leveling artifacts. And for reaching a certain CR.

    So bottom line, run content and check the feats list so you know ehat you can get from each run. And if you can make friends along the way, even better.
    Before you notice youll be around 200-300 skill points.
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  16. Limey Committed Player

    First, aside from like 1-2 SP tied to the brainiac ship tutorial, you never get SP just from gaining exp. You got them for completing feats related to instances or story arc completion.

    Second, with how much more power is gained from 3x Rank 200 artifacts than having 400 SP, they basically are just bragging rights.

    Third, weird hill to die on, but every body is allowed to their own opinion, no matter how unpopular.
  17. Korlick Loyal Player

    Well...hes right tho. While getting to lvl30 you do get skill points
    when reaching certains levels. So do get SP from gaining XP.
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  18. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    Your first point is wrong but ok …

    I’ve done it a ton of times I’ll be fighting the hive pre level 30 and my player level goes up and l gain a skill point no feat pops just skill point gained. Whether you believe me or not is fine.

    And who is to say this opinion is unpopular? There will be a few forum members who don’t like it which I’ve come in contact with I’ve also had several that like the idea because they are in control of their own stat points. So unless you have firm facts to tell me how unpopular that point is moot.

    I have nothing else to say on this tho as it’s all opinion as you said.
  19. Raven Nocturnal Loyal Player

    They were asking about how to level artifacts fast (and efficiently) in the quote I replied to. I know you have a guide for that :)
  20. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I think it's like every other level (one level you get a new power available, next level you get an SP and then it repeats), so like 15 or so by the time you hit 30. If you did the side missions/feats to 30 and completed all the basic styles you should be getting along the way you'd be at 60+ SP or so. He might be technically wrong, but he's not that wrong. You are getting much more SP from feats than XP unless you actively avoid getting them.

    I don't personally have an issue with XP getting SP gains, but it either means a complete rework of the game, or a system where the existing feats are handed out in some way as you progress. Neither is probably a viable option unlikely to happen.
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