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  1. SamanthaGloria New Player

    seeing how ive been playing for awhile i've been wondering does choice really matter? as a lot of people pick things like mental hand blaster or guns on tech users

    but i've been wondering can you be a tech hero with magic as your powers who wields guns?
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  2. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    Welcome to DCUO!
    Picking up Tech, Magic or Meta doesn't really matter in the long term because it only changes some missions you get as you level up to level 30. It doesn't limit which powers or weapons you can use.
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  3. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    You can be anything you want in terms of original character, there is also a 'meta' when it comes to optimal output. For the Damage role you have two options: Superpowered and Weapons Mastery. With Superpowered your choice of weapon does not matter because you will hardly use it. With Weapons Mastery you will use mostly weapons with a few superpowers mixed in. For weapons you will specifically want Dual Wield for DW > Flurry Shot combo for Single Target DPS and Brawling for Brawling > Shuriken Storm combo for AoE DPS. As far as powersets some are easy to master and others require more practice.
  4. Multiverse Creator League


    You can pretty much create any character you want..... within the context of the DCUO limitations.

    So yes.... a Tech Batman mentored character can use magic like Sorcery or Celestial and use Guns....... Dual Wield pistols or Rifle.... you decide. ;)

    Heck you can create a Black Lantern using Celestial powers.... Flying.

    You can create a Blue Lantern using Quantum or Water powers.

    You can create a Kryptonian with Super Strenght using Earth powers and various Iconic abilities.

    You can create anything you like...... the Sky's the limit......

    .....within the context of DCUO and it's limitations. ;) ;)
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  5. K3str3lDC Dedicated Player

    You can combine any mentor, power, weapon, and movement you want! Some of my characters do fit neatly into the "boxes" of these things (tech mentor, gadgets power, staff/brawling/martial arts/gun weapons, acrobatic) but others very much do not. Like I have a character with sorcery and super speed but she's not a speedster in the way the Flashes are with the Speed Force. Her super speed comes from her magic. I also have a Violet Lantern (using sorcery in place of an actual Violet Lantern power) with the rifle weapon because I asked my friends what weapon to give her and one said she thought the idea of a "rifle of love" was funny (Mister Freeze's Zamaron Crystal rifle was incredibly perfect when that became available LMFAO). Some of my characters also technically fit into multiple "categories". Like my self insert, Kestrel, technically falls under both tech and meta since she is a metahuman (wings, enhanced senses, enhanced strength) but also uses tech and is part of the Batfamily. Similarly, if you were to categorize the official characters, many of them would fit multiple categories (heck, we could debate for weeks where exactly the Lanterns would fit into the whole tech/meta/magic thing). Personally, I like to choose mentor based more on which character I think makes the most sense for my character (I have several tech-based villains with Lex mentor even though he's the meta mentor because he makes more sense than Joker for those characters). It's an MMORPG all about making your own characters within the DCU. There's no right or wrong way to create a character. If you have an idea you really like, make it. You don't HAVE to fit any template or structure. Few characters actually do (again, the Lantern question lol). :D
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  6. Tros Well-Known Player

    Hi new player!

    Well that Meta,Tech or Magic just makes difference for certain quests before lvl 30. If u want the fastest way go for Meta, shorter missions.

    On the other hand powers, we have 15.

    Fire, Ice, Earth, Rage, Atomic.

    Nature, Sorcery, Celestial, Eletric, Water.

    Mental, Gadgets, Quantum, Light, Munitions.

    Each has different skills that suit every circumstance. All those are DPS too.

    Today most ppl chose a power that is good in both roles, like Fire/Rage that are good tanks and good dps. Eletric or Nature that are also good on Dps and Gadgets or Munitions that are also good on both roles. Plus Quantum is very good for troll cuz that quantum tunneling that are good for pickups and mechanics.

    About weapons, that doesnt matter too much, at least if u not precision based DPS. For prec dps u go dual wield single, brawling AoE.

    About weapon, for healers and trolls brawling mastery fills supercharge faster, so i always go for them. If u tank rage, its good to use one handed cuz rage has a mechanics that if u have more hits of weapon u get more dominance, so that combo of 3x taps and 1x hold do several hits. Plus that 1x tap and 1x hold launch enemy on air, and 4x tap and 1x hold launches a group of adds on air.

    If u might dps i would go for rifle, because that range tap hits a AoE, which increses ur dps in a raid, just do 1x tap range b4 each power that u use in the loadout. That are some tips, hope u enjoy and stay in the game.
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  7. undrline Issue Tracker Volunteer

    Some good advice above. Particularly these two:
    However, please read about power regeneration tiers:

    When you have a hit counter, Good, Great, Superhuman are not just praises, they are tiers of power (mana) regeneration, and different weapons take a different number of hits to get to each tier. Weapon Mastery can change how fast that happens, but the tiers stay the same.

    So, your choice of weapon has a mechanical difference as well.
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  8. Tros Well-Known Player

    Well very thx for showing me that! Never have heard of such thing, but also that leads to what i said, brawling is the best weapon for troll and healer, or did i understand wrong?
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  9. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    That guide is out of date. If your interest is regenerating your power as healer or controller, Hand Blaster is the fastest weapon for that.
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  10. Tros Well-Known Player

    Hello friend, can u do a quick explain of how that works?

    I know with brawling that i can clip combos with a power and be much more faster and agile, its also easier to interrupt a combo in middle of battle if i need to avoid a mechanic or dodge a attack.

    What i should do with hand blaster? Should i spam that 2x tap 1x hold range? Or should i use 2x hold range?

    Also is it worth? Brawling is so much agile and fast, in combat that makes a huge difference. Also for fill supercharge bar, i found that brawling is the better option. What are your thoughs?
  11. Cyclonic Dedicated Player

    It's pulse beam that you're supposed to use with the handblasters to regenerate power fast. I've never bothered. Once you get a lot of SP and spec properly... power is almost infinite. The extra damage from shuriken storm clips with brawling is way more valuable in my opinion.
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  12. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    I believe Hand Blaster's Solar Flame combo is the fastest. It doesn't really matter what weapon you use they all do the same thing with the only difference being the animation. If you prefer Brawling then stick with Brawling.

    Edit: What Cyclonic said. I also use Brawling > Shuriken Storm on my support characters because having Power isn't an issue for me.
  13. undrline Issue Tracker Volunteer

    Yes, the guide for being a controller is out of date. As far as I know, the explanation of power regeneration is still spot on.

    Brawling Shuriken Mastery will give you a quick hitcount, at range, with brawling's melee tier. Otherwise, strait combo, handblasters pulse beam or bow flurry shot have high hits per second.
  14. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    you can use what ever power and movement type and weapon choice you wish. there are metas for the weapons and some would say movements but none of it really matters just use what you like
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  15. SamanthaGloria New Player

    soz for late rply my net was acting up past few days

    so unlike other games my mentor to my weapon do not effect my base stats?
  16. undrline Issue Tracker Volunteer

    Your choice of mentor only affects your story arc and which missions you get for the "classic game" levels 1-30.
    Your weapon type does not affect your base stats. Your weapon itself is a piece of gear, and will have its own stats in your Inventory.
  17. TI99Kitty Dedicated Player

    This. Also, your mentor only affects your starting safehouse, your first mission, your mid-game mission, your last mission, and which feat/achievement you get for reaching level 30.

    Your stats are affected only by your gear (including equipment mods and generator mods) and how you spend your skill points.
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  18. Prindacerk Committed Player

    You can be Constantine (movie version). Carry magic bullets in your gun with potions in your gadget utility belt.
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