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Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Green Knight, Jul 14, 2018.

  1. Green Knight New Player

    I have a bunch of questions I could use some help with.

    1) How do I get this set, Hera's Strength?'s_Strength

    Are there minimum requirements to get it? What do I need to do? I'd like to have that for my character's costume, and I'd like to get it as soon as possible.

    2) Is the Celestial power set something you can use for a DPS character, or is it strictly for healing? I want to make sure of this before I spend actual money buying it.

    3) Is the one-handed and two-handed power set only an axe or a maul, or can you switch it out for another kind of weapon? Speaking for myself, I'd love a flaming sword. I don't suppose there's one in-game?

    4) Coming up with a name is incredibly frustrating. Every time I come up with a name I like, it's either invalid or taken. Is this game entirely on a single server? I can't go to a low population server where so many names aren't already taken? If not, is it possible to request an already taken name from a GM, see if the name is attached to a character on an inactive account?

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  2. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    1. Hera's Strength is Tier 2 vendor armour for heroes. Once you reach combat rating 43 (combat rating is effectively your level after you hit level 30 and is determined by the gear level you own) you can purchase it in the magic wing of the Watchtower for Marks of Victory, which you earn by doing content.

    2. Every power set can be DPS and either Tank, Healer or Controller, so yes you can DPS with Celestial.

    3. There are other weapon styles you can get for One and Two Handed such as swords, batons etc. Unfortunately a lot of the Two handed weapons do tend to be axes or hammers, but you can get a few swords and other things.

    4. Unfortunately if a name is taken, it's taken. You can't request to have it stripped from an existing character. There are three servers - US, EU and Xbox. US includes PC and PlayStation players, EU is also PC and PlayStation players and Xbox is all Xbox One players. If you play on PC you can simply switch servers using the launcher. If you play on PlayStation you have to create a PSN account for the desired region and download that region's client. Characters do not transfer over to other servers though, so if you have a character already on US you can't play that character on EU, and vice versa.
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  3. Xibo Loyal Player

    1) You can get it in Watchtower Vendor in Magic Wing and the minimal Combat Rating is 53.

    2) With Celestial power you can DPS or Healing.

    3) An axe, for example, you can use with One-Handed or Two-Handed. Since you like a flaming sword you can check some flame style in the Marketplace if it's available or even in the Broker.

    4) The game entirely, so since we have a lot of names I recommend to choose another name that you like.
  4. Green Knight New Player

    1) Sounds like it'll take forever to get. The character creator costume options are pretty unimpressive, and I dislike having to wait so long to get anywhere near the look that I want.

    2) Ok, good to know.

    3) Does anybody know of a flaming sword ingame?

    4) Well, that's the problem. I've gone through a ton of character name combinations that I like, and haven't had any luck. And unlike a fantasy MMO, where you can name your character pretty much whatever, the character name you have here is intrinsically tied to your character. So if you can't find a name that you like for the character concept you're interested in creating, then you have to redo the concept for another character... only to find that you can't find a suitable name that you like for that concept either, and repeat the process. They really should've come up with a system by which people could choose whatever name they like. If the DCU can have multiple characters named Flash and thousands of Green Lanterns, then surely DCUO could allow more than one person to have the same name, while introducing some other system to allow for player identification.
  5. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    1. It doesn't take that long really. You can reach level 30 in 8ish hours of play, maybe less. Although if you're a brand new player it'll probably take you a bit longer. Once you hit 30 you'll start increasing your CR pretty fast just by using gear drops in Tier 1 solos and duos, plus you'll probably have amassed more than enough Marks of Victory for a full set of Tier 1 gear just from the missions you do leveling from 1 to 30, which should bring you up to at least CR43 so you can buy the Hera's Strength gear. All in all if you're playing for let's say two hours a day you should easily get there in a week.

    3. There isn't a flaming sword per sé, but you can buy the Fire weapon styles from the Marketplace which gives you a fire version style for each weapon type, and the one handed style is a sword. I can't remember if the two handed style is a sword or not though.

    4. Finding a name in this game is frustrating, it's a common issue but not really something that can be avoided. Your best bet is to make a list of names you like, then go to character create and try them out. To save time don't bother actually making a style for the character, just go to the naming part and once you find a name that works you can just delete that character to free up the name and then re-make it but with the styles and colours etc. you want in character create.
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  6. uselessprick Well-Known Player

    1. Like said it's Tier2 gear you can get from Donna Troy in Watchtower / Magic wing and also as a style in Vending unit 00
    for Marks of Victory ( in Aquacultural area ).
    2. ...
    3. ...
    4. Well it is what it is,but you can use/add to your name Xo,numbers instead letters,other languages letters.....
    But to be frank i never did get why ppl want to call themselves Flash, are creating your own hero or villain,use imagination,be unique,same goes for me with styles,to many Batmans look alike was in game at one time...
    It's just me ,i like to be different and unique
    Hope this helped.
  7. DCUO Addict Committed Player

    It will probably take a few days, maybe a week, to get to the point where you can get the Hera's Strength set. There has been a lot of streamlining to make it easier for new players to level up. While you're leveling to level 30, make sure you do all of the side missions so that you'll have plenty of Marks of Victory saved. That way, you can buy the set as soon as your CR is high enough.

    For naming your character, your best friends are and a thesaurus. :) The census lets you look up characters by name, so you can check out the name before trying it in the character creation screen. DC iconic character names are invalid. I don't know of a way to check that outside of the character generator.
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  8. DarkVisor 10000 Post Club

    If you get lucky with the Prom Boxes, you can get the full set of Hera's Strength before you are 30 (emphasis on 'lucky')

    As for names, try a variation on the name you want, for example, when Water power came out created a character named "AitchTwoOh" (aka H2O), other people have looked up mythology and legends for obscure names, or even scientific books

    The Character Creation looks can be limiting, butt you have to remember that your character is supposed to have started out as a 'normal' human (even though very few bother with the concept of 'Role Play', even when they turn around and claim to be a full-blooded Kryptonian or some other not-possible origin story), so, go through every piece of gear and find a look you like for your base appearance, and then mix and match with gear you acquire as you progress
    It may take you many a year to get the full Hera's Strength gear (and then find out you don't like the look after all), butt, you are in this for the long haul, right?
  9. Green Knight New Player

    I think you're missing my point. I'm not trying to make a character named Flash or Batman, or any other name taken by an existing comic character. But the names I do come up with or want to take are already taken, because someone else has already taken it. So I try coming up with variants which I like, but they're taken, as well. And frankly, I don't want to play a character named XxHyperiorxX, $uperHer0, or GrrreenKnight1, for example.
  10. DarkVisor 10000 Post Club

    That fact alone, places you, POO, above 90% of other players

    You could be smart and look up the proper name of The Green Knight and use one of those (highly doubt there would be many smart enough to even know The Green Knight has a real name), won't post the names here to avoid someone else nabbing the name(s) first
  11. Green Knight New Player

    The other criteria is I have to like the name. I don't like the name Bercilak, or Bertilak. I want to play a superhero MMO, so I want a super hero code name. If I wanted a fantasy name I'd play World of Warcraft.
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  12. Ankh_Legacy Loyal Player

    Jafin gave you the best explanations to your original post but I wanted to put my two cents in on this post.

    1. As a new player to the game it can take a bit of time but with how much the game has changed it shouldn't take more than a week to get through the 1-30 leveling process and up to being able to buying that armor set you want, most likely it will only take a few days. Those of us who have been around for probably far too long can do the 1-30 in hours to a day at the max (if we want to).

    With your costume interests, don't be so exact for the start. One of the biggest part of the game is gaining styles, from the basics to the really cool stuff, so you will have so many options over time. Also your character is on a journey in the 1-30 part, growing into the hero/villain he/she will become, not already at Superman's level right from the start.

    4. It seems you are being far to narrow/strict in your naming process. There are no strict rules on what your character(s) can and should be named (though you should make it fit the side you're on), I for one go with regular names.

    You do have to take in account that the game is seven and a half years old now, every allowable name has been taken as well as every possible variation and those who just went with adding letters or numbers (or both). There is that allowable thing as well, many names from DC and other companies (like Marvel) that are completely not allowed in their original form, to avoid various issues. The list does change from time to time do to changing notoriety, so names can be available one day and not the next.

    Oh and I should have said this from the start. Welcome to DCUO, I really hope you have a lot of fun while you are here.:):cool:
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  13. Fawkes2574 Committed Player

    Like Ankh said, you're being too strict when it comes to choosing your name, I think its being too demanding. But as he also said, the age of the game has put far too many restrictions on what names are available because they've pretty much been taken. And those that are taken on accounts that are dead, no longer being used, the developers will not find a dead account for you just so you can have that name. Its not going to happen, plain and simple.

    I know what you mean, and completely understand your point on coming up with the right name for your character. I've been in the same boat, its got to be just right, its got to fit. Do a combination of what 2 others suggested. First, (1.) come up with a small list of variations of the name you'd be willing to try. Players tend to use symbols, numbers, or other letters with the name to make it different from other names, to make it genuine, and to have it be available. Such as adding capital i's or lower case L's in sequences on both sides of the name you want. This has been done a number of times in the game, and usually works for me. For example, I recently created (and just deleted it, cause I didn't want the character anymore. I'm not good at healing powers. I have enough alts anyways.) a version of the Superman Blue character from the comics. I gave him electric powers, and tried to make the costume look as close to it as possible with the basic beginning options. For the name, I added 2 lower case L's on both sides of the name - llSupermanBluell . (Again, I deleted this one, so if anyone becomes inspired and wants to make this one their own, the name is available. I checked it just now.) Also, you can use numbers with the name, such as my user name here. HOWEVER, I bring this up cause of this other point that must be mentioned. Certain names are invalid for particular reasons. My name here, Fawkes2574, is fine for the forums, for whatever reason. But in game, its invalid. I would have loved to have it for one of my fire toons, but its invalid probably because the name or word looks too similar to the F bomb. So its on the no no list. Second, (2) do as another person suggested. When you make that list, go to that dcuo blog guide census site to look up these name to check their availability. If it doesn't come up, then its available. Note, that in game, the only spot where you can see the difference between those i's and L's, is in character creation right when you're entering the name. After that, its too difficult to determine which ones they are for they look too similar to each other.
  14. DarkVisor 10000 Post Club

    Oh, and regarding flaming swords: it may not be flaming (as in, on fire), butt the "Jeweled Flamberge" is at least flame-shaped (sort of) and you can colour the blade (Chris has it butt she prefers using the "Amazonian Mallet" as she is a Quintet :D)
  15. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 10000 Post Club

    Lquote="Green Knight, post: 4154650, member: 361962"]I have a bunch of quesionsl

    Hi. Welcome to DCUO.

    Your questions have already been answered... but if you need more information about DCUO... I have a bunch of videos for new players on my Youtube channel. :)
  16. uselessprick Well-Known Player

    I'm sorry if you misunderstood me,last sentence Hope it helps refers to 1. (2 and 3 dont know much about,i mainly play fire and dual wield/stuf ) and first sentence in 4 that i tried to say a little adjustment to the name should help.English is not my native language so maybe i put bad words choice,that But to be frank....i probably should put in the and couse i was just refering to My Opinion on names in game community....Game is in for many years so it hard to come up with names most ppl like.
    I was just saying,in My Opinion,ppl should be more imaginative and their persona reflective.
    For example,my main is called lukic26fran,not much of a hero name wright?But its my family name,number of my son's soccer jersey,and his first name,couse i'm proud of him and he's my hero.
    And there's nothing wrong with Flassh,XoFlashoX etc.,just not my thing.It' just My Opinion,not meaning nothing disrespectful.
    Oh and just dont use dfghvbj or similar that want get you far in this game lol :)
  17. TheLorax Loyal Player

    Hi. Welcome to DCUO.

    Your questions have already been answered... but if you need more information about DCUO... I have a bunch of videos for new players on my Youtube channel. :)[/quote]
    I have a request. Do you have a video that shows off the Shared Bank feature? Asking for another thread.
  18. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 10000 Post Club

    I have a request. Do you have a video that shows off the Shared Bank feature? Asking for another thread.[/quote]

    I do have a Shared Bank video.

    Use the search function on my video page and search for Shared Bank. ;)
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  19. MsTickle Fate Loyal Player

  20. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    PM me your concept or ideas for character names. I'm good at naming and might be able to help you.

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