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Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Jafin, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. Jafin Devoted Player

    PSG have gone and released information first again.

    Posted on Facebook: "Mystery Aura Box – Have a chance at the new exclusive Plasmic Aura!

    The box will be available through the Marketplace for a short period of time only. Each box will either contain one of the 7 known auras (blue, golden, dark blue, purple, red or white) or the exclusive and never before seen "Plasmic Aura"! On top of that you get a lot of other cool items! For further information check out our website."

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  2. Prodigy Progeny Dedicated Player

    why would this only be available for prosieben accounts...doubt this is real

    post a link
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  3. tukuan Loyal Player

    Could be, but also this might just be the artwork for the Pro7 side of the promotion. Either way, I suspect if this is real then someone in Pro7 marketing jumped the gun somewhat.

    Regardless, I'm not sure if a random style is appropriate as a MP item. I can see a lot of rage threads already.
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  4. Karmapolice Well-Known Player

    Oh god, I hope that isn't real. Lottery boxes that are only available in stores are one of the worst ideas mmos have had. The aura looks nice but chance boxes are just awful. I look forward to all the threads where players complain about spending loads of money on boxes and don't get the aura they want.
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  5. TheBirdOfSteel New Player

    its real , i just came from the official PSG DCUO EU facebook page to post this myself

    question is will USPC get it
  6. Popptart New Player

  7. Popptart New Player

    hey r u Karma from Gt5? members open boxes free anyway..
  8. Jafin Devoted Player

    I hopped onto the MP and there is only one new item - Booster Bundle for 2000 SC. It contains 6 R&D Scanners, 8 Radar Enhancers, 5 Proto Repair Bots, 500 Replay Badges, 5 vault tickets and a Mystery Aura Box. I can't find the Aura box as a standalone item. The price seems good though, 2,000 SC for a bundle filled with items with a value of 3,000 SC + Whatever the Aura Box is worth on its own.
  9. Karmapolice Well-Known Player

    I don't know what Gt5 is, so probably not.
    According to the text in the first post, this is different from promethium lockboxes and is only available in the marketplace.
  10. Jafin Devoted Player

    Members open Promethium Lockboxes for free, this is a new item called a Mystery Aura Box.
  11. IThe PatchI New Player

    Duuude, this is SO wrong...
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  12. Nekron 99 Loyal Player

    Interesting, although it looks like it's only available for EUPC from this advertisement. I'm guessing this is what Jens was talking about when he was saying something new was coming to the game for Auras.
  13. LIVETASER New Player

    Will not spend a dime for this. If you pay for something you should have a choice of what you want not random. Just dumber than a pile of rocks
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  14. Notangie New Player

    lol in advance @ all the people that will spend money on a chance at that aura.
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  15. Jafin Devoted Player

    I'm thinking since the image has Replay Badges and Scanner pictures in it that PSG just got it wrong. They were probably supposed to advertise the Booster Bundle instead of just a Mystery Aura Box.
  16. Popptart New Player

  17. Popptart New Player

    as always when and after they arrive, someone will sell them or trade them, now u can choose.
  18. Motive New Player

    This is real its on the eu Facebook. But I wont buy one as I already have the other auras and might not even get the plasma one!
  19. TheBirdOfSteel New Player

    well considering they put up a DCUO poster saying

    "1 year anniversary COMMING soon" :confused: (its spelt "coming" for those that dont see the problem"

    and then when someone called them out on it in the comments they replied "UPS" intead of "OOPS"

    I wouldnt be surprised if this was some kind of mishap

    Other than that i LOVE the direction auras are going but i think they should just be available on MP for those that want to buy them.

    Looking forward to a dark shadow swirling aura !!
  20. Disatria New Player

    Waste of real money on top of another waste of real money. No thanks but GL withe that "chance"
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