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  1. Danielle_Tgurl Committed Player

    Okay again here is another SUGGESTION. Not looking for a fight but discussion.

    We defeated Brainiac. So what's up with nothing in open world changing? Yes I know to new players/toons it is still relevant. Servers are stressed, new DLC's, boring low CR npc's in open world. Paid members complaining about F2P players. High CR's walking Low CR's. And much more.

    So, my suggestion and I know it would be awhile before it was ever a reality, is......

    Once you FINISH all relevant content, achieve CR 91 AND subscribe membership OR pay $60 for access we should have access to a new server with an updated Metro and Gotham relevant to current Storyline. Anyone who returns to original server stat clamped to CR100 in all content unless running with high CR's to prevent "walking" and promote a social community again. F2P can only go so far anyways so new server would be useless for them. Let them be OP within their limits in their own server.

    New server could have a secondary mentor choice, new open world missions, npc's within range of our stats, and Dlc's content to relieve strain on current servers. PVP arenas could be shared under current clamping and up scaling already in place.

    Make an alt go back to original server. Want to visit friends or recruit new players ? Return to original server through a portal much like the Phase Shifter...same concept. But high Cr's clamped to CR 100 in original server since high end content would be transferred to new servers since it would not be relevant there.

    Keep your gear, skill points, powers, weapons. Keep your lair and league halls. Keep your friends and communicate in Tell/League or a private channel.

    PS4 requires for enhanced graphics.

    PROS: Relieve strain on current servers, Allow F2P and premiums to shine in their server, prevent "walking" to such high extremes, have world become current to story, entice F2P to support the game if the want to progress.

    Cons: Would take time to create, Smaller population at first, OP restrictive, PS3 restrictive, would have the phase shift to meet up with low level friends.

    Comments / Suggestions appreciated....please be mature and positive. If your reply is "will never happen" then please do not even bother commenting.
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  2. Kuno Loyal Player

    I am so agree with this.
    A T7 character should be able to go to Metropolis and see it changed, effected by lantern spectrum or whatever but being the same bottled Metropolis makes no sense.
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  3. Danielle_Tgurl Committed Player

    Also should say I'm only CR 105 so this would put me to the lower end of the pool. This is not about being OP.
  4. Red Templar Dedicated Player

    A lot of games are using phasing technology now. Like in ESO as you complete things the world changes. WoW is the same way. The world adjusts based on what you have done. It doesn't require a different server, you are just in a different phase. You still see everyone, but the world looks different to each character based on their achievements. It'd be nice if DCUO could do that, but I am sure there is a lot of work involved in that.
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  5. Danielle_Tgurl Committed Player

    Wouldn't that be odd? We would be fighting in the streets and all they would see is us acting like a spaz LOL and vica versa?
  6. DawnOfKhaos Well-Known Player

    Does not work like that, whoever said you see the other players was wrong. You do not see players that are in a different phase than you.
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  7. DawnOfKhaos Well-Known Player

    And GOD FORBID they actually try to make the game great and put any real work into it, right.
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  8. UltraVillain Committed Player

    Ironically the most iconic and thematically resonate environments of DCUO are the ones you pretty much say goodbye to as you level (or at least are given less reason to indulge)...its more akin to being punished than rewarded for progression as the game drives you away from the open world and community content into isolated and isolating instances that you just stand and wait in line to access......the largest and most varied part of the game is now the province of the smallest subsection of the population, what would be beneficial imo is to reconfigure the 1-30 content and lift much of it into its own instances then reconfigure the cities and larger areas for the players at higher level - actually link the idea that as you progress you are able to experience more of the game, gain greater freedom and have more varied experiences to enjoy - isn't that actually a more genuine ambition and tastier carrot to drive us forward?
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  9. Derio 15000 Post Club

    I like phase shifting technology. ESO does it, FFXIV does it. And it should be easier for DCUO to do it since they dont have a day and night.

    I support this, even though it would take a long time to develop due to the monthly content and power balance.

    I also think you will anger the PS3 population as well. But lets be real here. The main goal right now needs to be to keep your PS4 players happy before you lose them to the new MMOs that are being released.

    And what better way to do that than to reinvent the open world.
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