New movement stances.

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  1. Zero303 Well-Known Player

    is needed. i dont feel like flying like superman all the time. maybe do something based on the stances?
    like serious has both hands down or silly stance has flapping arms or something lol.
    please consider this. and hope this is the right place in forums.
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  2. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Ya know what, just because it would be hilarious to see someone flying, flapping their arms like an idiot, I will jump on board with this suggestion.
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  3. Hunted2468 Well-Known Player

    As silly as the flapping arms sounds, it would actually fit for certain styles like the recent Manbat Back, or the Beyond Back.

    This kinda of idea was brought up a lot over the years, to the point where Devs addressed it and actually started working on it. They announced Movement Variants, with the 1st release being Flights Variant, Skimming. Unfortunately, either Skimming didnt sell well, or maybe the Devs just noticed 95% of the game switching to Superspeed, but Movement Variants were cancelled. So its very unlikely you'll see your request i'm afraid.
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  4. AGGUSTEN Well-Known Player

    I'd rather have new abilities / powers of the moves ...
    THAT WOULD BE GREAT, there are very few actually.

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