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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Mar 31, 2015.

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  1. nah laugh New Player

    when will the cards be out
  2. zZzTorrOzZz Committed Player

    Almost broken? LoL, they have effectively destroyed this game. Canceling sub and on to the next had enough.
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  3. NesT New Player

    Well....i say "almost broken" because the game still working (you can connect with the servers and play) but is true....the gameplay is completely membership expires in 9 days, but i left from the game since ESO was launched, only i played a little bit to test the fire improvements but DCUO is over for me....GU47 kill him...
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  4. ShaSpeed New Player

    I bought the Power Bundle like 10 weeks ago and I can't access the powers I have a level 30 with electric powers (I got this DLC when I had a level 20-30 nature guy) and he has a combat rating of 67. why can't I get this DLC to work please help me!!
  5. Sbel Devoted Player

    You can make new characters with those powers. You can't use them on existing characters without buying respec tokens. And each character can only be one power type, so your Electric character is only Electric, unless you change, but if you change it to quantum it'll only be quantum, etc.
  6. ShaSpeed New Player

    when I go to make a new character it doesn't allow me to select quantum for a power. Do I need to buy the DLC it comes with or what? please help
  7. FlowerFly New Player

    u need only buy Quantum for 600 SC/MC ( its 6 USD ) no DLC / Epizode need but best way is all access for 15 USD u can make all powers u like .
  8. FuzzyPhoenix New Player

    Does anyone know why ps3 server is going down?
  9. FlowerFly New Player

    everyday same time we got all servers restart/rebot (from 10 minuts to 1 hour max ) mostly 20 minuts .
    I want to say they going to ban u thats why server is going down but then i thought its against the rules so its rebot downtime :)
  10. FuzzyPhoenix New Player

    well i never new they did that so its good to no and i was a little worried there i am always so nice lol
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  11. GhostFly Killah Committed Player

    It would be great if u could split the bombshell hairstyles up individually. I refuse to pay 720mc for 1 hairstyle I like. Why not 200mc for each?
  12. FlowerFly New Player

    250 * :) buying 4 u got discount :)
  13. ShaSpeed New Player

    what is SC/MC and USD?
  14. FlowerFly New Player

  15. ChillCat Loyal Player

    SC is Station Cash also known as MC which is Marketplace Cash. It's the marketplace currency you use to buy marketplace stuff. That name is the legacy term when DBG used to be SOE.

    USD = United States Dollars
  16. ShaSpeed New Player

  17. Sbel Devoted Player

    I'm not really sure what to suggest. You said you bought the power bundle, that should give it to you.

    Did you buy it through Steam? If so, did Steam give you a code when you bought it? If you have the code, go into the marketplace and click "Redeem/Claim" and enter the code in the box.
  18. ShaSpeed New Player

    Yes I did buy it through steam and steam says that it is installed but I still can't excess it and I can't find where an code is. Should I talk to the DC staff guys for help?
  19. Sbel Devoted Player

    Yeah, if you can't get it to work you should contact them.

    Here's a thread from last year about activating dlcs from Steam:
    Specifically this post:
  20. ShaSpeed New Player

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