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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Mar 31, 2015.

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  1. dedgurl New Player

    Thanks. I found some older information on the Wiki here:
    but wasn't sure if that was up to date.

    Follow-up question for anyone, can I buy additional base themes individually? I know the new Lair System is $5. What if I want the Ancient style or the Bunker style?
  2. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    Yep you can buy those premium styles on the marketplace separately. :)
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  3. Georgian hero New Player

    this prices wont be able for steam users?
  4. SonidoSama New Player

    I am trying to cancel my membership but there is something wrong with your main site, it wont let me click on my membership info to cancel it.....
  5. dedgurl New Player

    Try contacting support (this is Announcements, not support)
  6. Pults Loyal Player

    If its urgent, remove your card from payement options so it doesn't charge you any anthing.
  7. EbonyWarrior New Player

    Hi all.I have a problem.Just bought the Episodes pack 1 and Episodes pack 2,from the PSN store.The system shows me "Purchased" and when i pressed the download button,a screen of loading shows up and the same second that screen its gone.So i left the PSN store and i get into the game(DCUO).The ingame store shows me "Granted" for two oldest dlcs,that i have bought years ago.For the rest of the dlcs,i must buy them.Generally my account dont has the new dlcs that i just bought from PSN store.I dont understand what is happening.
  8. Suzaku89 New Player

    would it bee possible to get pay savecard option for dlc back pls couse since the acount migration happend im not able to buy any dlc anymore.
  9. Pez Fedora Developer

    Have you verified that you did not in fact get access to the content you purchased from the PSN Store? You won't have to download as that content is already on your console.
  10. MASSEFFECT2 New Player

    Not sure that it was clear, but Why can't we get feats for the base items off the market place?
  11. EbonyWarrior New Player

    Yes,i dont have access to the dlcs that i bought early.
  12. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    We are looking into why this is happening. Can you tell us a character name on your account, and confirm that you are playing on US PS3?
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  13. EbonyWarrior New Player

    Not US,i am playing at EU ps3.A character of my account,EveWinchester.
  14. EbonyWarrior New Player

    Btw thank you for searching for a solution in my problem.
  15. Degamaster New Player

    Hello everyone.
    I got all the dlc's available before the change, but when i acess the market to look the bundles, they are showing "granted" as their status ( i got all the dlcs but i still like to get legendary when i get a little more time to play ). Even after my legendary ends, will i be able to create a quantum or rage character ( i had the dlc before the change, but for me this new organization of the market is making me have these questions lately ).
    Thanks for answers and sorry for my bad english :D
  16. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    When you are a member, they will show granted. When you are not a member, they will show purchased (if you have purchased them).
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  17. Kroye Loyal Player

    Is there a "no cash cap" bundle for all my poor peeps?
  18. Dcon34DCUO Loyal Player

    Yep it's called being a subscriber. ;)
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  19. Kroye Loyal Player

    you're preaching to the choir here buddy.

    That said,all those neat packages are still pretty undesirable for me without an unlimited "wallet", and I can't imagine dealing with the inconvenience of the cash cap.
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  20. jthorlakson New Player

    I thought this would not affect past purchases. All of my 'episodes' read as granted instead of purchased. Will I have all the content I purchased when my Legendary account wears out?
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