New League For All GOA Is Looking For Members Hero Us

Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by Dutchess, Jul 19, 2021.

  1. Dutchess Level 30

    Welcome New Godz (Hero League) US
    We are a active Pc & Ps4+ps5, PvP, PVE, League Raids, Group Feat Hunt, Chat & Mic League Of Friends That Help Each other.
    We Dont require anything to join, CR, SP level doesnt matter because we will help you build that up. Full Buff For League Generator

    Adult League
    We Joke & Have Fun

    We Been Running 9 months
    60 members & Looking 4 more
    If your a Old Player "We get you Updated"
    If your a new player "We Help you become a True Player"

    Within the next 4-6 weeks DC is changing n with its change Comes friends like us 2 help

    If your interested let me know
    My Toon Name "Goddess PinQ"
    I Also Have Another Toon "Healer Skii"
    (If I'm not online Contact My League Officer (Lowbudgtmechanic)
    Add Me As Friend In DC