New Lair Idea: Jungle

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by XODUIS, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. XODUIS Committed Player

    I think the jungle lair theme would be really good for people who have a whole poison ivy fan theme going on. it would sorta be like Sewer in terms of default color but would have a lot of default vines and plants, based off of The Pit in the HoD. The henchmen would be the green plant monsters from Seeds of Rot ( I think they're called Delegates of the Green but im not sure). Anyway tell me what you think about this idea!
    So Overall:
    Colors would be Dark Green and Dark Grey
    Henchmen would A. Be Delegates of the Green or B. Poison Ivy's adds in Arkham Asylum.
    Default wild growing Vines and Plants, probably with a custom Jungle Floor featuring Grass and small plants on the ground very similar to the Pit

    Since this would be the most detailed Lair Theme i was thinking Retail of $15
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  2. Poo New Player

    Lairs suck :(
  3. XODUIS Committed Player

    [IMG]The Floor would look like this^^
  4. TheLoneLantern New Player

    Still waiting for a Volcanic/Lava Lair. And no, cave doesn't count!
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  5. EconoKnight Loyal Player

    Jungle lairs need to happen! Even Elvis had a jungle room; that's the American dream!
  6. XODUIS Committed Player

    PS.... ONE MORE HOUR TILL GTA V WOOO!!!! except my ps3 has YLOD... :(
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  7. Twilight Man New Player

    I'm counting down myself...and then it's GTA V > DCUO from here on out
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  8. XODUIS Committed Player

    Alot of people will be "Sick" tomorrow lol.. sigh they'll be playing it while im watching the gameplay on YouTube. Im stuck in that point where im like should i buy a new PS3 or wait 2 months until the PS4 comes out? There goes my Pre-Order of AC4
  9. WhiteW0lf Devoted Player

    GTA V is an mmo?
  10. XODUIS Committed Player

    no.. but people play other games than DCUO y'know lol
  11. Twilight Man New Player

    lol, no if i ere you id wait for the PS4. we all love the PS3...but not that much.
    I just bought a new 500GB PS# because i ran out of memory options on my original.

    but im a hardcore GTA fan, so i've got to get my play.
  12. Twilight Man New Player

    Not yet anyway.

    GTA V Online will be the next best thing for us.
  13. XODUIS Committed Player

    ya mine went out, turned it off because i was exhausted from DCUO. Woke up the next morning and got it.. i was so bummed, all my music, photos, themes.. GONE
  14. WhiteW0lf Devoted Player

    Lol I'm aware of that. But a game like GTA V (which is not an mmo and is also the point I was making) will run out of things to do very quickly. For that kind of a game, usually within a week if you take your time. So claiming that it will replace DCUO (a game with never ending additions that will always change as time progresses because it is an mmo) seems like a very strange claim to me.
  15. WhiteW0lf Devoted Player point was it will get old quickly. It could never compare to an mmo like DCUO IMHO.
  16. TheLoneLantern New Player

    Talk about going off topic...
  17. WhiteW0lf Devoted Player

    Valid point.....jungle lair theme would be sweet. Lol
  18. Lynx Committed Player

    I still want to see an aquatic lair themed like the hall of doom - clear walls with water and bubbles and fish going by =P
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  19. Nodens Dedicated Player

    Now that the thread has come back from that wild off-topic commentary;
    I've been wanting a nature-based theme for a lair. I'd been thinking (and would prefer) forest, but even jungle would help.
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  20. cravex15 Dedicated Player

    Sounds cool in theory but where would they be? There is no jungle in Metropolis or Gotham.
    Base themes, correct me if Im wrong, are placed according to their location and environment.

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