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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager



    Unleash the power of the bat with the Ultimate Batman Bundle! Deck your character out in premium Batman-inspired styles, call in support from Batman's trinkets in battle, and set up your own secret Manor Lair.

    This pack includes the following items:
    • Beyond Enhanced Style Suit
    • Modified Beyond Enhanced Jacket style (use your own emblem!)
    • Manor Lair Theme
    • The Bat Cowl Style
    • Swarming Bats Aura
    • Bat Drone - Tier 1 (pet)
    • Bat Signal Uplink Device
    The bundle is available in-game now for 2250 Daybreak Cash (PC) or Marketplace Cash (consoles). Redeemable on one character per purchase. Can be purchased multiple times.




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  2. sebfm Well-Known Player

    This is one of the coolest bundles you released (yeah, I know, I'm partial as a Batman fan, but yet, it is real cool ^^).

    Already got it. New The Bat cowl is awesome, so is the new chest (which makes me think of new styles requests for the future :p)

    Thx for all this great content :)

    EDIT : Oh! I didn't mention that cool bat drone which allows to get a nice drone to battle near the Mansion bat-robot henchmen :)
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  3. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    We had been asking for a long eared Batman Cowl.... and now we have it. ;)
    Thanks. :)
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  4. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    Love the new cowl and pretty much bought this bundle just for it cause i had almost everything else. Do wish the emblem size on the new chest was big like the stalwart chest though.
  5. Snow OwI Loyal Player

    I Loooove the new cowl but I have One complain: the custom chest is haunted by the small emblem slot as most of chest styles are:(#WeNeedMoreBigEmblemChests#
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  6. Zoe· YouTuber

    This is a really nice bundle, but I don't have anything specific I want from it. I hope others will enjoy this bundle, especially Batman fans! Can't wait to see what other bundles you guys will come up with.
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  7. Aerith Rose Committed Player

    I like having bundles like this but it does pose a problem for those of us that have already paid for most of these items.

    Any chance some of these new items can be placed an market separately? For those of us that already have the manor base etc?
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  8. Irvynnge Loyal Player

    I do like that drone, but, I'm not shelling out for the whole bundle just for the one item. ah, well. that said, for any up & coming players who want to get their Bat on, that's a cracking good little bundle.

    if anyone needs me, I'll be over here in the corner dreaming of me Wildcat bound hands. . .
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  9. fredohmaha Active Player

    I like this sentiment.

    Also, can we confirm this is the same Manor Lair that was already in the game?
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  10. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    Are the items in this Account Bound, as with previous bundles?
  11. TheeEvilKing New Player

    This is not about this thread but I am new to the forums and this is only place I found that I can post . Is anyone else having trouble worh the races ? Or feats not showing up? Collected a enhanced all smiles emblem and no feat and now the individual enhanced emblem feats from new time capsule doesn't show up in my list of feats, enhanced marks of madness is there just not individual emblem feats , and also during the entire last seasonal I couldn't do any races on any characters because all races circles that you have to go threw disappear as races starts ... I have put in a ticket and was told to post on forums by a GM. So is there a developer that can help me ??
  12. Aerith Rose Committed Player

    Can we please get the batman cowl and beyond chest piece as separate items on the market place?

    Thank you.
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  13. SupermanJSH New Player

    anyone else having trouble with the game acting up?? i went to relog and now i'm stuck on the loadscreen before character list and it disconnects was working fine earlier till now
  14. Maddoxar New Player

    It's happening to everyone. I saw some replies on Twitter saying that their screen just froze.
  15. Srchill99999 New Player

    Same here, can’t get back on.
  16. Aerith Rose Committed Player

    Is this bundle permanent? If not how long will this be available for?
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  17. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    "Modified Beyond Enhanced Jacket style (use your own emblem!)"

    This is great an all but why is the emblem size so small? Why not make the emblem size bigger like on the stalwart chest?
  18. ClumsyNinja New Player

    I see there is a new feat under Riddled with Crime for the Tier 2 version of the Bat Drone. Any idea where that drops?
  19. sharpy36 Active Player

    Can we get an answer to this?
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  20. Rockhound665 Steadfast Player

    Gee. Picture that. :rolleyes:
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