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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by JasonIsley, Dec 3, 2016.

  1. JasonIsley Devoted Player

    I just want the ability to put an entire league on ignore. Please.
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  2. Wiccan026 Loyal Player

    I personally would be against this.

    I think too many people might do it jsut because they have beef with one member, and I thinkt hat would be silly.
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  3. dresserball Dedicated Player

    Why would that be silly? People make judgements on who to play with everyday
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  4. Wiccan026 Loyal Player

    Just because folks do it everyday doesnt mean it's not silly.

    That being the case I really don't think folks in general should have to get put on ignore because one person tends to dislike one individual who is part of that group in some degree.
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  5. TITAN ephemeral Loyal Player

    The level of harrassment in things like trade chat is insane and game breaking at times...
  6. Simon Phoenix Active Player

    Aw man I would love to have this feature available in game,its annoying having to put ppl on ignore everytime I see those league tags.Alas what must be done,must be done.
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  7. JasonIsley Devoted Player

    Agreed but this was more than one. Hence why I said league because inputting multiple names is annoying.
  8. Skull Collector Committed Player

    How about this. Let's say a video game comes up with a place for leagues to gather in. Let's say that place has very expensive perks to unlock, and the only way to unlock them is to have many players in your league. Let's call this place a league hall. Now, lets say that there are tons of terrible leagues out there who just ninja invite every level four fresh off the ship, and anyone they see without a league. Let's say these leagues never teach their league mates how to play. Let's say the higher members run players through the game one shotting the enemies as they help their league mates power level up within weeks or even days, but again, teach them nothing about the game. Levelling up entire leagues without teaching them about PI's, what buttons to push and when not to, who to burn when, how to watch their teammates health bars and know when to pick them up if they die, how to block, etc etc etc.

    Let's say I've run content with leagues like this, or leagues who are complete jack-holes on the mic during instances, etc etc. Should I not have the right to block an entire league like this? I think I should, no matter how silly you personally feel it is. If an entire league is bad news, then why should I be subjected to interacting with them? Doesn't seem so silly to want to avoid the massive amounts of jerks in this game, and make their worlds smaller as well.
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  9. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    While I understand your reasoning behind this idea I think I have to disagree. I think a lot of us have been through the BS some leagues pull like inviting non members to teams and then if a league member logs on that player gets kicked. Had this happen to me right before the final boss battle.

    Now here is the main reason I don't think the idea should be put into the game. Okay these days if you ignore someone in addition to not seeing text from that person if you que up for a mission the QUE will skip assigning you to teams if ONE member is on your ignore list. While that doesn't sound bad and personally I have done it to numerous players I have no desire to ever suffer through a mission with again it is still only 1 player. If we can all start ignoring entire league the potential exists to make que times for just about anything a lot longer. You ignore one league that has 175 members mainly because of the actions of a few members you have had an encounter with. The other league members may or may not be as obnoxious. Now here's the thing MULTIPLY that by ???? players in game.

    So you que up to run an alert and have ignored say two leagues with a total of 250 members. Another players looking to do that same alert has three leagues on ignore and not eliminates another 325 players from joining the team. Then the que finds a third player to join your team and he had 5 leagues on ignore.... Suddenly the que is TRYING to find one more person to join your team so you can go run that mission and over 1000 or more players can't be invited because they all are on someone's ignore list. Now of those 1000 players between the three players maybe 10 or 12 members of those league actually interacted with any of the trio trying to get on the alert but over 900 potential team mates are not even considered because of that ignore league status.

    While all of that is just a possibility of what MIGHT happen when you multiply the effects over the entire player base.. we could actually be responsible for making a computer program attempt to pull its hair out as it tries to deal with all the "NO can not be used on THAT mission.. League is on player # 5's ignore list... Grrrrr How about this one. NO can not be used on that mission League is on player #2's ignore list" IT could make que times a lot longer and eventually we'd have a totally bald computer.. trust me that's a horrible look for a database. :mad:<----- See they look awful and it makes them very angry LOL
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  10. VV Dedicated Player

    Yes! I have 3 leagues that I wanna put on ignore.
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  11. Noble One Committed Player

    an entire league? i know some/most people from a league can be bad or extremely annoying but to do an entire league? the only time i could think of doing this was in another game with the league name of laughing coffin because they were THAT bad. i didnt think anything like that would be here in this game.
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  12. Butterfly Boy Committed Player

    Don't do it, I'm not that bad!
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  13. VV Dedicated Player

    Sorry Butters. I have to :(
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  14. dresserball Dedicated Player

    So why is it silly? Would you say hey don't judge H itler other guy just because you hate h itler
  15. Wiccan026 Loyal Player


    Is that word sensored? Even that being the case that sentence doesn't make sense.

    Let me put it this way:

    Tanya can't stand Steve who is in a league called "Quantum Kitties" (apologies folks, to my knowledge this league doesn't exist). She than runs into another member of "Quantum Kitties" named Robert and decides to put him on ignore because Robert is in the same league as Steve.

    The entire above scenario is beyond silly, you should find out who you like and dislike upon your interaction with said people, too often we judge folks by the company they keep and not solely based on their actions.

    Although if you don't like my reasoning, Techwarrior provided a very good reason why an ignore league function shouldn't exist, no silliness involved in it either.

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  16. Voaxghost Well-Known Player

    How you act not only represents you, but also your league. If one person in a league is being a ****, it makes the whole league look bad.

    I remember back when I was gaining my CR. I was doing the Origin Crisis alert, mind you I was at tier st the time, & I get in with the three other people in the same league. When we got past the speed tunnel they all left without so much as a warning.

    So yeah being able to block a league would be a good thing
  17. Voaxghost Well-Known Player

    Quantum Kitties is a league now. Just made it.
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  18. JasonIsley Devoted Player

    Bad example. Let me clarify what I'm talking about using your story.
    Tanya can't stand Steve who is in a league called "Quantum Kitties". So she puts him on ignore. She than runs into another member of "Quantum Kitties" named Robert and decides to put him on ignore because Robert is in the same league as Steve.That's totally her choice, sucks for Robert because he sounds like a nice chap.

    Anyways, Johnny uses LFG to see if anyone needs a healer for DWF. Tanya is with 6 of her league mates looking for 1 more healer for DWF. Johnny gets pulled into Tanya's group. During the entire instance, Tanya and her league mates are in their league chat and not communicating with Johnny. Tanya and her league mates are not performing well/intentionally goofing off. Johnny is confused/frustrated. Johnny made a mistake and wasted 45 minutes of his life. Johnny asks if everyone can come to instance chat, no one does. Johnny decides Tanya's league is terrible. Johnny types the name of Tanya's league in the ignore list and waves bye bye.
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  19. JasonIsley Devoted Player

    I would settle for putting someone on my ignore list then having all their other toons automatically added.
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  20. Wade Spalding Loyal Player

    Looking at the overall quality of the community, it's really really unlikely that you add a "good" player by accident to your ignore list if you add a flock of "bad" players which the "good" player likes to hang out with. And I use "good" and "bad" because that definition varies greatly depending on your own priorities (there are players "good" at playing the game and "bad" from a social point of view and vice versa, and players who don't give a crap about being burped at in voice chat every two seconds as long as Burpy is carrying them through the content as well as players who kick and ignore Burpy instantly no matter if that means they don't get the content done for the next 45 minutes).

    Adding people to ignore should be as easily as possible. Account-wide ignore, whole leagues, unlimited space on ignore lists - if there is a game out there that absolutely needs this it's DCUO since the community needs every bit of incentive to start behaving like or at least imitating human life again instead of plainly showing that monkey can be trained exorbitantly in button smashing. If you fear to end up on an ignore list because you may hang out with the social lowlifes while not really being one - take the consequences or stop hanging out with them. The crapshots don't need any further protection in the game.
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