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  1. protecter of tomorrow Committed Player

    It was brought to my attention from a friend of mine that when he does a POWER RESPECT to a NEW POWER it would be nice to see them IMPLEMENT where they could do EQUIPPED GEAR also.

    So what i mean is, you go and BUY a POWER RESPECT.
    NOW the toon YOU decide to change is per-say a HEALER and YOU want to switch to per-say TANK.
    WE should ( at the same price as a POWER RESPECT ) be able to buy a GEAR RESPECT.

    What would happen then is ALL EQUIPPED GEAR becomes UNATTUNED again so that WE can ATTUNE it again to the NEW ROLE.

    BOTTOM LINE: I BELIEVE added to the POWER RESPECTS this becoming POPULAR enough to GENERATE another way to pull in some MONEY.

    What are EVERYBODY'S thoughts on this?
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  2. Dibrie Committed Player


    scratches chin, gonna watch this one.
  3. protecter of tomorrow Committed Player

    Thanks for WATCHING.

    BOTTOM LINE: I HOPE to see some comments on if this would be a GOOD IDEA or NOT.
  4. Jamos Well-Known Player

    But nobody has ever had to buy POWER RESPECT. It's earned. :p
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  5. Pults Loyal Player

    Too much work. I've switched from troll to healer to tank more than I can count. Everytime I did I had to delete or donate the gear and work my way up again. Only one problem with it. The maximum CR still stays the same even if the gear you have is for the wrong role or you have deleted it. For me it was at 140 and my only usable set was at 133 CR. I had fake 7 CRs which screws with my relevancy window.
    I think the CR calculation should be re-done every now and then. Seems kind of stupid to have maximum CR of lets say 140 even if you have deleted every single piece of gear you have. No content is doable without appropriate gear and no content (bellow T7) will award the player marks. Even if you have lets say CR of 45 with equipped gear you will not receive any marks from FOS3 becuse you will still have the maximum CR of 140.
  6. protecter of tomorrow Committed Player

    Respecting YOUR GEAR after respecting YOUR POWERS should NOT drop you from per-say a 140 to a 45. This is ONLY working off the GEAR YOU HAD EQUIPPED. So in ESSENCE YOUR CR should STAY THE SAME.

    BOTTOM LINE: It just makes it so that YOU DON'T have to GRIND out the gear YOU have already GRINDED out YOU just CHANGE it like YOU do when YOU CHANGE your POWER.
  7. protecter of tomorrow Committed Player

    Funny GUY

    BOTTOM LINE: YOU know what I MEAN. Spelling aside.
  8. Swiftduck Loyal Player

    Aretha Franklin approves this post.

  9. Pults Loyal Player

    Your use of caps lock is annoying.
    What I stated is a problem that should be fixed, what you've stated is a cash grab and a shortcut to mastering a support role without actually doing anything to get there. Gearing up as a support is something everyone should go through, your suggestion completely avoids it and makes the game less playable since you will have the best gear you possibly could if this were to happen.
  10. megamanzero Loyal Player

    why should i respect the powers? it's just a video game.
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  11. protecter of tomorrow Committed Player

    Okay ALL you WISE CHARACTERS. SPELL it out for me then LOL.
  12. megamanzero Loyal Player

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  13. protecter of tomorrow Committed Player

    So in that FACT then so is CHANGING YOUR POWER.

    BOTTOM LINE: I also think that EVERY TOON should be from SCRATCH BUT in this game they gave us the OPTION to change POWERS YET YOU see this as a cash grab JUST because i thought it would SAVE on SWITCHING POWERS and not have to GRIND the GEAR YOU have already taken the TIME to GRIND out.

    This SUGGESTION was ONLY to bring to LIGHT that right now if YOU don't want to be without gear when YOU switch YOU would ONLY be able to switch an EXISTING ROLE to the SAME ROLE again. This would ALLOW those that want to switch from per-say a HEALER to a TANK and not have to BUY VENDOR GEAR again or get the DROPS which YOU may or may not have already gotten.

    P.S. You do realize that i did STATE ONLY EQUIPPED GEAR right. Not ALL GEAR.
  14. protecter of tomorrow Committed Player

    The SPELL CORRECTOR was stating different if you type in respeccing or respecing.

    BOTTOM LINE: so i assumed that it had to be with a T even though i knew it was R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

    ahhh i can hear the TUNE now as i type. LOL.
  15. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player


    Are you one of those people that says Restroration too? Or Percision?

    I agree with you though
  16. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    why does it have to be a 2nd respec token for gear why can't the same respec token work for both? i personally think it should be free to switch powers until they balance the powers. as far as new things to sell us i would rather have more style items then anther form of respec token,i am more then happy to pay 20 bucks for a batman cowl(i did btw) but i'm not willing to pay 10 bucks to switch role gear ,i would just wait till the next episode when i need to replace gear anyway and then just run dps for a few days till i got a new set of role gear.

    theres plenty of other things they could sell us such as auras,flash cowl,emblems,etc.
  17. megamanzero Loyal Player

    that's probably because it's a gaming term not really a dictionary word.