New halloween consumable feats

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  1. ALEX33016 Well-Known Player

    So the feat:

    "Sweet Tooth" is 50 Trick or Treat consumables.
    "Gummies, Gummies" is 75 Trick or Treat consumables.
    "Fudging the Numbers" is 100 Trick or Treat consumables.

    So are we supposed to consume 225 Trick or Treat consumables or do we get credit for the ones that we did consume?

    Cause if we do get credit, then we should be getting credit for the 25 we consumed when we got the "Candy, Candy, Candy, Candy" feat.

    Don't get why we have not heard from a Dev or Mepps on this...I have not consumed any of the "old" candy (Trick or Treat consumables) until we get a clear answer on this. Good eye, Zamara
  2. Zamara Committed Player

    You do get credit on all 3 so it's 100 to get them all but I run 7 characters through it and i ended up getting just enough of the new candies to complete the 3 buckets (got 2 quarks, a yellow vapor aura and a greasy spine) and the old candies seemed to be dropping less frequently today since i got around 6 total instead of 2-3 per character before.
  3. nawanda Committed Player

    I ran three characters through the seasonal, the vault and the two open world bounties, then I farmed about 150 exobits, roflstomping the occasional add to get nth metal, and I had enough candy to fill all three buckets.
  4. loupblanc Dedicated Player

    New candy only drops from seasonal content right?
  5. Der Bofrostmann New Player

    They drop as part of the loot in the seasonal alert, and I’m pretty sure they also randomly drop off the ghost adds in the open world Gotham daily mission. You can also buy them off broker. Search for:

    Candy Corn
    Power Patch Brats
    Snackers Candy Bar
    STAR Blast Chews
  6. Quantum Rising Committed Player

    People seem to be confusing the old candy for the candy that you put in the trick or treat buckets. To get the feats that were added you use the old candy as they are continuations of the old feats. I've had like stacks and stacks of these in my inventory. Glad there's a use for them instead of selling them.
  7. xcrusader New Player

    Wish I would have saved mine - got the 25 and said, oh these are selling for like 20 dollars in the broker and I don't need them ---- regretting deleting them now though :(
  8. Zamara Committed Player

    The candy for the bucket looks like nth metal, the candies for the feats are the green consumables. And I've got from both kinds outside of the event too so they're not exclusive to the event stuff.
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  9. loupblanc Dedicated Player

    For an easy search, just type "treat:"

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