New for Batman Day: Manor Lair Bundle

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Sep 15, 2021.

  1. Imaginos Dedicated Player

    Great! Far too spread out but at least it has 9. Your video also wasn't up when I looked at videos yesterday. Glad you showed them off.
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  2. Aerith Rose Committed Player

    The base looks pretty and I am so glad we finally have a base with a change to the standard map. Did a really nice job on this.

    Any chance the second side room could have a extra high ceiling as well? Could also use more areas to place the amenities given that this base is much larger.
  3. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    Really wish we had a base lighting feature, i want darkness in my manor
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  4. Mister Hando Active Player

    If I put the doors, I can't go in the other room only by breaking them. Could we have an option to open them or go accross them ?
    I have no window on my Mansion put on the curtains. Have you really see Curtains without window in the real life ?
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  5. Imaginos Dedicated Player

    Only when covering doorways and that's pretty rare.
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  6. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    This base is above & beyond amazing, my only nitpick is the secret door, it is always open when i travel to my base, which completely blows the “secret” aspect up & visitors dont get that cool surprise :/ can this be fixed so the default load-in is a closed version? Thx!
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  7. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    The door is not a solid object and you can walk through it, no need to leave it open.
  8. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    For visuals. I want the default to always be closed so theres not a gaping hole in the wall
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  9. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player


    Sorry i had to xD
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  10. Mister Hando Active Player

    The 8 doors must be like that not this one. :(
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  11. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

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  12. BSEison Well-Known Player

    So I bought the Manor and I am very happy with my purchase, I think it looks great.

    But still, I think it does have a few issues:
    1) The secret door is a great idea but it doesn't seem to be working properly every time I re-enter the base it is always open no matter how I left it.
    2) I really appreciate the inclusion of the other doors, those are items we could use for all bases, but having to smash them to go from room to room is pretty lame. I think the best option would be to have included doors with one side always open like those in the seasonal movie theatre deco set. I would have much preferred more door options than all the chairs and couches included in the set.
    3) Nitpicking here, but a visible exit thru the back of the Batcave portion would have been awesome even if it wasn't actually functional.
    4) The middle floor block in the upstairs hallways doesn't allow ground item placement.
    5) The absolutely biggest issue is the amount of and locations of the amenity placement circles. Free placement of amenities in all bases, especially this one is a thing the community really wants. But if that can't happen, we still need more spaces and for them to be placed better for better functionality not just better decorating choices.
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  13. Multiverse Creator League

    1) Love the secret door.... but yeah sometimes it glitches a bit.

    2) I don't use doors because of that issue. And not just the Manor doors........ pretty much all the doors.
    Or actually I usually use them as improvised walls to create separations to make smaller rooms.

    3) You can create your own exit.
    I used the Batcave doors.... although it is a bit small for the Batwing ;) .... you can see it here 09:38;

    4) Yeah there are a few places where you cannot place items..... a few bits of floor or a wall ot two.

    5) Yeah more Amenities placement slots would be nice.... not just in the Manor.... in every Lair. Free Placement mode would be even better..... maybe someday?

    6) The Armories do not show the style. Hopefully they fix that soon.

    But despite all of that..... LOVE the Manor Lair.

    I spent wayyyyy too omuch time decorating it already..... and I have a LOT more decotating to do.

    LOVE it. ;)
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  14. Canadian Justice Committed Player

    Guessing the guy that priced bandito and buckaroo didn't price this.

    Such an amazing deal. The base items alone across all your characters have such and incredible value. But to get a sweet new lair with (totally not) the Batcave, unbelievable. Please put whoever priced this in charge of future marketplace items.
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  15. TheDark Devoted Player

    I waited YEARS for this kind of base. YEARS. Best I came up with was altering the penthouse bottom floor to look like a cave. Got it to look pretty good in the end but I didn’t make a video of the final look. A draft video of it is on my my old youtube.

    Anyway I delete the faq out of it and got this one :D I don’t even play that much anymore but the fact that the shoulder Batman cape and the manor/cave are in the game years after I stopped playing daily is so disappointing. Atleast I got to see them though. I decorated my DarkCave under Dark Manor for like 2 hours before I had to log off.
  16. TheDark Devoted Player

    Hi. Yea I love the manor too. I was looking at your video to borrow ideas. I have my computer on the right corner near the edge but I might just move it to the center edge. One side will have my lab chemical stuff and serums and idk what to put on the other. By the wall I have a teleported and weapons armory and the other wall side has my armory suits.

    I put my car by where you have your T Rex on the cave floor and put the bat door close to the cave wall. The rest of the cave has my trophies. One side also has like a ditch and I use it to put my kryptonite and Lex chemicals. Plus a clone in a tube and computers.

    I don’t like that the purple circles are by the wall and that there isn’t an option to have purple circles by the edge of the platform. I also don’t like that the cave walls opposite the entrance can’t have items on them. I wanted to put a bat window there so the bat plane can exist through a cave wall bat window instead of going through the wall where the mansion is.

    A elevator to the cave floor would be interesting too xD
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  17. Visubversa37 Level 30

    I know right!!!! Thank you!!! I thought it was great that we got doors for every frame..until you put them up! It took forever to get from one side to the other! I took them out minutes later.
  18. Irvynnge Loyal Player

    you can buy windows in-game, from the broker. Gotham windows go nicely with the new base design. the Bat-Signal one drops in Gotham Zoo, I think, or you can get it in the Riddled With Crime base item boxes ( from RWC vendor ), but that depends a lot on how benevolent RNGeebus is feeling.
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  19. SeyanaDC New Player

    I think the base is amazing but one thing I wish it had was more base placement spaces. I feel like the base is much bigger and has more rooms than other bases so it should have slightly more placement spaces.
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  20. beardrive Committed Player

    800 items for a base this large is a reasonable expectation given they are very large and a lot of older items are not. 1000 would be very generous indeed, but let's see.
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