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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Hraesvelg, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. Hraesvelg Loyal Player

    I'm not really digging the fly-straight-up animation. I rather liked just floating up instead of the Superman fist pose.
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  2. Baby Sister Committed Player

    I just don't like how it hunches the characters back when it flys .... Eh probably just me but it's something different for different characters :)
  3. Twilight Man New Player

    All the more reason for them to release custom movement mode personalities/actions sooner than later
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  4. Hraesvelg Loyal Player

    It wasn't so bad when it was flying forward...but flying up seems a bit much. I liked just floating straight up, then going into the pose. There's also something funky when you turn on flight mode while falling. I start planking.
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  5. areacode8O8 Committed Player

    ^^^^^^ this would be awesome
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  6. Spector Knight New Player

    I'd be happy with simple custom flight poses like this:


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  7. xFearMe Active Player

    Please listen to this Mepps. The flying up animation was much better before. Please switch it back.
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  8. Little Sister New Player

    Yea this new thing is weird. Especially if you quickly press X instead of holding it. It's like your toon is raving.

    And when you release X after holding it to fly up, your toon jerks back, it's so awkward.
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  9. ChuckLess New Player

    It was like that on test for quite some time. I switched to Skimming the day it came out (haven't logged in since) and didn't realize that was on live. Used to irk me on test.
  10. tukuan Loyal Player

    I like it more than the old, but certainly the option to choose in one fashion or another would the best for everyone.
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  11. Omega Boy Committed Player

    I preferred the old style.
  12. Sbel Devoted Player

    I really don't care. I have 11 flight characters, including my main, and I didn't notice a difference even when people pointed it out.
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  13. Raijin1999 Loyal Player

    Could have sworn the new version is how it used to be in the original game, before it was changed. A 2nd revamp to flights motion saw it's ascending/descending angle become fixed horizontally without any vertical pitch adjustment. Didn't like that one bit. This all said, I like the new anim better. I'd only like the old version better if your character looked up when ascending, otherwise there isn't enough animation data involved to make it as well rounded as skimming is. By adjusting this, the devs weren't trying to over-promote skimming under the pretense that purchased movemet types are going to have much more zazz than the default variants.

    Then again, skimming did get two separate color trails. :p
  14. xFearMe Active Player

    I was thinking of switching to skimming but it really wouldnt make much sense with a hardlight toon. Why would I create discs to fly on when I can just fly?
  15. Jazneo New Player

    [IMG] i like it for my static character
  16. Shadowdragon Devoted Player

    The flying up pose looks especially weird when you're in eagle/cockatrice form. That's not how birds fly up.
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  17. Jazneo New Player

    It base on static shock disc flying
  18. Shadowdragon Devoted Player

    The OP is referring to the change to flight... not skimming. The flying up pose in regular flight was changed to a 90 degree turn of the fly forward pose.
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  19. Azrael New Player

    is the new flight animation a glitch!? cuz it wasn't on test server
  20. Green Lantern New Player

    Whoops, I asked about this in another thread before I saw this one. I agree, I found this out yesterday or the day before after not being on for weeks. It was not a pleasant surprise. Please change it back.
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