New- Flashpoint Time Capsule Drop Rates Released!

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Iconic Simulation, Aug 6, 2020.

  1. Iconic Simulation Loyal Player

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  2. Hraesvelg Devoted Player

    In before the innumerate masses saying, "I opened 100 capsules and didn't get an Exotic".
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  3. DrakeBall Well-Known Player

    i assume the OG black and white neon drop rate is Exotic right
  4. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    Yes, but the percentage chances shown here don't necessarily mean it was the same chances in previous TCs.
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  5. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    Was just wondering if they retroactively colour coded the old ones the same way.
  6. StealthBlue Dedicated Player

    I'm going to be updating the probability thread in my signature (some time this weekend) to add a section on how many TCs you would expect to open to get each level. If the exotic probability is 1% (and not some number lower which is somewhat implied by saying <1%). Half of players would have the exotic after opening ~70 TCs, and 99% would have it after opening ~460. If the actual number is 0.5%, that changes to ~140 opens for 50% of players to get it and ~920 opens for 99% of players to get it. And the actual % chance for exotic could be even lower. In any case, it's entirely possible for someone to open 1 million TCs and still not get it (though that chance is low at the two examples).
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  7. Jay Smeezy Dedicated Player

  8. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    In before anyone says that the probabilities listed are lies.
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  9. nawanda Dedicated Player

    Dimensional Ink deserve huge, huge praise for this. I am very happy to see this. It is a massive step in the right direction. Players have always deserved better transparency on odds and chances when spending real money in pursuit of virtual items in order that they can make informed choices.

    A big thumbs up from me, an ardent TC critic.
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  10. FlawlessTime Dedicated Player

    With how loot boxes are getting more attention in video games I'm not surprised they finally did this good for them.
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  11. tukuan Devoted Player

    Probabilities are hard, I was trying to explain to someone about the same odds when pulling a straw concept and they refused to believe me.
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  12. StealthBlue Dedicated Player

    I have a good example in the probability thread in my signature. Rolling a die is a simple thing for people to get there head around. I thought about using flipping a coin, but wanted to show something that had more than 2 possible outcomes. Both are things they can try for themselves easily though.
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