New Fire AM DPS help needed. No power...

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  1. Rebel230 Well-Known Player


    I have 4 "main" toons. 2 hero, 2 villain. They range from cr116 - cr123. Today I wanted to try Fire as I like the fire animations. I swapped out mental on my 123 hero for fire.

    My issue is after looking at some GU49 videos for some build advice I have been using:

    Burning determination, inferno, fiery weapon
    then either fireburst or mass detonation depending on the target's range

    I also have meteor on my bar, I saw in a video someone said it helps to spread burning?

    Bottom line I keep running totally out of power.

    What am I doing wrong?
  2. TrueGODofMarvel New Player

    Are you using BD first?

    If so, then your power shouldn't be running out.
  3. DarkNovaBlaze Dedicated Player

    I'm having this problem too.
  4. Streven Dedicated Player

    Start with BD and keep hitting your targets , you should be fine. If you lose Thermal Absorption and keep spamming powers you'll run out quick. Have to pay attention is all.
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  5. Rebel230 Well-Known Player

    Yes I am using BD 1st. Do I need to recast it each time its up? or only if the blue flame disappears?

    If you get stun, KD etc how do you proceed? start over?
  6. darkscarletx Loyal Player

    Use burning determination clipped with fiery weapon and use fireburst. Both will give you volacility and thermal absorption. Your power regen when you see the blue flames yes. And using inferno will add more damage too but use it only for alerts and raids. When you get stun, restart with clipping both and fireburst.
  7. Rebel230 Well-Known Player

    So is meteor good for anything? Solo, alert, raid etc? Or is it a wasted spot?
  8. blazeing fire111 Devoted Player

    I do Bd- inferno-fiery weapon then fireburst 4 times then repeat.
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  9. Superskull85 Devoted Player

    If you lose the blue flame (Thermal Absorption) yes you need to start over. Also these are the only traits that benefit from Thermal Absorption: Enflame, Inferno, Fiery Weapon, Fireburst, Mass Detonation and Flame Cascade. Any other trait will not give you any Power back and you will eventually run out of Power because of it.

    Also you are required to hit something to get Power back and retain Thermal Absorption. If you use Fireburst and don't hit something you'll need to get Thermal Absorption back.

    Good for a Weapon Mastery only rotation.

    Yup except you don't need to reuse Burning Determination unless you lose Thermal Absorption.
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  10. L T Devoted Player

    Inferno and Fiery weapon do not extend the AM-- only Fireburst, Mass Detonation, or Flame Cascade can do that. You don't have a lot of time after casting burning determination to extend the burning and volatility with one of those powers. If you're losing the blue halo and not getting power back, try inserting Flame Cascade into your rotation, or changing it so that you're using Fireburst or Mass Detonation sooner.
    In other words, you can do
    BD --> Inferno/Fiery Weapon --> Fireburst
    but you have to be quick with Inferno and even quicker with Fiery weapon or you will lose volatility and power return before your Fireburst hits. Safer, but lower damage start-ups are
    BD-->Fireburst-->Inferno/Fiery Weapon-->Fireburst...
    BD-->Flame Cascade-->Inferno/Fiery Weapon-->Fireburst...
    BD/Fiery Weapon --> Fireburst --> Inferno --> Fireburst...

    It's good to clip Inferno with Fiery Weapon because they have the same cool down time, so you can keep them up.
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  11. redwolfyogi Well-Known Player

    Since you have that meteor spot, i would switch it out for Flame Cascade just in case you get KD or countered you can hit FC and keep it going.
  12. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    With Fire's 2 big moves, Fireburst and Mass Det, being so prone to interrupt (at least for me), would it be advisable to get rid of the Max Damage hands white mod and replace it with the channeling one to cut down on the interrupts? I have not been able to check this out, since the system has been down all day, but that's the reason I gave up on the previous Fire AM. Was hoping to give it another whirl.

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  13. JimsArcade Well-Known Player

    The Empowered Channeling mod only works with Absorb Heat and Snuff Out. You need to keep Max Damage since they reduced Fireburst's damage buff from 60% to 45%.
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  14. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Yeah, when I finally got on last night (thanks Daybreak....sure got my money worth last 2 days), I looked at the mass det or fireburst. Thought it applied to all casttime moves. Only ever looked at it at a glance before. There goes that idea.

    Did go with a similar loadout to what is shown here. BD, Inferno/firey clip, Cascade (to keep the blue flame lit) and Fireburst or Mass Det (3 times) depending on raid or alert/duo/solo(i'm liking fireburst for Raids and MD for smaller stuff/less adds). I'm hitting cascade again if Mass Det or Fireburst gets interrupted and am keeping pretty constant power regen. Topped DPS by 2 Mil in Arti with 3 other DPS at +/- 1 CR.

    Not as simple to use or as robust as Quantum, but it was 1st night of trying it and it's better than before. Gotta tweak the loadout some. Also im only at 9300 Might....may re-mod as all might in reds vs M/P like I have now...should get near 10K with that and i'm only rocking 116CR.

  15. Rebel230 Well-Known Player

    Why would you use cascade?

    I ask because what I am finding is I can just use BD to restart the power regen since it resets almost instantly its always available should I get stun/ KD etc . Cascade damage is very low so I like to keep both Fireburst and Mass det on my bar depending on the situation (range). I have 1 of the supercharges on there now, but its really a wasted space so you could add robot sidekick in as an extra DoT also.

  16. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I like using Cascade before the big hit (mass det or fireburst) because it also tends to put the adds on their butts, which gives me more time to connect with MD/FB. Yes, BD cools fast enough to re-use it, but also I've got my finger brains trained to go in a certain order and going back to BD would get me jacked up as Inferno/Firey would not be ready yet. I use the same buttons for my quantum loadout and am trying to reuse the rotation i'm already familiar with....lazy, but effective. Cascade is a means to get to more FB/MD with the blue flame lit and keep going.

    Thought about robot sidekick too....used it before and the damage was not big. Overheat was another one I was thinking of...not sure if I have the points for it or not. Not really sure what to use for that last button unless I put in the other big hit like you do. Figured that was a waste though...I doubt I'd switch much mid run. Might give it a try.

  17. Rebel230 Well-Known Player

    If cascade knocks them down its very good idea, as I do get interrupted often
  18. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Meatball is good for if inferno isn't ready and you need to light things on fire.
  19. Remander Steadfast Player

    Another thing to consider is that for the AM to work, targets must be burning. If you're moving quickly through adds, you need a quicker option to apply burning to new targets, for when Inferno and BD aren't available. I noticed this running solos last night.
  20. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

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