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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by WritingDesk, May 16, 2023.

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  1. FlawlessTime Dedicated Player

    I love this so much it needs work but my goodness it's enough to make you cry or it could be my damn allergies. I also loveee how now the most recent episodes will now start at top instead of the bottom.
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  2. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Bug Report
    Some of the feats don't seem to be activating now. Here is an example with "Crisis of Infinite Time Capsules":
  3. IonHero Committed Player

    While working on the feats, is there any chance
    The Following four feats could be renamed?
    *(These descriptions may be outdated)

    Back to School - In 31st Century: New Earth, defeat 55 Mind Controlled Upper Classmen during Controlled Saturn Girl skirmish
    Be Nimble - During The Will of Darkseid Operation, defeat Steppenwolf without either player being hit by Apokoliptian Kinetic Energy
    Early Adopter - Equip an Absorbascon Module Augment
    Riddle Me This - Collect the "Riddle Me This" Aura style

    to differentiate them from

    Back to School - In the Metropolis Battlezone's Historic District, re-educate any Sinestro Corps members affected by crimson, citrine, or violet mist [Villain]
    Be Nimble - Complete all expert races in the classic game [Acrobats]
    Early Adopter - Collect all styles in the Oolong set
    Riddle Me This - Complete 50 Collections, Briefings, or Investigations
  4. xXlNesTlXx Well-Known Player

    “1/NaN” bug was fixed?
  5. Stranger Well-Known Player

    Bug Report
    I think it's not intended:
    • When i open the "Classic Game/Solo" Tab, there's a hidden tab appearing "Iconic Battles"
    • When i open the "General/R&D" Tab, there's a hidden tab appearing "Assembly" and "Parts"
    They're appearing at weird spots tho.
  6. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Suggestions for Feat placement

    1. The following in the top-level Classic Game category should be moved to Classic Game -> Exploration:
    • Bounty Hunter - Its components feats are listed under Exploration
    • Gotham Boost-Tour
    • Metropolis Bosot-Tour
    • More than You Could Chew
    • Fanboy
    • Bounty Hunter
    2. Move the feats from Classic Game -> Iconic Battles to Classic Game -> Solo

    3. Move the following from General -> Leveling to Classic Game -> Solos
    • Challenge Rookie (It even says "Classic Game" in the description)
    • Complete Expert
    • Challenge Master
    • Challenge Dynamo
    • Danger is My Trade
    4. Move the following from General -> Leveling to Classic Game -> Duos
    • Duos Rookie
    • Duos Expert
    • Duos Master
    • Duos Dynamo
    5. Move the following from General -> Leveling to Classic Game -> Alerts
    • Alert! Alert Alert!
    7. Move the following from General to Classic Game -> Races
    • Natural Talent
    • Pro Athlete
    8. The feats from General -> R&D -> Parts and General -> R&D -> Assembly need to be moved to General -> R&D.

    9. General -> Collectibles has significant overlap with several feats from top-level General like the "Fully Briefed", "Master Detective", and "Collections Agent". It feels like this should be consolidated into a single category.

    10. Classic Game -> Solos -> Keep out of Reach of Children should be moved to Classic Game -> Missions. That is where all the other Toyman missions are located.

    The General and Classic Game categories are very messy in places. Similar feats should be moved to the same categories to avoid confusion.
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  7. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    I do hate that you cant buy this feat if the toon wasnt created then even if you have it on other toons on same account but im with you on hiding the superman emblem if were never gonna get it again
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  8. Lt Skymaster Dedicated Player

    I believe this is a step on the right direction, but I wish there was better consistency in between tabs.
    Example in episode 45 the style feats are on top, on 44 they're almost on the middle/bottom.

    It would be nice if we had consistency in every episode so we know what kind of feat we're going for.

    So a good example would be:
    First - General episode feats: Styles, generator mods, OP items etc.
    Second - Open world feats
    Third - Solo/duo feats
    Fourth - Alert feats
    Fifth - Raid feats.

    Also in order from normal/event to elite as well. That would make it so that we know exactly where to look each feat and there is consistency every time every dlc.
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  9. Zoe· YouTuber

    Please please please add a way to track feats\counter feats. THIS should've been a thing long ago. :) At least in open world. GW2 has it and It's a great feature. Should be the next step in improving feats hunting.
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  10. UnboundHeavenlyDemon Well-Known Player

    yes please.This would motivate me to grind more
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  11. Red Wáve Well-Known Player

    Please please please do not break the game by messing with "legacy code".

    Global Justice/Global Domination is still broken a few years after Episode 41.
    Smallville Speed Feat has been broken for presumably just as long.

    Unless you can absolutely with 99% or better accuracy guarantee that no Feat will get harmed by being moved, I'd rather they be left as they are.

    Of course, I thought the same when you introduced Feats to the Scorecard, but that turned out to be one of my favorite feat(ures) in the game :)
  12. UnboundHeavenlyDemon Well-Known Player

    can we get an investigation,briefing and collections organized between those that are for feats and those that aren’t for easier checklist of what we’re missing
  13. Lt Skymaster Dedicated Player

    This is already so much better, I'm glad that the feats were re-organized in a way that's consistent. Mad props plus the new icons make a for a good UI design as we can identifiy correctly which feat relates to what.

    Just a small suggestion, inside an epsiode feats, it might make more sense to have the general feats of the episode like Styles, Augments ,Base items, or Base generator mods on top of the rest of the other feats. In comparasion to the other feats which can be accessed now via other menus, these ones have to be checked yes or yes in the feat menu, so it might be the feats we'd like to check first. In that kind of menu, at least I would believe it makes more sense.
  14. KlarkKent Well-Known Player

    Feedback on new icons:

    It feels like origin augment feats should have same icon as adaptive augment feats. I dont think they are depicted as "artifact" arent they?


    What about OP collection feat icons in old episodes? Should they have new collection icon(chat box) or new OP item icon(purple human figure)? Examples in image are Owl-Nipotence and Syndicate Secret Handshake.

    Another one is the collection above them; Earth-3 Expatriate. These type of collections spread all over the episode. Meaning they drop from any type of instance and open world reward boxes. Since they are collection feats maybe they need that chat box icon too.


    Bug: Form: Man-Bat is a drop item from Gotham City Zoo raid. Same as Man-Bat Commandos but form trinket has new style feat icon. It needs to be purple fist icon.


    Bug: Another content drop style reward with incorrect icon. Ultra-Kryptonian Cape from Panoticon Elite. It should have "green speedster helmet" icon. (The eye styles from Legion of Doom content are drop rewards just like this cape style and they have that green icon in their feats)


    I feel like there are a few more errors like these but observing these kind of rewards in episode feats can narrow the issues.
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  15. KlarkKent Well-Known Player

    I sum up most of the new icons with which feats they are related to. Can you tell me if the last four icon descriptions are correct? So I can try to spot icon errors ingame. Especially the feats which related to content drop, vendor and TC item rewards.

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  16. Cyfaill Well-Known Player

    This is great, any improvement is always welcome.

    Just a suggestion, if the list of icons from the post of KlarkKent is correct, may i suggest that for "elite" instances (solo, duo, alert or raid) you use the same icon that in normal instances but change it of colour? (For example the green alert icon could be yellow for the alert elite feats), From my view it would be helpful.

    PS: Is not related to the feat list but....for the open world feats, could we have somekind of monitor on the area where you pick the missions (for example when you teleport to Dakota city a monitor close to Static) where you could check the open world feats of that episode?
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  17. WritingDesk Developer

    Just a few updates here:
    We've been hard at work tweaking/fixing organization issues, and implementing (and then further tweaking/fixing!) the icon changes, which I'm so happy you're all appreciating. And all of your bug reports have been so helpful, thank you all!!

    Since you asked... with a few last-minute changes, here's how we've decided to implement the icons:


    (excluding the obvious seasonal icons)
    This layout should be much better at giving info at a glance. We did favor visually appealing icon blocks over hyper-specific delineations, which is why:
    • Episode Collectible feats use the generic Open World icon instead of the Classic Game Collectibles icon.
    • Base items & Mods share the same icon instead of using separate icons (like the Classic Game Bases icon, for instance).
    • The icon for "Augments" is so multi-function.
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  18. WritingDesk Developer

    Also, great news! We are going to update the text of feats that require a collection to mention the collection they need.
    For example, the description for Epidermal Upgrade will be changed to read "Open the Cybernetic Skin Set by completing the Aesthetic Augmentation collection".

    Everyone here agrees that this change is sorely needed, and we’re looking forward to this change! We aren’t able to fit this fix into the initial feat reorganization push, but it will be something to look forward to as soon!
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  19. Zoe· YouTuber

    This sounds great, I'm looking forward to see all of this on the live servers!
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  20. beardrive Committed Player

    Those new icons look great! Once we learn them it will be far easier to look up the stuff that we need when we're going for something. Thanks!
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