New Exclusive Auras and your Favorite Marketplace Items Return in the New Booster Bundle!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Mar 19, 2014.

  1. Crimson Jonni New Player

    I was gonna buy a box today but, i thought about what i could usefully do with $20.. These four 5$ footlongs i got from sub way'll last a good four days for supper!
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  2. Americo New Player

    Well, I got no love from SOE.

    Here's what they said.
    I responded that it wasn't just my concern. It's the concern from the community here at large.

    It was misleading, they should've been clearer. But regardless. They lost a member today.

    Oh well, Destiny comes out later this year. I'll be all over that.

    Later guys and gals.
  3. JReel New Player

    lmao exactly. I won't lie I purchased a box to test my luck and guess what.... a white aura, YAYYYYYY!!!!

    lol, in all seriousness never again. Learn from me and others, take that $20 you plan on spending on that rigged bundle, buy about 40 R&D scanners, sell bits for 200k a pop in the brokers and save up to buy a plasmic or nimbus. Much safer and more reliable. Some people have no issue wasting $100 on a game just for a style lol. That is what I call insane but whatever it's your money do what you want with it. Me, I could easily burn 300+ on these bundles but I refuse to feed the greedy. Especially when I am not guaranteed what I want.
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  4. Quantum Wolf99 New Player

    need i say it again the devs are deaf when we say some good ideas they can use
    i'll play the game but not buying bundle until they get it right and not be ******** about it
  5. Plower Girl Active Player

    Just bought 10 of these. :D All I cared for is the replays and chance for a rare aura.

    Out of 10:
    2 Nimbus
    4 Green
    2 Red
    2 Dark Blue
  6. The Lone Stranger Devoted Player


    I'd never spend $20 on a chance like this, much less $200!

    But, you did fairly well...

    Got 2 of the Nimbus and I'm sure you won't have any trouble finding people who want the greens, either!
    EDIT: And with RAGE, I'd guess Reds are worth more now...


    (you should go to SOE Live: With that kind of luck, Vegas should be good to you!)
  7. Crimson Jonni New Player

    I might just do that lolol. But farming is sooo boring Dx
  8. TankKC12 New Player

    The Bundle description in the game is underhanded and blatantly flagrant. You are lying to people in an effort to generate sales. It sets a very bad precedent for future promotions and current customers. The bundle description in the market place needs to include the fact that all auras are included in these boxes (Not everyone who plays this game is in the forums). It currently does not and is 100000% misleading and marks of a vulture sales dept or one that desperate to generate instant revs. Either way it a poor way to do business.

    Seriously.. you guys need to reword this to say the box gives a chance for "ANY AURA INCLUDING" the plasma or nimbus.. but I'm sure you're fine conning young adults and kids in the name of sales.
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  9. TimeManipulator New Player

    I bought 9 bundles and was very lucky. I got 2 Green 2 Red Plasmic 1 Blue Plasmic 1 Nimbus. The other items you get make it worth it, I understand people being pissed off though. They should guarantee 1 of the 3 limited and Green since it's the newest version. I hope they're going to make auras to reflect some powers such as fire, ice, earth. Nimbus goes great with electric, hopefully they'll continue the release of limited auras. I'm sure they will with all the money they make on them.
  10. Mad9 New Player

    just sayin:

    New to the Marketplace – Booster Bundle!

    Available for a limited time! Get your hands on this bundle of goodies sponsored by none other than Booster Gold! The pack includes Marketplace items worth 3000 Station Cash/Marketplace AND an Aura Reward box for just 2000 Station Cash/Marketplace Cash. Here’s what you get:
    • 500 Replay Badges
    • 6 R&D Scanners
    • 8 Radar Enhancers
    • 5 Proto Repair Bots
    • 5 Vault Tickets
    • 1 Aura Reward Box
    The Aura Reward box includes one random Aura, which may be one of five existing Auras in Red, Blue, White, Purple or Green (common), one of two NEW colored Plasmic Auras (uncommon), or the ALL NEW Nimbus Aura (rare). The Plasmic and Nimbus Auras are all exclusive to this bundle!
  11. La Shark Dedicated Player

    I was thinking i should buy a couple just to try my luck. Then i read pages of unlucky players so now i've decided to spend my money on 2hr horse rides on the beach with my duagther.

    At least i know i wont be dissapointed-just my inner thighs will take a beating :-/ pls dont clown me on this, ty
  12. The Klepto New Player

    Get a lawyer and fight it.

    That's actually not a joke. Because I actually agree the message is FACTUALLY wrong and misleading in the GAME. On the forums they correctly described the booster bundle BUT in the game it truly is incorrectly described and misleading!

    If I were a player who didn't use the forums is definitely feel misleaded.

    And side note whoever buys over 3 booster bundles that's disgustingly crazy people talk about buying 6, 8, 11 bundles. Last time I checked that's like my food bill for 2 weeks. $200 on booster bundles. I'll gladly buy somebody these shiny nightlight auras for money towards my food bill to feed myself.
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  13. TankKC12 New Player

    I went ahead and bought one just to test my luck, but I knew the common auras were in there. Got a white aura and using the rest of the bundle as we speak.

    I don't condone anyone crazy enough to spend $40+ on these things but I can see why given the way its advertised in the market place.

    They know what they are doing lol
  14. TheMysticStar Level 30

    There you have it folks... Twelve pages and only 1% of forum posters (CUSTOMERS) are happy.

    As Green Arrow would say in game " Good Job " * facepalm*

    If this were a petition... Oh *snap* it kind of is. My IP and everyone that has posted, under federal law is considered a digital signature when you sign in. SOE/ DCUO shame on you, SHAME... *fingershake*

    We love the game, that's why we complain.
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  15. dukegraybo New Player

    I won't be trying it.I'm never lucky enough to get anything cool in this game...I didn't even get any Valentine stuff either...
  16. dukegraybo New Player

    I won't be getting one so..Next?
  17. MRALoHA New Player

    I guys really should just put these suckers in the market place other than have the luck of the draw when trying to get these rare ones I mean seems fair and u guys still make a killing on the cash
  18. TankKC12 New Player

    At least they are advertising this correctly in the game MOTD noting the common auras in the boxes.

    I initially said that the common auras shouldn't be in these boxes but I understand that they stand to make more money with the lottery system.

    Now IF they would just update the booster bundle description(to include a note of the common auras) in the same way then it literally becomes buy at your own risk as the consumer at the very least is aware of the full terms of purchasing this bundle. Thus eliminating the misleading advert that currently exists in the description bundle in the MP.

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  19. Quantum Wolf99 New Player

    TankKC12 if they would take out the normal ones more people will buy it just to win a random type of Plasmic aura
    but their not smart enough to know that
  20. Steak Sauce New Player

    Let me reply to you in an equally arrogant way:

    I'm about to teach you basic English. Ready?
    The word "may" indicates that there is a chance to win whatever follows after that. So far so good.
    It also implies that you may not win the items listed.

    Now that sentence is complete, understood and fine. Here's the kicker though:
    What the marketplace description fails to add is what happens should you not get one of the three auras listed. I guess in your opinion winning nothing at all would be perfectly acceptable. Or winning another vault ticket. Anything that is not one of the three auras listed could be in that box, even nothing at all, because the description fails to state what happens if you don't get one of the three auras listed.
    Ergo, misleading, or at the very least incomplete, but obviously on purpose. If you really believe that a company like SOE does these things by mistake, you have a rough life ahead of yourself.

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