New event is already a whack.

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  1. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

    Sadly... you do not create content in a vacuum. You create it in relation to the community playing that content.

    If the community cannot play the content... well.... they will not play the game. The game needs the players. The players do not need the game.They will go find some other game to play. Sad.... but it is what it is.

    If the intent was to make sure that random groups could not complete the content.... they succeeded. I thought we were past making content too difficult for random groups. I thought that was what the elite version was for.

    For a while we could complete the regular content with a random group..... but not so much for the Elite content... and that was fine.
    That is what Elite was for. For the best of the best of the best.... with honors...... SIR!. ;)

    But it seems we are back to making sure that random groups cannot play the regular content.

    It's always been this tug of war in DCUO between making content too easy or too hard.

    Personally I prefer too easy.
    Too easy.... everybody can complete the content... and everybody wins.
    Too hard... and you gatekeep a lot of players out of the content. And if people cannot play the content.... what's the point? They will go play the content in some other game.

    It's is ok if only a small tiny fraction of players can complete the Elite content.
    But most players should be able to complete the Regular content. And if they can't.... well you have a problem. I guess the Devs listened to the wrong crowd when they made the content more difficult. :eek: ;)

    Making the solo hard is fine. You control 100% what is going on. You can adjust your Loadout... switch role if you need to. By yourself you can figure it out.

    But with a group... sadly all you control is what you do.... which sadly often is not enough. Heck one time the Tank and I were pretty much carrying the group.... and I was thinking that at last.... this time... we will make it. But then some bickering started amongst the group and half the group left and the group fell apart. That was sad because we were getting there.... but the group just fell appart and after that it was a leavefest where new players would come in and leave as soon as they saw how many names there was on the scoreboard. :(

    So I had no choice. I had to do the most desperate thing ever..... I had to go play the Event version. ;) ;)

    That is also why some time ago some people were asking for Elite versions of solo missions.
    Solo... if you fail..... you only have one person to blame. In groups... even if you do a great job carrying the group.... the group can still fall appart and you just cannot complete the content.

    I know that the Devs want to ``encourage`` people to play as a group. But sometimes.... going the long way of the solo warrior is the only way to play. ;) ;)

    Sorry for the long post.... just could not sleep.... and guess I had some time to kill while waiting for the daily reset (yes... I know.... I should just go back and try to sleep.... maybe tomorrow). ;) ;)
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  2. Kimone Devoted Player

    breaking less than 15 mirrors during the mirror master fight.
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  3. Dene Prince Loyal Player

    oh cool.. thanks :) - must have gotten lucky
  4. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    so after finishing everything on my main and top two alts i decided to work a little on one of my weaker toons. i always bring one along for the ride every new dlc. this guy does have an end game cr but a little over 200 skill points. i usully play him as a troll and when dpsing open world he just ups the d pad. his end game cr was thanks to a combination of taking advantage of the last triple mark weekend, time capsule gear and the vendor discount for unlocking the style feat.

    there does seem to be a few things that seem off in some of the event versions.

    i'm curious about the solo~is there some kind of environmental hazard that drops out of the sky to damage you in the normal version? I know there are those red energy rifts that ground you but none of them damaged me on any of my runs. in the event version while flying around to stop car thiefs and muggers i was being damaged by things falling out of the sky for quite a bit...about a quarter to a third of my health each time. this happened after saturdays hot fix. ill look for it in the normal solos when i run them later today but so far ive only seen this in the event version. seems like it should be the other way around.

    after i finished off the solos i rescued gordon and did the three open world missions and the bounty. gear i scored there brought my little guy up to a 267cr.

    from there i queued into the event raids and MoM popped first. the rest of the group was all 270 plus cr with a few 277s (i guess they wanted fast easy marks). everything burned down very quickly~but poison ivy seemed to have an unusually high health pool. the boss fight itself was easy enough but ivy took forever. this was with a high cr group. i can only imagine what it would be like in a group thats popping 25 hit feats...

    overall the whole dlc is very easy. what challenge that exists amounts to little more than jump scares.the open world metal mimes and minotaurs seems to offer up the most challenge one on one.
  5. Tabby Belle Well-Known Player

    Those screenshots and reports of groups not being able to finish the raids are the opposite of what I'm experiencing. Sure, I'm the one that has to explain the mechanics... but once I do, people step up to do them (I'm usually the Healer or Tank). And when I'm Control or Damage, it gets done. All it takes is someone to have the patience and will to explain what is going on for the new people, or those that don't want to listen to what the NPCs are saying, or read the red and yellow letters on the screen.

    This is Shattered Gotham all over again. People in the first week not being able to finish, because they don't know what to do... but after some time and some explanation... and some practice... everything ends up fine and people are able to make it through without incident. I understand that not everyone is as attentive as I am to what's happening on the screen (I have a suspicion that many players actually just look at the lower third of their screen to watch their cooldowns and maybe the chat window), so I take it upon myself to help educate others I'm grouped with on what to do.

    Be kind, please rewind! ^_^
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  6. Hmmmm Well-Known Player

    Who decides what constitutes easy? This content is being eaten up by players on the switch. My CR may be credible enough, but I've only got 137 sp on the switch so far... I've had no problems beating this content (at level, non-event) beyond the long switch queues. So at what point do we expect players attacking the highest end game content to actually have just the slightest skills at the game instead of actually making the game a less fun for those with even passable knowledge of the mechanics?

    Second line of questioning... Those that have the best gear, arts, mods, etc that are wanting a bit tougher content, are also, most likely, those that have spent the most money. They're the ones keeping the lights on.

    While I've heard the argument "more would spend money if they made the game more accessible," i think that's proven to be pure rhetoric at this point. There's always one more thing they need to do for them to start spending... ... Or, they don't need to anymore because their needs are met. They have players spending right now. At what point do you stop pandering to the "could've beens" in hopes that they stay and start spending money, and start catering more to those who are spending money so you can keep them?
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  7. Ryazan Committed Player

    I'm not even talking about the regular version of the raid, it is fine by me. The event version is the one where I keep seeing that type of thing when I have to queue it as one of my alts. And every time it's people stuck at the adds that Ares summons in False Idols event, that's the only problem I have with the balancing of the content for event mode.
  8. Ryazan Committed Player

    People don't realise that they have to use the spore transformation and use the first power of their loadout on Ivy to remove her defense.
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  9. Hmmmm Well-Known Player

    One final thought to add to my previous post... What good are all these new players if noone wants to run with them; because anytime a simple mechanic confuses them, they give up and ask for nerfs?
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  10. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    Its not ab them being new... its been well over 2 years since we had a raid w a mechanic of any sort required in the mission, ive played since what 2012? When the game came out, ive been here on the forums the whole time check my stats
    ( it says 2015, this is my second account my first got umm..)
    It took me a long time to figure it out too, I hadn’t been troll in ab a year 1/2 so i was just used to stamdimg somewhere and tryna stay alive as tank, so yea after so long if mindless wave killing the mission is hard, no nerf needed to the raids at all... the solos have way to many adds but who cares , u run it once and u never have to again
  11. Hmmmm Well-Known Player

    I think we're on the same page? I don't have a problem with players who drop during content, i have a problem with the guns blazin', I'm amazin' attitude that quit as soon as that strategy fails them.

    I've been here since launch too, but forgot my log in since i haven't played much since Amazon fury until it released on switch. Which brings me to a point that ties our posts together:

    The previous nerfs are part of the problem with the gimme attitude now. We had to fight a hard dr fate and pengbot. We've made it through fos 2, even when it was ridiculous, etc.... Now they're nerfed gimmes all the way up, so people just expect more of the same. They never should have happened. If you want the cool stuff I've got, better be good enough or geared enough to get it... "What one person can do, so can another!"
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  12. Reinheld Devoted Player

    This I agree with, especially because the delays are in things that will not get faster with time/experience/CR. Built in delays to go find stuff, timed entrance to the museum (doesn't seem to matter who you kill/help, they dont' go metal for X groups, and oracle doesn't let you in for another X groups). It would be nice if the puzzle and getting the component then the rouge power buff were optional, so when we do get to overpowered we can just skip it and proceed to Red Death vs going through the steps.

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  13. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    thats what that health cog is for!
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  14. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    The environmental damage is there in the regular version as well. I only ran the event version once so far so I can't say much about the hits there, but since my toons were higher in the regular version AND had the new Adaptive Augments the damage seemed just fine to me.

    As for Poison Ivy's health pool, I believe there is cog to hit in the area that kind of turns you into a plant troll and allows you to debuff her some. I haven't fully tested it out because my group is a little over geared and tend to be high burners.
  15. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

    First- Easy enough to know.
    Mepps has the number. if he sees that only 5% of the players can complete the content for the regular version.... safe enough to see that at 5% completion the content is too difficult for the current player base.
    If he sees that 95% of the player base complete the regular version... easy enough to see that the content is fine.... and tough luck for those in the 5%.

    But when we see missions after missions with TONS of names on the scoreboard.... I think it is safe to think that a lot more then 5% of the player base cannot complete the content.

    Second- That is why there is the Elite version. For those who think they are the best of the best of the best with the best gear and the best powers.
    As for who spends the most... you do not know that.
    And also.... if 50 hardcore players spends $100 each... you get $5000
    If 1000 casual players spends $5 each.... you also end up with $5000
    But what if even the 1000 casuals spend $100 each?? What if those 1000 casuals bought the Lantern Corps Pack for $100.... what then??
    But again..... we do not know that.
    You assume that those that want tougher content spend the most $$$. But only Mepps really has the numbers showing him who spend the most $$$. As far as we know.... the 1000 clients spending $5 each are the ones that spend the most $$$.

    As for the could have been.... again you do not know who spends the most $$$.
    You think it is those with the best gear mods etc that want harder content that spend the most $$$. But again.... you do not know that.

    But as far as we know.... it could be alllll those spending $5 each that spend the most $$$ in the end.

    We do not know who spends the most $$$ at this point. Only someone like Mepps knows that info.... and I strongly doubt he would ever share it with us.

    Again take the Ultimate Lantern Pack at $100 each.
    Who do you think did spend $100 to purchase that pack??
    The players who want the harder content??
    Or the other players who are more casual?

    Pretty sure the harder content people did not buy that Lantern pack. Odds are the harder content player already had all the Lantern styles.

    Pretty sure if anyone bought that pack was the casuals who wanted all the Lantern Style.

    But again.... we do not know. Mepps knows. Or the Shadow maybe. ;)
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  16. Hmmmm Well-Known Player

    Smh whatever you have to tell yourself. But since only miss has the facts, i find it ironic everyone latches into the opinion that it's too hard, like their opinion must be right.

    I look at pages like that and see... ...a bunch of players who need to learn about mmos and realize you can't face blast everything, but I've played more than dcuo in my days... Even the hardest content in DCUO is easy compared to many many games in the genre.

    I love the shadow reference, though. That made my day.
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  17. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

    The regular version is where I saw that.
    I would enter the mission with already a list a mile long of people.

    And once in the mission you would have the Healer in DPS not wanting to heal.
    Or someone not wanting me to play as a Troll because he wanted more burn.
    And holy crap... the 4 cogs at the very start of the 4 player mission. There is always someone who just cannot wait 5 seconds for everyone to be in position to click on them cogs. I hate that kind of mechanics. 60% of the time...It's a nightmare everytime. ;)

    The Event version was simple enough. Although usually you had me and one or two other guys pretty much carrying the group. But we were able to complete the Event version of the content easily enough.

    Only once in the Tuning Fork raid (forget the name) we had to kick someone who all he could do was insult everyone in the group despite me and 2 others pretty much carrying him and the rest of the group.

    So no real issue with the Event version..... yet. ;) ;)
  18. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

    When you see lists a mile long of people who left the mission.... it's not an opinion.
    Pretty obvious the content is too hard for the current population of the game.

    You say you played other MMOs... may I ask how long you have been playing DCUO??

    We have seen this before in DCUO. Not the first time we have seen this.

    Other times in the past the Devs did this.... trying to make the content harder... more challenging.... and then we would see looooong lists of names of people who left the mission....
    And then the Devs would need to backtrack once they realized only a small part of the population can even play the content.

    So we had tougher DLCs in the past... followed by easier DLCs after because.... if people cannot complete the content.... you can be sure they will not spend Replays to Replay the content... since they cannot finish it to begin with.

    So we have this tug of war between easier content... harder content.... easier content.... rinse and repeat.

    Glad I made your day. Seeing how you got the reference.... you good Sir are a man with fine tastes. I salute you. ;)

    Have a good day. :) :)
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  19. Hmmmm Well-Known Player

    I bought the game on disc at release. I remember harder content. Dr Fate gave me fits. Pengbot was a monster. FoS 2 seemed impossible. But i made it. I adjusted the way i played to match the game, not begged for the game to change to match the crappy skills i was showing.

    I'm on switch now. Sure, I'm above 270 after the new episode dropped, but my sp is severely lacking in comparison to gamers on other systems. I'm only at 137. Yet, i can still beat the content. I'm definitely not the greatest player in the game, so... Is it a problem with the players or a problem with the game. You yourself just listed all the crappy players you played with. People who didn't want to play roles, healers not healing, etc. So which is it?

    And besides, we're not even a week into the content! Mepps forbid you have content you can't figure out the simple gimmick for right away!

    Edit:. This isn't directed at you, just the editorial "you". You're willing to have an actual discussion about it and you're not pulling the crap some players do ("change it or i leave!!").... So kudos for actually opening up a good dialog!
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  20. Berza Committed Player

    Ran the solo today. Event mode. Yes, I have 273 CR with op head and back, high stats for event mode, but:
    Left wrist is broken. Surgery happened September 4. No use for that hand. Also 237 og augments and JLD adaptative ones. Built a might (38k) armory for this, prec requires too much effort for me right now. I'm on PC, using a 6 buttons mouse: 1 for blocking and breakout and rolling, 1 for moving (forward, not even able to walk backwards or laterally), 1 for lunge, 3 powers (arc lightning, tesla ball, voltaic blast). I'm far away from being the best player in here (r16 max on SM) but it was a walk. Seriously. Difficult level, 0. Just roll on first boss out of vortex (even standing on them for one or two seconds was unnoticeable damage) and hold block on last boss when bombs are close to explode. 2k damage each bomb. Middle room standing, I can't get out of way fast enough.
    I may agree it is a bit long, and it's tedious to wait for last boss to be attackable again but... Hard? No at all. Seriously, I ran it with one hand.
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