New Episode: Wonderverse

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    New Episode: Wonderverse

    With the Source Wall cracked, multiple universes are merging into our own. Along with the new threats also come new allies: the Council of Wonder Women! Take up arms with Nubia, Flashpoint Wonder Woman, Red Son Wonder Woman, and more, face the Olympian Gods and the New Gods, and restore order before it is too late.

    Wonderverse features new daily and weekly Open World missions, raid-like world bosses, a brand-new Solo and Alert, as well as Normal and Elite versions of a new Raid! To play this content mode your character must be level 30 and have a minimum Combat Rating of 299.

    For a limited time, special “Event” versions of all content for Wonderverse will be available to all players, level 10+ as well! Look for these Event versions in the Events tab of your On Duty menu.


    New Open World Missions – Wonderverse: Patchwork Themyscira

    A crack in the Source Wall merged together Themysciras of different Earths. As the wall crumbles further, fragments of the Source Wall rain down on the island, attracting multiple factions of invaders seeking to raid this new resource. Help all the Wonder Women repel the raiders and then take the fight to their leaders!

    New Solo – Wonderverse: Temples of Source Power

    Invading factions have noticed that fragments of that Source Wall are being attracted to places of power around Themyscira. Queue for or walk into 4 different Temples to help the different Wonder Women deny at least one invading faction per day.

    New Alert – Wonderverse: Crypt of Penthesilea

    Instead of turning over her share of Source Wall fragments to the rest of the Council of Wonder Women, Queen Diana has suspiciously sealed herself inside the Crypt of Penthesilea. Meet with Nubia to see if together you can convince Queen Diana to see reason.

    New Raid and Elite Raid – Wonderverse: Fractured God Sphere

    We’ve learned from Poseidon that the Sphere of the Gods is crumbling and the Gods themselves have been collecting Source Wall fragments to try and shore up their own power. The Council of Wonder Women know those fragments are necessary to repair the multiverse. Enter the God Sphere and reclaim the fragments for the greater good.

    New Gear, Base Items, Feats and More
    • Earn new event currencies: Splintered Coins and Empyrean Aether!
    • New Augments and Artifacts!
    • Acquire new gear inspired by Grail and the Amazons!
    • Plus collect new base items, feats, and more

    Questions or comments? Join the discussion on the official forums.
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  2. Zoe· Gotham Gazette Editor

    You all did amazing job on that episode. I know there was a lot of naysayers as usual because It's Wonder Woman and not other characters. It is DC Universe Online and Wonder Woman is a major part of DCUO and in DC Comics in general. We got a really interesting story and gameplay. I will give my feedback regards some stuff that needs tuning because some things doesn't seem to work properly on live but it doesn't take from the fun. My league is really enjoying it too. Thank you Dev team for a great episode! If this one was amazing, I can't imagine what you all have in store for us for next episodes.
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  3. TheBatmanFanBG Well-Known Player

    Is the new Time Capsule out yet? I am very interested to see what we will get!
  4. Zoe· Gotham Gazette Editor

    It is not.
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  5. Designated Active Player

    liked the art.
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  6. Tygerfyre Well-Known Player

    I didn't see this mentioned on the release notes, but were any older currencies retired and replaced with Source Marks due to the new episode rollout?
  7. Zoe· Gotham Gazette Editor

    The Metal I currency.
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  8. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    Mepps, for all these open world bosses at least 15 seconds ticks off the clock before enemy appears. Also, any way to offset the phases for these bosses?

    For all - you've got to work the hydra teeth when fighting the Hydra or hundreds of ads will appear.
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  9. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    Yep I super hate the new open world bosses. Primarily because it's going to make running several toons through them almost impossible. On my third time going around all the bosses to get back to Hydra. Hopefully this new boss style will be a one Episode mistake, or it may mean the end of my alts.
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  10. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    Also, all-in-all, this new open world boss method is too much to handle for all the new players as low as Level 10 or 15.
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  11. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    Mepps, also FYI all of the additional style items for BOP (source aura / material / etc) have disappeared from the vendor. No longer appear on ORCL Supply Bot in BOPtropolis, nor on the BOP Equipment Supplier on the Watchtower.
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  12. Tygerfyre Well-Known Player

    So, the release notes mention that the PC frame rate has been bumped to 60. Thanks for this, it looks great.

    However, it seems that some of the other PC graphics settings have also added "high" texture settings that were not there before. Can anyone confirm this, or am I imagining it? I just bumped several settings upwards, and I thought I had had them at their highest levels already.
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  13. Draconiano Committed Player

    I'm on EU so I can't see if there are new graphic settings besides the fps one, but I will look into it later when the server comes back.
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  14. Tygerfyre Well-Known Player

    To be clear, the settings aren't new so much as there are new options to them. I had several that were set to "Normal" that now have "high" as a choice, when I am pretty sure they did not have a "high" choice before.
  15. Aerith Rose Committed Player

    The mark cost is way to high. Can we please make ethers account bound? If you do not make the ethers account bound the alts will die
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  16. Draconiano Committed Player

    I didn't see any new high choice, just the usual.
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  17. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    I don't know what the solution is to having too many people in phases. at 5 am this morning I counted 30+ in Ares fight, which caused just the start of screen flickering. Obviously there's a phase lock, but anyone in the phase can get on LFG & bring in a lot more toons than the system can handle.

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  18. MiLady Well-Known Player

    Hi Devs,
    Great job on this new DLC. The artwork is fantastic and the increased framerate makes it look so much better.

    However, I do have some minor issues. This DLC does not favor players who have alts. The daily missions are taking much longer to finish. There are 4 dailies where 30 adds have to be dealt with instead of the usual 5-8 adds. The new 2 new weekly boss battles are way too difficult, especially for a bunch of level 15 CR players to handle, even if there are 30 of them in the instance. Can the devs try a group of 8 players at level 15 at see if you can defeat the open world bosses. That should give you a good understanding of what we are facing.

    The mechanics are we have to defeat a boss while doing the other objectives to do it. I like this, however, its just too difficult at this time. But having do this 5x (other bosses) just to get WW's 8 coins per week is a bit much. It reminded me of the Age of Justice DLC, 4 boss mission, where they had tons of HP and it took a long time to KO them. If all goes well, this mission will take 25 minutes per alt. Forget about the Hydra one. Not enough people know the mechanisc for that one in the group, let alone getting to the point where it can spawn. Spawning teeth randomly is ok, but in the pools is just not fun.

    I understand that this was a trial to make this DLC more open world friendly. Based on these missions, you have taken a good step forward to accomplish that. Hopefully the next step would be to remove the phase lock, so that we can truly see lots of players dong the open world bosses.

    Since time isnt on my side, looks like only a few of my alts will have a chance to play this new DLC. Unfortunately for me, there isnt enough time to run all of my alts to do the dailies and weekly bosses.
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  19. Tygerfyre Well-Known Player

    30? I was in a mob that was well north of 100 last night. Seemed like 200 at times. There were times the bosses started clipping through the floor, other times we couldn't see them, etc.
  20. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    Please tell me y'all fixed that seizure inducing alert.
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