New Episode: Metal Part I

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  1. PhilOsyfee New Player

    Anyone who is telling you to "git gud" are clearly just being rude. I for one find the content frustrating at times, but it's mostly due to players just trying to burn the boss down without following what's actually going on, even when I personally explain the mechanics in great detail. As I said in my earlier post, it's mostly just following the mechanics and ensuring you are properly geared. That's not to say you should enjoy something that you feel is difficult, so don't bash your head against a wall if you're not enjoying yourself.
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  2. Captain1Dynamo Well-Known Player

    You can argue the difficulty for players for some experience, but here's the thing about all these New Episode Events: no level 10 can get through them. Which sends a bad message to brand new players. I'm sure more than a few have gotten frustrated & quit, which means less money coming into the game in the long run.
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  3. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

    No level 10? Thank you. You just inspired me a new video. ;)
  4. PhilOsyfee New Player

    A brand new player jumping in to the game expecting to play the most recent event content with a minimal understanding of the games combat/mission mechanics is not a great barometer to base the contents difficulty off of. Again I am not here saying that a new player should not be able to do it, nor am I saying that difficulty is something geared solely toward experienced players. My point is simply that the difficulty is going to be there for new and old, and for those newer folks just entering the game, it's not going to be any different due to just a basic lack of fully understanding a lot of the games mechanics and/or combat. If you want to argue that the content is to hard based off of that I honestly don't know what people expect and/or want.
  5. EctoLantern Active Player

    I know this post isn't going to mean anything, but I want to air my grievance.

    I am a casual player. I've never been an awesome player that everybody wants on their team - I never liked being part of an MMO, but I loved this game because of the mechanics, the visuals, and the open world aspect. When I say I loved, I mean that. I moved to a rural area where cable internet was not available and paid an obscene amount of money for 4G service with Verizon so I could continue to play. I rarely joined groups or did alerts and raids. I didn't join the multiple player stuff because I'm not a good player and I got weary of being singled out in missions as the reason the mission failed. But I continued to play, creating multiple toons and leveling up time after time doing solo missions because I love the graphics and mechanics of this game. My character is currently 266 CR. He's not any higher because I don't do raids or alerts. I get my character as high as possible doing solo stuff. That said, I've tried the Metal Part 1 solo 22 times - I can't get past the final boss. I came very, very close once but then my life was sucked out of me - 25% in an instant, and I died. I've used up all my repair bots and will not spend another dime buying another. I resent the fact I have to complete this before I can do the open world stuff. I've paid $15.00 a month for YEARS as a member, but it looks like the game no longer wants the casual player, or the player that likes doing things in their own time. I KNOW this is an MMO. Why play an MMO if you don't like MMOs? Because I could still do a lot in this game without having to join groups, etc. Until this episode I could solo my way along. Now I can't because I'm not a good enough player to move forward. I am canceling my membership and uninstalling the game from my computer. I know this means nothing to Daybreak - they're raking in the cash. But if there are any other disgruntled or frustrated users out there, I just want you to know you're not alone. When a game stops being fun, it's time to stop playing the game. To those of you having no issues with the Metal Part 1, good for you. I wish I was as good as you so i could continue playing this awesome game. Happy gaming!!
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  6. IamINC Committed Player

    I feel ya , Went from subbing for 5 years to every few months to once or twice a year before finally deleting all toons and erasing the game from my PS4.

    The sad thing is there are so many fantastic , loyal players that quit this game over the same reasons and DBG didn’t care one bit , the game went south imo the minute it become overly p2w and casuals put before subs , I’m happier giving my old dcuo spends to ESO but god dam I miss the days of DCUO being great ( yeah I’m an origin crisis was peak guy )
  7. PhilOsyfee New Player

    Hopefully this does not come off as rude in any way but I get that you try your damnedest to play what you can and prefer playing, but by not even attempting 4 mans and the like will hamper your progress a lot. Raids are not a necessity to enter the new zone so unless you are willing to try and do duos and 4 mans, or the event versions of new content for that matter, you're going to have a very hard time. I hope you try to at least play with some other folks, because as an MMO this game is built on group content. While that might not be for you though you still enjoy the game, I find it hard to assist in helping you reach past the current solo if you are just not interested in trying any form of group content. That said I don't want you discourage you from playing or tell you to move on, I just simply hope that by trying out more types of the content that you can get some more feats for skill points and more chances at better gear to help you progress. If you feel that at this current point you are bashing you head against a wall, then maybe a break is best, or possibly an MMO more suitable to your play-style. I hope you find some way to get through your current issue with the solo and continue playing. Best of luck Lantern!
  8. DeityEvanescence New Player

    Mental My Guys Need to Be Re-done
    Keep Mass Levitation, pain reflect, mass terror, phantom Flames(I Love) ,ice/fire/and Psychic shock are good;
    But its dmg Output is So Weak Rn in Pve and it need to be fixed, psychic Prison should be Range or go Range, invisibility should Be taken away and replaced with a Better more unique move( teleportation plus dmg like) mental is powerful and should be top tier in it All...we can only do Dmg in invisibility state and its upsetting...we as mental can do Anything.. Invisibility should be only for gadgets or tetch powers.
    Also our super charge powers are Effective either My Team...I want my Power To Be My Power
    But other than that you Guys are Awesome
    Keep it up Team
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  9. Earth742 Well-Known Player

    I'm not that far into it yet, but I am wondering, What is The Joker's reaction to all this? Whether he is watching and waiting from the shadows, or does he openly ally with the 'Evil Batmen'? I figure he would most likely love it, or his ego might demand he hate it. It it Both?
    Either way, merely sidelining the Joker for this story would be a disservice.
  10. 9001BPM Devoted Player

    In the comics, Joker HATES The Batman Who Laughs with an all consuming fiery passion. He derided him as “The Batman Who Talks”, teams up with Batman to blindside him, and quits the Society over Luthor’s decision to keep BWL as a prisoner after Barbatos’ defeat.
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  11. Earth742 Well-Known Player

    Sorry you had a rough run.
    I've only done it once so far, and barely beat it on my first try. My char was C119 at the time.
    I am curious, did you get the Rogues' Tech to help you in the fight? I didn't have any repair bots, but I did use a couple soders.
    The Ice Damage idk if it did any additional damage added to my attacks, or only served to slow the Red Death to create openings to lay combos on him.

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  12. Tygerfyre Well-Known Player

    I had a rough first try on the solo, and a leaguemate hating it s ton. But it all came down to the mechanic. If you see the area effect forming, MOVE. Do not finish the combo you just started, just move. It may be easier to not do the longer combos, even if you just keep moving and pew-pewing to wear them down. Once you do that, they're much easier to beat.

    Also, if you're finding you can't get CR to suggested levels, might I suggest you spend more time in JLD? You should hit 270 if you finish the vendor gear. You did finish that, right?
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  13. Critical Massacre Well-Known Player

  14. Krimson New Player

    I just came back to see if anything had changed. I still have the game installed but I haven't played for three months. The thing is, I like the perks of a subscription, but when a story mission is made for more experienced players, then I am simply going to spend my money elsewhere. Maybe when they release a new episode I might try again.
  15. Helios The Eternal Flame Dedicated Player

    I'm sorry to hear about your run as well. Question: Did you run the event version, or did you run the regular version? There is absolutely room for every type of player in this game. However, you must run the content that is at your level. The regular version is significantly harder than the event version. You should run the event version until you get more gear, and then move to the regular version.

    In my league, we accept all types of players. Of course some are more skilled than others. Everyone can't run Elite, and that's ok. Everyone has a place. Just run the event content until you are able to buy more gear. It makes a big difference.
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  16. an81angel Well-Known Player

    pretty sure he can't run anything but event version as they would need cr264 for regular and elite. I think they said they had a cr119.
  17. Earth742 Well-Known Player

    I was CR119 running the event version; the other guy that had a bad run:
    Since he admitted to letting his health get down to 25%, where I am overly judicious about not letting it get that low if I can do anything about it. IMHO, that was his mistake. It might be an acceptable risk (to him) for most of the content, but with Boss Fights I try not to take any chances.
    I never used any repair bots, just soders and powers.
    To each their own.
    I wish him the best.

    EctoLantern, if you're reading this, I hope you found a tactic or a strategy that got you through that solo, and the rest of Metal Part I.
    There should be no reason for you to not enjoy the new content.

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