New Episode: Metal Part I

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager


    New Episode: Metal Part I

    Batman has gone missing and the race for Metal has begun! The Dark Knights and the Justice League scour the universe for rare forms of Metal - the keys to victory in the war between the Multiverse and the Darkness. As heroes and villains alike race across Earth, Oa, Themyscira, and beyond, the Bruce Waynes of the Dark Multiverse hatch plans of their own. Metal Part I features new daily and weekly Open World missions, a Solo and Alert, as well as normal and Elite versions of two new Raids!

    To play this content your character must be level 30 and have a minimum Combat Rating of 264.

    For a limited time, special “Event” versions of all content in Metal Part I will be available to all players, level 15+ as well! Look for these Event versions in the Events tab of your On Duty menu.


    New Solo: Scarlet Speedster

    Central City is in disarray. Dark lightning bolts are striking randomly, causing fear and chaos. Criminals in the city are taking advantage of the situation, looting businesses and mugging citizens. Heroes arrive to help while the speedsters are occupied, while villains get a tip from Calculator that this could be a good opportunity. Calculator has also asked villains to secure dead drops from heists executed during the chaos.
    • Open your On Duty menu and look for Metal Part I: Scarlet Speedster under Tier 9 of the 1 Player tab. Minimum Combat Rating: 264
    • For the Event version, look for Metal Part I: Scarlet Speedster (Event) in the On Duty menu under the Events tab. Minimum Level: 15
    New Open World Missions: Metal Gotham

    The Batman Who Laughs has unleashed chaos on Gotham City to keep Batman’s allies from finding the Dark Knight. Dark Multiverse energy is infecting people, turning them into threats. He's cracked open Arkham Asylum, sending escaped inmates to run amok. Nightwing wants to protect Gotham City in Batman's absence. Killer Croc wants to protect his home turf. A mysterious benefactor has hired Deathstroke to gather exotic metals. Heroes and villains are working together to save the city from a greater threat.
    • Look for Metal Gotham in your warp menu or use the teleporter in the Watchtower or Hall of Doom
    • New daily and weekly missions in Metal Gotham. Minimum Level: 15
    New Alert: Batcave Breach

    Nightwing sends a distress call. He and Robin are in the Batcave, pinned down by its automated defenses run amok. Oracle and Calculator have formed a loose alliance to stop what appears to be a metahuman pandemic spreading through Gotham City. Oracle uses Justice League teleporters to get heroes and villains alike to the Batcave.
    • Open your On Duty menu and look for Metal Part I: Batcave Breach under Tier 9 of the 4 Player tab. Minimum Combat Rating: 264
    • For the Event version, look for Metal Part I: Batcave Breach (Event) in the On Duty menu under the Events tab. Minimum Level: 15
    New Raid and Elite Raid: False Idols

    The Merciless has arrived on Olympus, searching for something. He defeated the gods that tried to stop him. Hades fled to his nether realm while Ares traveled to Themyscira, searching for the Sunblade. Ares believes it can hurt The Merciless. Heroes and villains alike join Wonder Woman in her own search for the Sunblade.
    • Open your On Duty menu and look for Metal Part I: False Idols under Expert Tier 9 of the 8 Player tab. Minimum Combat Rating: 264
    • For the Event version, look for Metal Part I: False Idols (Event) in the On Duty menu under the Events tab. Minimum Level: 15
    New Raid and Elite Raid: Monsters of Metal

    The Batman Who Laughs has given powerful metal cards to some of Batman's rogues, and those rogues are using them to reshape Gotham City's reality to their whims.
    • Open your On Duty menu and look for Metal Part I: Monsters of Metal under Expert Tier 9 of the 8 Player tab. Minimum Combat Rating: 264
    • For the Event Version – look for Metal Part I: Monsters of Metal (Event) in the On Duty menu under the Events tab. Minimum Level: 15
    New Gear, Base Items, Feats and More
    • Earn a new currency: Dark Metal Coins!
    • Upgrade new Augments!
    • Acquire new gear inspired by Donna Troy and The Merciless!
    • Plus collect new base items, feats, and more!

    Questions or comments? Join the discussion below. Darkness awaits!
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  2. >>>KIra<<< Dedicated Player

    Outstanding, I can't wait to get home tonight
  3. CandySlinger Active Player

    Episode isn't registering as purchased for premium PC player(s). Locked from content and the small treasure boxes from event.
  4. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Where did you make your purchase? (Steam, website, in-game)
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  5. Tygerfyre Well-Known Player

    I remember some past episodes where it didn't register till you restarted the game. Might want to try that.
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  6. merrygoblin Well-Known Player

    I'm on EU PS4, and the Scarlet Speedster event solo isn't showing as playable. I'm premium and not yet bought the Metal episode (but probably will). Still, is that intentional - that you seem to need to buy the episode (or have a membership, obvs) to play the event solo (and therefore progress to the event open world later)?

    Never mind - it's me being stupid. I was looking at the 1 Player tab, not the Event tab.
  7. CandySlinger Active Player

    in game through Steam
  8. Irvynnge Dedicated Player

    just a small thing, I know, but I really like the new loadscreens. well done, guys. love 'em.

    also, free gift stuff. wow. thankyou so much. was not expecting that.

    so! so far, two jaded old thumbs up from Irvynnge!
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  9. Blight Committed Player

    I'm very happy with these too. It's nice that they finally get some use out of all that beautiful concept art that was made for the game in the early days. I'd love it if they turned them into display pieces for our lairs and bases, like the comic covers.
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  10. DrMatlock New Player

    Hello, I'm writing for the first time in your forum. I didn't have a need before, but now I had to say something. This new dlc just made me stop playing. I understand it's not easy to do some new content but copy paste of old maps have crossed all limits.And about 200 artifacts I don't even want to talk about is a shame.You guys were only game that had concept that i like and i still love it but last 2 DLCs are just unplayable.I wish you guys would listen to people and do something but i dont belive you will.
  11. ZEROKILLEER Active Player

  12. Mike EUPC Active Player

    I have same problem i buy dlc through Steam and nothing . Send ticket with email purchase screenshot and wait to fix
  13. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

    Hi guys,
    A video or two for people who struggle a bit with the solo mission.... and people who struggle to get started on the new content. ;) ;)

  14. EctoLantern Active Player

    Congratulations!! By making this so difficult to complete the necessary solo in Metal part 1 I am quitting. I've been a member for many years, paying my $15 month after month. But making me complete a solo before access to open world is ridiculous, especially since I'm 166 and 170 is recommended and I can't get to 170 unless I complete solo. I've tried multiple times and am just tired of being killed multiple times. I'm cancelling my subscription now and uninstalling the game from my system. Hail to the King! All you Super Players Enjoy!
  15. PhilOsyfee New Player

    I am not trying to dismiss anyone who feels the difficulty is to high, however as a person who plays Controller role only (and not a hybrid/battle troll) I have been able to complete ever part of the content multiple times. I can't speak for anyone else who is having an issue with the difficulty, but I feel that it could possibly be that players might be missing certain mechanics and/or are coming in to the normal content unprepared gear/skill point-wise. I hope any of you who are having issues can overcome the hurdle, but the event content is also available to allow you to access and play still. If this makes anyone step away and come back at a later date, then that is not an issue as sometimes it helps to step away from the game every now and then. Apologies if this might have offended anyone or is being taken the wrong way, but I'm only sharing my personal experience with the new content in Metal Part 1.
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  16. Myoxz Well-Known Player

    I was with you yesterday, on the MoM raid (SecondGuardian, the tank). And you are right. For instance, it were all working pretty smooth until the last boss. I mean, that was my first time. But even I knew what to do because I read the in game instructions. If you pay attention, they tell you what to do. But it's like you said, people are coming to a gun fight armed with a banana.
    I know there're people who wants to get feats on Normal or Elite content but, if you don't have the required gear, make the event missions first and the open world missions (to obtain higher cr gear). At some pint, you will be able to do the Normal or Elite versions.
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  17. Shelly Level 30

    Luthor's Mangled Warsuit Gauntlet has anyone seen this elusive OP collection anywhere in new content is it a Myth I farmed everything no luck
  18. Captain1Dynamo Well-Known Player

    New content - it's all good, some things I like, some things could have been better, but I LOVE all the base items. So many things I've seen in other instances & thought I'd like to have that in my base. Thanks for that devs, keep that kind of stuff coming.
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  19. Krimson New Player

    Yeah that was harsh. I'm also reconsidering if I want to continue to pay a sub for content that a casual like me can't get through. I'm sure players will tell me to "git gud" but it's not their money I'm paying.
  20. Wendigone New Player

    I've played through the solo with several toons... as low as 83.. and had no difficulty at all. The only two remotely difficult fights are mirror master and Red Death. In both of them as long as you roll out of the red bubble then you're fine.

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