New Episode: Legion Of Super-Heroes episode

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  1. Koriand'r Well-Known Player

    Hmm, so I like whatever about the Legion of Super-Heroes and villains, and we all know that each episode has a time capsule but opening each time capsules need 100 marks and those are very expensive, I would like to see some beautiful and good styles as collection and briefing and investigation too, such as the Legion of Super-Heroes and Villain Emblem and the Chameleon boy's head style like insect head or like horns
    Or some new cakes which cover the shoulders too and... Or Shadow Lass style and...
    But really really Magnetic Powers are going to be so nice with Leg of Super-Heroes if they create it as a tank and a controller powerset before Magnetic on PC.
  2. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    I've been requesting legion content since launch.
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  3. TITAN ephemeral Loyal Player

    not sure what my knowledge of odd 80s film references have to do with the legion...but love to see the far future...and fight with great heroes like Saturn Girl and Cosmic Boy
  4. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    There have been many variations, but something that could be used well for a gear set that would tie in nicely to the Legion would be that era's Science Police uniforms.





    Dunno why, but I always liked that bubble helmet. Come to think of it, I might still have that particular issue tucked away somewhere. LOL

    As for potential TC stuff? These might work for TC emblems tied into a Legion episode, considering not all of the Legionnaires used emblems.


    I love that they even have symbols for the Substitute Legion. :D
  5. Koriand'r Well-Known Player

    Well, the idea of police wasn't bad, but it can the second part of episode for example for, Far From Home part ll or The Legions part ll or The Future part ll, these are the personal names I chose, and I loved the emblems I hope they dont put all emblems in the Time Capsules :mad: and the I gotta say I have created Shadow Lass and Chameleon Boy and Lightning Lad before and I never knew that Shadow Lass and Chameleon Boy have Emblems too. Nice picture.
    But I would see the Legion Of Super-Heroes belt and a chest style which has a line on the chest and neck which has cosmic material on and 1 line on each hands and the left side and right side of stomach which be the fabric part and same for legs style too, and for the feet style I have no special idea but I would see high heels for female and for shoulders a circle with the emblem of Legion Of Super-Heroes and Villains and for hands I already have no idea and for face style I prefer an oxygen mask for mouth and nose like the Young Justice version which Captain Marvel and Captain Atom were eating while the aliens attack them in a dream with a no idea about the head piece or some new Goggles specially for galaxy and a bible helmet like Mister Freeze specially for galaxy, I wish I can find a picture for the chest and legs style. That is really a nice idea and actually a lot of characters have that kind of chest and legs style in that time.
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  6. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Those are actually symbols used to represent the various members of the Legion and Substitute Legion in Interlac, the main language used in the Legion era.


    Even so, it wouldn't be a huge stretch to use them as emblems.
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  7. Koriand'r Well-Known Player

    Wow nice alphabet, I can see the Bainiac 5 as well. :)
  8. PolishEagle Dedicated Player

    My beta testing toon in 2010 was Legionnaire. My fire tank was basically a rip off of Inferno from the post zero hour. I probably would prefer the Fatal Five, but LSV would be cool. Nemesis Kid would be a pain to design mechanically but Lightning Lord would be a cinch. I just want to fight Valdius. A Modru appearance would otherwise be great as he has fought throughout the dc universe and would make a great magic based villain as opposed to the multi appearances Eclipso, Trigonometry, Avatar of Sin.
  9. Koriand'r Well-Known Player

    Actually I like to see White Witch and her ex husband Mordru and Saturn Queen or Glorith or Dream Girl and Shadow Lass styles or maybe their legend character, I really want some more interesting legend characters better than Supergirl and 4 Batmans and 6 Lanterns.
    Who knows, maybe some more members of Teen Titans or Wotan or Tala or Klarion Bleak or Phantom Stranger and Phantom Girl or Black Canary or Killer Frost or Red Tornado, actually I see no reason or rule which says we cant have the designed legend characters as our characters in events, u mean someone Raven or Killer Frost or Red Tornado or Tala or Klarion or Black Canary, all of them have a style and loadout, so why can't we control them? I hope we be able to have them till the Legion Of Super-Heroes and Villain episode coming.
  10. Megan Morzz Level 30

    Good, so We all know Fury of Amazon at least has very great styles, and I like its raids but Gotham and anything about Bats make me scream, Batman, Batwoman, The-Man Bat, Batgirl, Ah I'm not interested with a Batboy, but I fact a new Planet will be so cool, the best Episodes for me were Hall Of Powers part 1 and 2 because they had New Genesis I'd like to see a new planet though even each member of LoSH and LoSV is from a different Planet. Or I dont know, maybe we enter to a different planer for each new Duo and Raid of The Legion Episode.
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  11. Koriand'r Well-Known Player

    The "Bat" and "Gotham" worlds are getting horrible, I hate whatever about Batman and his enemies stories and his new movies so much, there exist a billion exciting Leagues and Characters such as Legion Of Super-Heroes, but I know why is everyone loving a selfie and ugly person like Batman who doesn't have any special powers :eek:
    The Legion Of Super-Heroes and Villains Episode can make some different sense.
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