New Episode: Birds of Prey

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Apr 16, 2020.

  1. Irvynnge Loyal Player

    oh, man, don't! I spent nearly all my time running away from my own team! lol. it was a nightmare! it's not that hard! blue guys stand the frak over there! red guys stand the frak over there! aaaaaargh!!!!!
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  2. zZzTorrOzZz Committed Player

    The unfortunate in today's DCUO.
    If they have to do something outside of stand and shoot in one place they freak out.
    Just have to form knowledgeable/Agreeable teams in LFG best advice.
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  3. DJ BOSS New Player

    After the release of this dlc , the game lag of time , can u fix the problem
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  4. BabyAres2 New Player

    They don't fix problems they just want money
  5. krytine Loyal Player

    Maybe this is just to much to ask for but I am especially since content takes so long to come in. Why not give us massive new stuff back in the day you did 3 solos 3 duos 3 alerts 3 raids. Each were different. One of each was easy and the last was always a pain make that raid an elite raid with an elite solo duo and alert. The open content would become the easiest of the three and each event would be different. No just the adds hit harder or one boss added the whole run would be different and it would allow everyone to test their abilities at different levels . So mepps you and spytle made that basically the case in the original content so why dont you and bird of prey do the same
  6. hero turner Well-Known Player

    please let us get lobos chain and hooks as a weapon please please please
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  7. dcuotoo Well-Known Player

    I always thought if you dawdled in the vault too long the joker should be able to attack you with every supercharge he has until you leave..."that means NOW!"...that would be cool...anyways...
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  8. Akson02 New Player

    Guys i came back to the game after 5 years but i forgot whats the point of the game, what should i do next to main missions, i also don't know nothing about events and other stuffs like that so i just wanted to ask if someone can add me on myb instagram @aleksa_igic so we can talk about that and maybe play sometimes becuase i really don't know nothing about the game i have a lot of questions.
  9. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    I have a LOT of videos with a Lot of answers. ;)
    Here is a small sample. ;)

  10. Boston Phantom Well-Known Player

    It's been a week now, and they still haven't fixed the lag. Doubt the NA servers will ever get fixed. Meanwhile, the EU survers are just fine
  11. 453 New Player

    Please help me!

    Why I can't buy it??

  12. Earth742 Well-Known Player

    Farwell, Birds of Prey (Event Version)! It was fun while it lasted!
    The Auras & Chromas must wait for another day, but I am happy 5 chars got to complete Collections, and my main in the event has completed 3/4 Briefings & Investigations!
    Sadly, in the last hr & 1/2, I flubbed my own plans so now a few alts have longer to wait for their Scoops...

    All in All, it was a fun ride! My enjoyment of BoP content rivals that which I had when playing JLD, and I am hard pressed to pick a favorite!