New DLC review after week one

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Black Prime OG, Apr 22, 2020.

  1. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    I WAS excited for this new DLC to drop. Came back before xmas. Hit the grind and took advantage of the double xp for artifacts. Felt like I was ready to go. DLC drops and nothing but lag. Don't care for the outside missions. Thought, tomorrow they will be different, not a big deal. Well, they are not. Same missions every day, and they are totally lame. This DLC imo is a bust. Are we really expected to have this and this alone until July or August? Clocktower might be enjoyable, but it's so laggy, most don't want to run it. Other raid is so buggy, on top of the lag.

    The fight with the lava on the ground. Please fix the ground so that it matches the animations. Currently, the ground can be clear, but still debuff you like your in fire. Dumb and something that shouldn't have been missed.

    Damage from the turrets is fake. Turn it off. Not the turrets, just the damage. If their purpose is to break Jimmy out, and that's the only purpose. Just have it do that. People think they are actually doing damage and they're not. Why does Lex and Jimmy have a charge attack with no tell? Why do the rockets also not really have a tell? Why do I sometimes get a blue reticle on my head, but someone else gets shot. Randomness does not equal elites mechanics do.
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  2. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    Finally a thread that's critiquing the content fairly, and not just saying they're disappointed b/c it's "not the story I wanted".

    It shouldn't be, but this thread is refreshing for that factor alone; so kudos to you.

    And Kudos for all the points you've made, I've seen countless folks on the discord channel talk about how awful the lag's been.
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  3. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    Hmm. I think I've seen several threads talking about this already. I think the most fair thing is the fact that it was done a week later. And he critiques the open world a little more. But I've been seeing plenty of complaints about this DLC from a performance, quality, and storytelling perspective.

    Nonetheless, I agree with OP.
  4. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    To be completely honest, I am pretty disappointed but not entirely stunned.

    Looking at the game from a whole perspective, I felt like the game would have issues when it comes to releasing quality product ever since PvP was abandoned. But some recent DLCs have been really enjoyable to me, such as the Titans one and the Atlantis one.

    Metal was mediocre to me but I wasn't disappointed.

    This current DLC though is pretty poor though. It's highest quality is the art to me, but that isn't enough to keep me playing the game. The content feels like a first draft. Like nothing was proofread and the errors were published as well. I've seen the excuses about COVID-19 ruining things too, which I can also sympathize with, but the quarantine really started a month ago. Is all the correcting really left to the final month? And rather than releasing a disastrous DLC that has great potential to leave a poor taste in the mouth of the people (already saw people say they were returning to another MMO), why not delay it? Even if it's delaying it by a couple of weeks?

    And in terms of performance... it's trifling. I sympathize with the fact that I'm sure the population of the game has jumped quite a bit given our current global situation and the new DLC but it's still frustrating for players.
  5. impulse1 Well-Known Player

    I am really enjoying the new DLC.

    The more light-hearted tone is a pleasant change and it is nice to see Metropolis being rebuilt after the Brainiac invasion. I like the fact that the dailies are "adaptable" and can be completed in a number of different ways. And I love having Titanic Trenton get his day in the sun as a major bounty.

    All the instances are very enjoyable, and fortunately I have not suffered any of the lag problems some other players have.

    In particular I have really enjoyed seeing Lobo and Amazo added to the DCUO universe and enjoyed the greater roles played by Lois and Jimmy in the storyline.

    All in all a terrific DLC addition to the game.

    Well done Devs.
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  6. BUDOKAI101 Committed Player

    I enjoy every ep but it gets old after 2 weeks. If they can't fit any new content for PvP they should stop adding elite raids. I'm sure they can tell pve is dead now just like PvP. Pve eps even end game open world is a ghost town after the first day of weekly reset. Daily reset que times drop hard after 6 to 8 hours after restart. Is it worth having a membership hell no. are we losing player base for end game hell yes at an increasingly alarming rate. because pve is not interesting anymore with 1 alert 2 raids each ep for 3 months is that worth a membership nope not at the cost of one.
  7. Zamara Dedicated Player

    I was thinking about it earlier too, why do we get the same dailies every day? all three of them could've easily been made into different missions so they don't feel that repetitive
    harley's mission with the animals could've been split on securing gorillas, saving cats and securing the lions
    ivy's mission: the cure drops, the seeds and the ventilators on the roofs (i'm not sure if the count for the mission rn though but they'd fit)
    the huntress/catwoman missions: the vans, the riotters and the integang guys with the weapon boxes (can't remember if they're actually intergang or not)
  8. Rainnifer Committed Player

    I actually don't mind that they're all in one thing, it lets you do whatever you want to for that day for the mission or just figure out the most efficient way of doing it all. I didn't really like it changing each day because some days had missions that were clearly more tedious and just annoying to deal with (looking at you pRotEcT the cop in metal 1)
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  9. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    Hard to enjoy with all this lag. The alert is fine until you get to Amazoballs/Amazo fight. That fight gets very laggy. When he disappears then goes to the circle, a very large lag spike. When the turrets comes out, another huge lag spike. Last fight isn't bad as long as the players focus on the turrets and take them down to release Superman. I've been in some groups who try to cut the corner, when it becomes a wipe they blame the healer because healer runs out of power trying to keep everyone alive.

    Fire and Brimestone is good quick raid, not very time consuming as long as the team uses the turrets. LOL people actually thought turrets did damage? It some sense it does, only by taking down the shield or getting control of Jimmy.

    Clock Tower probably wouldn't be so bad if it didn't superlag, have the time the fights are in a pause, and it hurts the enjoyment of raid. Just feel like, let me get through this for I can move on.

    Solo not to bad once you know, you skip the scenes and either fly up to avoid the beam attack from the first boss. Just wish we can block Lobo chain spin attack instead of just taking damage or have to roll away to a safe spot and make sure you avoid the attack from his flying machine.

    Normally I hate open world stuff, but I don't mind it, the area is big enough where I can avoid other players, so I can get the mission done my way.