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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Electrizzaro, Oct 12, 2016.

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  1. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    Ok let me start by saying that I was one of the players that figured we would not get the new DLC until February. I was wrong and I am fine with that. Since the announcment of no dlc until December at the earliest I had dropped off my time playing to....maybe 5-10 min a week. I just did not see the point of loggin in anymore with nothing to do (from my point of view).

    Then we got the announcement about the new DLC and that it is dropping sometime in November. Which is great....sort of. I am very glad that we are getting new content however I had started looking forward to other thing on DCUO. Like the stats revamp and with it the hopeful balance of all the powers meaning that my Main would FINALLY be usable again for something other than healing. (that is right Electric player right here in case you could not tell from the name.) So now I am conflicted. New dlc but same old crap that I have to do with my main to play it. The nice part of having the dlc drop after stats matter is that I would have new content to ENJOY with my main toon. That is not going to happen now and it has dampened my spirits a bit. I personally would have rather had stats matter done first then the new dlc. Mepps said in the livestream that it was done and they were under pressure for that but now it is just one more thing for them to fix when they do adjust stats. Would it of been that bad for them to start on the next dlc to get a head a bit and have more time to polish it rather than push it out earlier then they said it would be ready? Or they could have had all hands on deck to get the stats matter stuff done faster, or taken care of some of the quality of life issues that this game know all those pesky things that drive us all nuts. They could have even taken the extra time to work on the new ui that got put off. I mean there are a ton of things that they could have done instead of releasing it early...becasue now everyone will be expecting the next dlc in 3 to 4 months regardless of when it was supposed to drop. Work smarter not harder Devs....I think Scrooge McDuck said that in Duck Tails ;)

    All that said, I am looking forward to having a reason to get back on the game to play just not on my Electric toon. Maybe the Devs needed to release the new DLC early because they were losing too many players idk. I just worry that the dlc was rushed...will suck...have a huge amount of bugs...and drive off returning players because now they have moved on to other things and the new dlc just was not good enough to get them hooked again.

    A few other things that are bothering me. The special currency with the new DLC. Did we not already do that once?Was it not hated by many people? I am pretty sure that we went through a time where each large dlc had it own currency so you had to play that content to buy that gear. It did not go over well and people raged about it on the forums. The Devs went away from it to only MOV because of the Players Feedback......but now they are going back to it because of Players Feedback?!? Did they change something that I am not aware of? Are we not going to run into the same problems we had before with being capped on marks but not having enough Ancient coins or what ever the next "special currency" is. Then having to spend marks of something we do not actually want or run the content knowing we will only get the special currency and no marks. Not to mention that the tab with all of our currency will start to look like a giant mess again within 2 or 3 dlc's, because each will have its OWN special currency. So now we are going back to something that we ALREADY KNOW does not work to try it again....just to make sure it does not work?

    Then there is the renown part for the elite gear. I do not know how I feel about that. It may be a good thing it may suck. I do like not having to worry about waiting on the RNG to give me the last piece of gear to complete the cool style. (Godfall Set is GREAT btw, good job Devs) I mean I normally was the player with the crap luck that ran with 75% of the vender gear anyway so this works for me....just not sure about the renown aspect. Also will we not have to keep having new people to have renown with for each additional again what ever tab that is on it will turn into a giant mess. Next is the gear drop changes....will the entire game be effected by these or just this latest DLC. It seems like it should be the entire game but that would also be a lot more work. However if this is how it is going to work from now on it makes sense for the entire game to have the same set up so players that are new do not get confused with the change when they get to it. Just my thoughts on it.
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  2. DaBeama Well-Known Player

    I just posted something about having to heal as an electricity player in the new content. They really need do some kind of adjustment to the dps side. It's not like electricity is a free power.
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  3. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    Nothing will happen. No adjustment will be made before Stats revamp. It would be nice but it wont happen.
  4. Lord Jareth Steadfast Player

    Yep won't happen cause it would be a waste of time considering that is next going on test once this episode hits test.
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  5. Harlequin Devoted Player

    The reason things have changed as they have is very simple: money. The stats revamp will not produce revenue and the new episode will. I'm guessing this drought has hit their bottom line a bit harder than they can tolerate.
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  6. Ant Tao Well-Known Player

    I have 4 characters: my main (electric) and 3 other low level toons I use to make money from seasonals. So I pretty much have 1 toon. I was pissed when I saw that the new content would drop before the stats revamp. I don't understand how they keep making new releases while a fraction of the community is being excluded. Almost 2 years of waiting without any attempt at a hotfix also.

    The electric nightmare will continue: [LFG] pst cr, sp, and POWER (instantly excluded)

    It's looking like I'm going to keep playing Overwatch for a while lol.
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  7. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    The reason people hated symbols was because we had no way of spending them without also spending marks of fury which we needed for other episodes in the tier.
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  8. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    It seems like it will be the same here no change. I am afraid that in a year or so there will be yet another huge mark revamp and it will be reverted to MOV or they will try something else. I am starting to hate all the too and froo this game does....I think it is starting to give me motion sickness lol.
  9. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    The AF3 armour only costs the new currency, you don't pay any marks of victory. Which makes it completely different.
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  10. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    I missed that part. So no MOV for the new sets only the special this is more of a revert back to a time when each teir had a different mark....but now a different currency for each still the same problem.
  11. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    I'm still not sure what the problem was with that system. Admittedly I wasn't there for it but it makes more sense to me than the current system, where I have to do T7-8 to be able to buy T5 styles.
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  12. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    The statsmatter revamp will bring players back. Since no one knows how anything will work, you will.see plenty of respec tokens being used. Plus a lot of older players have wanted this for years. Some of the older vets will return and possibly sub. There is revenue in everything they do now.
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  13. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    Mostly the issue was people complaining about running content and not having anything to spend the special marks on. Once you have all the gear from this dlc and you keep running it or move on to the next you will start getting the special marks or Ancient Coins and have nothing to spend them on or anything to do with them. Plus they will start to clutter up the UI after a few more DLC's are released and they all have their own special currency.
  14. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Yes, things were changed because of whining. Happens a lot on this game. They cater enough to the millennials that play this game. It was made to easy. Hell, you really don't even need marks in pve. You can get up to 172 or 173 with drops from instances. Not sure why you think this is such a big issue.
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  15. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    Mostly I am tired of all the flip flopping when it comes to things. I can get behind any of it if they would just stick to their guns. Most of the issues we have in the game is from flip flopping on decisions and not following through with things. If they could not repeat past mistakes yet again it would save them time, energy, money, and headaches.

    I mean they did not even stick to the schedule they set on when the next dlc would be released. They said December and now it is November. Earlier is better for sure in this case but if they had come out with a possible November release date to start with they may not have lost as many players that were expecting a much long gap in content.
  16. SasquaT Dedicated Player

    I think u are mega wrong becouse if devs will do revamp correct ( all poweres balanced ) we might have tons of people returning to DCUO and less ppl quiting from DCUO which is money .
    I think devs have a problem how to balance powers thats why it takes time . DCUO will not survive next BS revamp but after what i saw im optimistic .
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  17. Backseid Devoted Player

    So you're complaining that they are able to release content earlier than they projected?

    Anyone that's left the gsne, or just taken a break, is also keeping an eye on it.

    The Devs were well aware people would drop off during the down time.
  18. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    Not complaining about them releasing content early I was using it as an example. I thought that was pretty clear.
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  19. Harlequin Devoted Player

    The DLC is a product that will produce revenue. The stat revamp is not. It has the potential to produce a ROI but any forecast is based on a pile of assumptions. They need money now that they can count on, not hope for.
  20. Harlequin Devoted Player

    Might. Maybe. Offering a product like Ep 27 will produce revenue.
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