New DLC. 3 dailies are back but not 3 loot crates.

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  1. EK1975 Well-Known Player

    I like how they reinstated the 3 dailies in each area. What I don't like is them not reinstating a loot crate for each individual daily. And now we get the "That would make it too easy, we want a challenge.", or "This game should ONLY be for elite players." (yes, I have ACTUALLY heard that) from our elite, or certain players. So to the developers, for those of us with multiple toons, would it really be so terrible to have those extra loot crates per day to get our cr up on both roles? Especially when you announced more content coming in September.
  2. light FX Steadfast Player

    They, the devs, already explained this, about the loot boxes. Mepps posted and explained. And atm u get 3 per day, 1 from each area and 1 from the paradox bounty. Plus the 4 drops from the 2 alerts. 7 gear drops a day. Plus TC gear that u can just buy off the broker ;)

    Im playing 7 toons atm. Only 1 doesnt do both roles. So 6 toons. And their cr is as follows...

    quantum 198 dps/195 troll
    munitions 198 dps/196 troll
    ice 197 dps/197 tank
    atomic 198 dps/196 tank
    nature 197 dps/195 heal
    mental 197 dps/195 troll

    Max is 203. But all content can be beaten easily at 193-195. Except for elite obviously.

    Last toon is a 197 HL dps who only does dps. I dont replay content either. If i can do this with 6 toons its hard for me to believe anyone else would be struggling with off role. Also for the next 3 months u can earn about 1600 marks. The entire vendor set costs around 1100. Plus the feat that cuts the prices in half once u get the initial set. Imo there really isnt a problem here.
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  3. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    Thought the mod grind matched the vendor grind? Higher mark drops and same loot drops seem like an inbalance
  4. MastaMind Dedicated Player

    I was going to say that it seems like I do get 3 of the loot caches every day. I do see that a free player can only access the one area and thus only get maybe one loot cache, but that is just how it goes I suppose. I was always happy with any gear I could get that was advancing my CR.
  5. light FX Steadfast Player

    Right. Getting 7 a day when u have 14 pieces of gear means it shouldnt take long to hit 194-195 and everything maxes. Plus TC gear. Id much rather have 3 drops instead of 2 in the alerts but i think the way it is now is alright.