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  1. Pepevhon New Player

    I was wondering what can a new player do on dcuo other than get artifacts the sp grind is kinda not a thing anymore because most of the elitist only run coue sffe fgse and dmr(for robins) so lower sp players cant even grind their sp for real except buy the tc feats and the style feats and do the solo duo or alert feats but be kinda cripple because they cant get any of the old grindy feats or the older raids or alert feats and i was wondering why was cr skip sp so low like ik the ppl who has been playing for a long time would complain about it but for a new dc player to actually attempted to really play dc the sp grind is nonexistent i was wondering why not make it 150 or 200 sp so new dc noobs can actually enjoy the game rather be cripple im mainly a ice tank and i know how to kite the ads and ik now the sheild rotation i have the 200 arts its just that i have to rely on the heals alot because my stats are so low i ususally be alive till the 3rd set of trigon ads come out and its really a game killer where i have to attempt to make a group for a feat knowing noone wants to run and end up shouting in lfg for hours just to get hit up by a couple of ppl or get depressed and hopped off and its not just me ik multiple new ppl or retutning players trying to play dc but the sp grind isnt new character friendly because elite players have no incentive to go into old content because they dont get rare loot or 1 to little marks im just saying can yall do something about this like increase the sp skip just a little bit because 70-90 sp is nowhere enough to acually play the game when u have ppl out here with 600+ sp
  2. Pepevhon New Player

    ik the ppl that grinded to 608 sp will be mad because yall are giving away free sp but its like why not attmept to actually give new players something because 90 sp to start a toon is legit not it i cant really use my toon to its max potential
  3. DCUO SmackThem Well-Known Player

    You ever tried joining a league that does feat runs?

    There’s also more to DC than just feats. Yeah having a ton of SP helps a ton but I believe your artifacts and augments are more important nowadays. You gotta run artifacts that suit your playstyle, loadout and your augments gotta all be whatever your role is. I see too many new players running Might, Resto, Dom and Vit augments at the same time and that definitely can mess you up. If you’re a might DPS (Basically you rely on solely Superpower DMG.) you run might augments in all 4 slots. Same with Precision. You run 4 precision augments if you do solely weapon dmg. Arts. If you need help with that. Ask around. I see you got 200 arts, but are they actually beneficial to your playstyle and loadout or did you just randomly picked 3 and upgraded them to 200? None of my arts are over 134 and my SP is in the low 300s atm yet I can keep up with leaguemates that have 400-500 SP and higher arts in damage.

    I’m not gonna say that SP doesn’t matter as I think it’s your playstyle, power, and loadout that matter more than anything else but when you prioritize your stats over everything else. You start to get overconfident in your abilities but when you get hit with the reality that stats aren’t gonna carry you. You get frustrated. I’ve seen it happen so much with the guys that CR skipped.

    I do believe that players should definitely help out the newer players at least with the basics to get them on track though.
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  4. DCUO SmackThem Well-Known Player

    With the feats issue. There are a lot of leagues out there that do feat runs so just shout in LFG that you’re looking to join a league that does feat runs. Also look to get feats done in your free time. There are a lot of feats you can do by yourself. You don’t always gotta chase the raid feats.
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  5. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Other than Artifacts you also have your origin Augments to work on, these are ranked up with exobytes obtained from salvaging unwanted gear. These do not require seals or catalysts. You also do not want to mix and match colors, only rank up the Augments your character will need:
    Might: Damage role (superpower damage)
    Precision: Damage role (weapon damage)
    Restoration: Healer role, optional for Fire tanks
    Vitalization: Controller role
    Dominance: Tank role, optional for "Group Buff" Controllers

    Skill Point grind is still a thing for most people. Realistically you want to aim for 163-348. 600+ is not required at all, at that point you're just throwing SP into a stat that may or may not be useful. The CR skip is not recommended for brand new players and I feel it should come with a disclaimer.
  6. Larizsa Well-Known Player

    if you want something and work hard enough, you get it. I've been playing DCUO since June 11th, 2020 and have 547sp and 200arts WITHOUT CR SKIP NO FREE 90sp this game is too easy there is only a handful of heavy feats like No death FGSE or Speedfeat or Omega Lvl Pardon.

    I wouldn't mind if dcuo gave 100 or 150sp to new players, but you learn nothing from it, it's free WOW work on your feats and don't get the free easy way, that's why I can't understand speedhacker either, it takes away all the fun, play that Game the way you want, Everday i See PPL shouting in LFG for Feat runs so you will always find ppl to play to get Feats done, Find a League play with your League Finish DLC to next DLC.

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  7. Illumin411 Dedicated Player

    There’s a handful of players in my league who had taken extended breaks at one point or another and have been grinding feats from the years of DLC’s they missed like crazy over the past few weeks. Also, against my advice to run with the league, they’ve typically been filling empty spots in the group via LFG. And they’re not the only ones doing that right now. With another 6-8 weeks before the next DLC and most players being done unless working on alts, I’d bet that we’re gonna start seeing a lot more feat run groups in LFG. SM will dominate LFG once it launches but not everybody likes SM so there should still be a decent amout of opportunities for feat runs. This was most definitely the case in the last couple months of JLD which was the last DLC that lasted this long and also when the last SM was. I myself jumped from the high 200’s to the low 400’s during that time.

    A lot of players understandably grumble about long DLC’s but for players needing a lot of feats they can be golden opportunities that don't happen very often. I highly advise to take advantage.
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  8. Staggiie New Player

    I completely disagree with there even being a CR skip to begin with. Them giving you free SP at all is a privilege. If you actually play the game to 290 CR the correct way, you will have accumulated plenty of SP. Its on the players that decide to CR skip to go back to previous content THAT THEY SKIPPED and get those feats.

    Join a league that does feat runs. Hell, my league schedules 2 feat request days a week for whoever is requesting. I've only been playing since July 2020. Fresh, no CR skips. I joined my League in September 2020 around 150 CR, 130 SP. Today, I'm 330 CR, 433 SP doing endgame elites. They help new recruits alot if they're willing. You really do need a League because alot of the tedious feats require teamwork and communication.

    That being said, try looking through your feat list and note the 50 pointers you can do solo. Some raid/alert feats don't even require other people; like finding the terminals in Batcave Breach, or reviving the downed amazons in Gates of Tartarus. It takes work and you're lucky to get any freebie SP at all. Skipping content is skipping feats.

    Not only that, but you miss out on alot of experience and growth that you gain from playing the game from the start and on up. Throwing CR skips into near endgame with barely any SP and low Arts is ridiculous imo.
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  9. ADarklore New Player

    Returning to DCUO after having taken five years off... played from 2013-2016 on PS4... but coming back I'm switching to PC, giving up everything I amassed on PS4, and starting fresh. I loaded up DCUO on PS4 and I just cannot accept the horrible graphics on a big 4K TV... loaded up on PC... and graphics were SO much better. This means having to redo all the feats I have done before, buy all the things for lairs, collections, etc... but for a faster, better performing and SO MUCH better looking game... I'll do it. ;) I also don't believe in using the 'CR skip' option... I want to PLAY the game, work my way back up, not jump to a level I'm not prepared for... and then work backwards.
  10. Qwantum Abyss Dedicated Player

    I have not done as well as you BUT i too started back on a fresh toon after about a 6.5 year break this past summer (thnx to covid hysteria). Been a daily player since i made a fresh acct and and am up to i think 460 sp. got a few alert feats at random to go get an mostly left with raid feats. Its for sure doable if u find a good helpful league and/or find like minded ppl to run with.
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