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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Nov 14, 2019.

  1. Siramez Active Player

    then why are you still on DCUO forums? this makes no sense as you are very addicted to the game. come back with a valid reason or you're just begging more attention.
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  2. Siramez Active Player

    if you hate this game, you should not be on forums but yet here you are, which means you just cant get away from DCUO.
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  3. Siramez Active Player

    you cant force them to not play the game, its not your choice, let them play what they want, god you sound like those people who forced people to do something else. You are the worst human being i ever talked on the forums.
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  4. Siramez Active Player

    thats clearly the same thing, and you are contradicting yourself right now. just stop.
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  5. Siramez Active Player

    ill let Mepps take care of this and ban you from the forums for eternity (dont forget, IP ban exists *wink wink*)
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  6. agent whitecell Steadfast Player

    Bye felica
  7. BLK Well-Known Player

    How so if you dont mind explaining it to me.
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  8. Iconic Simulation Loyal Player

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