New CR170 Character Advance!

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  1. Xpung3d New Player

    I see this all the time on the forums. Please explain how you “win” at this game. The goal posts get moved every time they release a new episode. You pay to not have to work your way through 30 episodes. Instead you have to grind through 4 by the time Delige comes out. How is that different than someone starting a toon at the time FOS was end game? Do they have work to do for SP? Absolutely. Do they get a free pass to end game? Nope. Does anyone ever win in this game or beat this game? Absolutely not.
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  2. velvetsanity Loyal Player

    Wanna bet? I (and everyone else can) win in this game by having fun when I play. HA! :D
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  3. Wallachia Loyal Player

    B-but next thursday is my birthday!!!!

    (Seriously, it really is)
  4. golddragon71 Dedicated Player

    I advanced two of my guys this week (I was only going to do the Speedster this week and the Celestial next week but after snagging the last piece of rapture armor I decided what the heck! and went ahead with boosting the Celestial.)
    In hindsight I made a slight mistake.

    When i boosted the Speedster, I went right into the Flash Museum Duo.
    What i didn't realize is that the CR boost doesn't make you tougher, it just lets you into instances you couldn't access previously (I was a lvl 30 with 100Cr and 90 Cr Equipment.) as a result, the NPCs were kicking my @$$ all over the place and it took me two partners to get through the instance (The First was like "90? Seriously?!?"....sorry pal!)

    After I had lost both partners, (but managed to get all four briefing pieces needed for jay's hat!) I went to the robots in the hanger and got the first piece of Shock Jock gear. When i noticed that the Shirt boosted my guy another 5pts equipped, I realized my error. I surmised that I'd have to work my way up gear wise to improve my guy's effectiveness.

    Unfortunately, I had to cut things short as I had work that afternoon. When I got home, I started the game back up and that's when I noticed the Shim-Tar gear that was included in the CR boost package. I switched over to the the boosted shim-tar gear and managed to make myself far more useful my next time through. (Actually I fought my thumbs off trying to take out the LoA Ninjas during my first run-through....I 'm not the kind to stand by and let my fellow players do all the work!)

    I felt compelled to share this story because while style wise, I didn't care for or about Shim-Tar, the fact is, It was a good thing i didn't just delete for free space or I'd still be stuck running the same-old, same-old, because i wouldn't have been strong enough to handle the newly opened content and instances if i hadn't
  5. UnbreakableII Well-Known Player

    Just one thing: I have 11 chars, all with CR 222+ and half of them with 300 sp (the other half is close to that).
    My main char has 228 cr and climbing from ZERO to cr 220 takes no more than a few days, I do not see need for anyone to pay for it.
  6. GJGBlackDragon Dedicated Player

    I just saw this and I can take a week of DCUO vacations and try to forget that I have seen this.
  7. Dysania New Player

    Thank you for the offer. I have plenty of alts I'd like to boost, but seeing how the skill points barely meet half the CR, I am hard pressed to consider this, especially for its price (75% of a Triple-A title). ;'c

    A.) I think this should come with more SP for the consumers to be more effective or valuable in teams.
    At the very least, people should get 100, but 150 at CR170 would be friggin' awesome! Seriously, a few morsels more SP compared to the CR100 jump feels like a raw deal. Stats matter over CR, right? :'c

    (It may not be a raw deal, but it feels like one.)

    B.) It should only be available to people who have level 30 toons, so experienced players would get grouped up with people who know their roles or at the very least the minimum experience. (Some would say it should be CR170, but I think the purpose of the boost is to get more players closer to the end game for improved queue times. The "CR170 requirement" stance is valid.)

    I think people poke fun at "CR220 toons with only ~60 SP" in this community. That should be a hint to the devs that players want more SP for CR170 than just ~77. Thank you for reading this! =D

    (Perhaps people who already have AFIII or CR 170 toons should get more SP with the deal.)
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  8. Thunder/3030 New Player

    Fact i like this game, Fact CR170 77sp rebuying AF3 ever boosted Character, Getting AF3 dlc more than once makes no sense so why allow players to buy something they already have like AF3 Dlc. P.S. To game Creators and devs Plz allow game to survive need SP Events to teach new players how important SP is, tyvm For listening or reading.
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  9. velvetsanity Loyal Player

    The point of including AF3 with the CR170 boost is for players who get the boost but don’t already have AF3
  10. MastersGL New Player

    It's plenty possible to increase CR at a decent rate. Without spending TONS of replay badges, or TONS of money on capsules...its not possible, time wise, to get to CR220, from ZERO, in just a few days. Even if it was...the mindset that it's that easy, is dangerously stupid. The average player doesn't grind. They play...maybe 5-10 hours a week.

    Also? If, somehow, you DID, manage to get from 0-220, in a few'd have maybe 60 skill points, and be getting kicked from alerts and raids, right and left.
  11. MastersGL New Player

    The 77 skill points is going to create an even larger amount of frustration.

    Most players don't grind. Most players will NEVER grind. Most players are ALWAYS going to be casual players. Most players that grind, are pretty rude and mean to the players that don't grind. If being able to play through content includes HAVING to grind...most players will find a game that they can actually play casually.

    Do we want players that will grind? Obviously. So reward them with bonuses....styles, unique items, maybe even SP related content...

    All CR170/SP77 is going to do, is turn away people who keep getting kicked, or can't finish content, because the stat revamp made everything way too overpowered. (To this day, after well over 200 attempts...I have only been in ONE queued group that managed to complete GoM)...
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  12. Ikyotojin Dedicated Player

    Got tutorial? I'm an old grinder.
  13. UnbreakableII Well-Known Player

    I do not see anything stupid in the mindset that the game is easy to climb CR in fact it is. Complicated yes is to increase skill points and that is why I wear my repeat badges, as soon as I go up to T4, which takes minutes after level 30 (for this there are high level broker items) I buy immediately a 100sp, there I can get close to 200 sp and it's possible to play even bigger cr's. I'm not saying that winning sp is fast, nor do I want to discourage anyone, but for those who have at least 1 char with high level and quite sp, increase cr is yes, extremely easy. Already the skill you will need to invest in getting or spending replays to repurchase.
    And yes, it is possible to arrive at 220 in 4 or 5 days. But I say again, the game is about skill achievement, not level. Beginners without the knowledge of the right items, the correct way to open the items, without using a cr calculator will not achieve this, and even in 1 month of play they will not have enough sp.

    Time Capsules are another completely unnecessary thing to buy, I have all of them except Wings of Sin and Sandstorm Aura (did not want to buy it, of course) and never bought any of the keys I get by legendary going every day at the event. As I said, I do not see why a player who already has a strong-level char would want to spend it, but each one plays as he likes.
  14. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    i think the best way to take advantage of the cr skip is to act like you didnt use it at all.

    the high cr gear will make running old content smoother and faster.
  15. velvetsanity Loyal Player

    I’ve played it *once*. It was a random queue, and we beat it with no problems :p
  16. myandria Item Storage


    45 dollars to advance a character to level 170 with about 77sp, *appropriate* feats, an over saturated broker gear set (Shim Tar) and access to AF3? That's it? I think I will pass. It is too expensive and I don't see the value of the items offered within it to be worth that much money. And, what is it with this statement, "In short, your newly advanced character will be ready to go with everything they might possibly need to start saving the world." What do you mean *might POSSIBLY need?* 45 dollars should get me EVERTHING I need to save the world from that new starting point of 170cr.

    Why wasn't an escrow unlock/in-game cash offered to non members/members? How can non-members take advantage of the extra in game cash they can make from AF3 if they are behind an escrow lock?

    I do have questions:

    If you buy this *upgrade* is the access to AF3 permanent (meaning it is owned) or is that access only for a certain amount of time?

    If you own AF3 when you purchase this pack, will you still be able to purchase the character upgrade? Please consider allowing players who already own or have access to AF3 to be have the choice of either being credited 1000 worth of Daybreak Cash to their marketplace account or choosing a marketplace item worth 10 dollars.
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  17. DaveFelterbush Active Player

    "deep combat mechanics"
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  18. BatgirlS2 Level 30

    I own both the episode and membership and the price is still 4500 DBC(not accounting membership discount).

    It feels like a dlc situation where you have them separate and bundled(season passes). If I own one, I won't get a discount on the bundle.
  19. ConnerSandsmark Well-Known Player

    I am not getting why the company is trying to sell 170cr especially at 4500 DBC or what ever the currency is called on the platform you play when the game basically switched from CR being important to SP being the thing in demand. Having 170 CR is not going to do diddly in a content geared for that if your SP is low, you wont be able to finish it and the ones that does have the SP for the content will kick the ones that do not off the team. I see this as a waist of money.
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  20. tiberiusblood New Player

    Do you need to price things for the rich or do you not realize the higher price less people buy. So less satisfied players. Better prices more buy more you make cause people will stay longer.
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