New Content 2 Tanks Needed!!!

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  1. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    per Game Update 31

    "Powers (Tank Role-Taunt)
    ·The following abilities are now a single target taunt and no longer taunts enemies in an area. The effect is more powerful and will not be broken by a standard Tank Role taunt. This will allow multiple tanks working together to strategically split targets.
    oEarth: Stone
    oFire: Fireball
    oIce: Frost Snipe"
    i really hope this means that there will be some new content that will require 2 tanks (no matter the amount of gear everyone has)
    What do u think?
    2 Tanks becoming more viable means more 2 tank content on the horizon?
    speculate away!
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  2. Sylo Committed Player

    There will never be any 2 tank content as long as SOE continues to make bosses that are damage sponges with enrage timers.
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  3. Yefged Active Player

    Some people don't even find one single Tank most of the time o_O
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  4. Breakforce Loyal Player

    Pretty much.

    They would need to create a unique mechanic that required a second tank to make it worth it.

    EX: Two mobs that will hit significantly (SIGNIFICANTLY!!) harder if they are both attacking the same target. This way, you have to have a second tank to keep them occupied on different people.

    This is just a quick idea that I came up with in 14 seconds
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  5. blazeing fire111 Devoted Player

    Just please no more enrage timers.
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  6. Solmes202 Loyal Player

    Enrage timers are , IMO , a lazy content device.
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  7. SirMuttonChops New Player

    I can't help but think, "Hey, t5 is supposed to be this, but we're too busy trying to do things as fast as possible and brag about how quickly we can get it done when we're overgeared that we leave out tanks of our own volition."

    Let's get an example here: The first room of Nexus.

    You have 4 bosses that can pretty much one-shot EVERYTHING in the room. So to compensate, we require our tanks to have HIGH Cr's and our healers to have crazy Resto and our Trollers to do nothing but power so that they can power the heal-happy healers to keep the single tank alive, who is such a pain in the --- to keep alive because if you stop healing for a few seconds, he's basically dead.

    You know what could help? Another tank separating the bosses so that each tank is taking less damage and each healer has to heal less and each troller has to spend less time just being a power battery.

    Does anyone ever put that 2-tank raid together anymore, though? No.

    And will you even if they made this mechanic? No.

    You know how I know? Because the final boss of Paradox actually has a mechanic where he TRAPS two players in a raid, and people still INSIST on running it with 1 tank and 1 healer to increase the DPS and decrease the amount of time spent in there. Because, let's face it, if you spend 30 minutes in there but someone spends 29, that 29 group is going to lord it over the 30 group calling them nubs for not being fast enough. If the healer or tank gets trapped, normally, that's a wipe, or a significant strain on the group. Even if the group is organized and coordinate, now they have to take extra steps just to get back into position to continue doing what they were doing before because they don't have a back-up. Period.

    How ELSE do I know? People still freely run no-tank alerts. At first, ya need it. But then ya don't, and you want to get it done as fast as possible, so you give up the mitigation capabilities for dps, and again, you force the healer to spam his heals and the troller to spam their power dump.

    Nexus enraged timers that required two tanks, the second to pull the adds off of the group, kept being run with 1 tank, and instead of using 2 tanks, we complained that it was too difficult and it had to be made easier. We actually complained that it was too hard, so they took the mechanic that forced a two-tank system OUT of the game...

    Every chance we can to drop a tank off the board, we do. And when we can drop a healer, they go as well... regardless of the mechanics. Don't EVER believe for a second that people will start running two tanks unless it's just to be rebellious and want to stand out and draw attention to themselves, like hipsters.
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  8. mgkaenzo Committed Player

    why would they add 2 tank content, if they do I'll no more play tank btw. There's no fun about do that, imo they just change power to let people play with two tanks if they want and the enrage is just to add a bit of diffulties because if there isn't enrage time a team could be completly carried by 1 troll 1 heal and 1 tank that are just average even not need to be beast. you easily do nexus with two dps and the with matter about enrage or even with only 1 dps is he's a very good dps.
  9. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    How so? Becuase they prevent the group from being able to be lazy and take their time on the boss, instead they have to rush and push out as much damage as they can?

    How do you make a tank have to step his game up? Add multiple mobs, agro drops, and have things hit like trucks.

    How do you make a healers step it up? Make things hit harder, faster, more people.

    Troller? Make them debuff and keep the healer stressed so they have to dump power to the healer.

    DPS? Umm... Enrage timers! I'm not sure how else you can set a bar for DPS.

    That said I do disagree taht it even needs to be done. I think everyone will push for as high DPS as they can naturally. Eventually I have enough healing, I have enough tanking, I have enough power, but at no point am I ever satisfied with the amount of damage being done, I'll always want things dead faster.

    The enrage timers do what they are supposed to do, makes you hurry.

    Now the nexus ones are a bit laughable because I believe the intention there was to have a second tank pick up the trash, but since you have always been able to beat the timer with 2 dps, having 3 solidified it and was easier than having a tank pick up adds.

    All that said to be on topic, I truly hope they never REQUIRE 2 tanks, I do hope they make it encourage 2 tanks, but nothing should require multiple of any role... and that's why I don't like enrage timers as well, it almost forces people to stack damage.
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  10. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    The reason people stack DPS in Para is because of enrage timers, or overlapping bosses, basically there are some timers you just have to dps enough to beat otherwise it is MUCH harder. Even having a second tank wouldn't make 2 sub bosses any easier, because the challenge is not as much their damage to the tank but the fact that you have to deal with multiple bosses specials. It's a completely different situation, it has nothing to do with tanks, but everything to do with DPS requirements. If there were no enrage timers or risk over overlap on sub bosses, heck yeah I'd be down for a second tank. There job could simply be pulling the tyrant away from the group and aim the lasers away and I'd love them for it. But right now you CAN"T do that due to the dps requirements.

    My league would have happily run 2 tanks in nexus, but the problem was it was pointless because there was no way to cleanly split up the tanking duties so there was no point.
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  11. razor Red New Player

    I really hope we do not have to use 2 tanks. The only reason why I tank is because I feel special being the only one in the raid capable of holding a boss and many adds.
  12. X-zero Loyal Player

    Tanks prepare for having pre raid talks of who is main tank and who is backup tank.
  13. Sylo Committed Player

    Point is mutton, after the first room in nexsus two tanks would do more harm than good. Unless the three dps happen to be geared very high and using whatever power the developers are trying to get people to buy at the time and are clipping maniacs, you will hit the enrage timers.

    To answer your question Jeebie, enrage timers are a lazy mechanic. They were put in place because SOE thinks they represent a "strategical" element on their part. Coupled with the other elements in those fights they simply add to the aggravation and ultimately end up just being a nuisance. Timers in general have been used in games for as long as I can remember, and you can tell when they are placed in a game with a purpose and when they are placed because the developers ran out of ideas. Nexsus is the latter. Its not as if we have to defeat the boss and disable a bomb or have to rescue an npc, etc.
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  14. TMadness Well-Known Player

    Don't heroes dual tank?
  15. Lightful New Player

    I think it's a neat idea and definitely promotes variety but why? I haven't seen this kind of demand anywhere.

    Still waiting on Sorcery/Nature revamp though... :(
  16. Azrael New Player

    well because the next power is a tank power and they want that power to sell. so they are trying to make the tank role more viable. Not sure if it can be done with the current content but maybe with the new DLC 9. we shall see
  17. Soulburn32 Loyal Player

    I'll tell you how their competition (lets call it never ending fantasy) is implementing the 2 tank system and some ideas they might barrow from:

    Boss's will split when at half hp into 2 lets say mini bosses with attack buffs that would be 2 much damage for one tank to handle.

    Bosses apply defensive debuff counters that build up on a tank to the point that no one could live through the extra damage and the bosses must be tank switched every min or so to give the tank time to clear the debuff counters.

    Using both boss and sub bosses in the same fight, where a solo tank could not handle both at the same time needing an off tank.
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  18. Notangie New Player

    The problem is: enrage timers don't always make dps step up their game, it makes people sacrifice a support spot in favor of another so-so dps. Putting stress on support roles being forced to solo a role that should have two.
  19. EP Ice Loyal Player

    As stated above, Nexus and PW were supposed to be two tank raids but the community downgraded to one tank and then down to no tank.
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  20. Belgicano New Player

    just make ads + boss untankable for 1 tank, then the team will need one tank for the boss and one the ads