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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Nick123, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. Nick123 New Player

    My idea is:
    instead of being with the limitations of the body that are current spark, striker and brute we could have a more complete customization of every part of the body of our hero (Style City of Heroes), modify their legs or arms or height and conbinarlos as we wish. This is only a suggestion.
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  2. MetalMario Loyal Player

    This would be good as long as the current presets are still present. I'm too lazy for that much customization. Also, can we have a morbidly obese body type?
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  3. Nick123 New Player

  4. Willydon305 New Player

    I agree, that customization should be the bread and butter of this game.... The DEVS can really go crazy with the customization and add a exciting element to the game. Customization in capes, costumes, postures and stances should be added as well.
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  5. Nick123 New Player

    yes, my idea is to customize it as we would like without limitation of size as it is today.
  6. daFunk New Player

    Don't we have posture/stance customization already?
  7. daFunk New Player

    I'm fine with how they are now though if they added more proportions that would be nice.
    Like heroes that have really big chests and smaller legs (like the JLU cartoons).
    What I'd really like is to have greater customization for faces. Have different face types.
    I used to play RockBand 2 a lot because the customization in there was really fun and simple too.
  8. xDecap New Player

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  9. Mont New Player

    CAW creation options from wwe raw would be nice
  10. BigDaddy14 Well-Known Player

    i want my troll to look like a troll
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  11. BigAl Devoted Player

    Not to burst your bubble, but it was said that Jim Lee wasn't going to include any other body sizes. Sorry.
  12. myandria Item Storage

    I agree! I miss CoH and the character modification program it had.

    I had toons from the tall and thin,
    to the short and thick,
    to the classic "junk in the trunk" hip afro-wearing chick,
    to the shadow ninja,
    to the "Masters of the Universe" throwback tributes.

    I think it would add creativity to the game if players could modify the basic character models.
    Don't be scared, devs! Allow us to inspire you for new NPC content! :D
  13. Willydon305 New Player

    Key words, "Go Crazy"...
  14. 13igtyme Devoted Player

    I support this idea only if the op agrees to spend the millions to allow armor styles to work for every type. Some styles don't work with the nine we have. Lets not make things worse.
  15. PureDarkness Dedicated Player

    AKA Titanic Trenton AKA Ex-Bouncing Balls in the Vault
  16. BrainFade New Player

    Would be cool to be able to customize that much. :)