New Boss: Barbatos!

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    Head back to Death Metal D.C. for an epic fight against Barbatos!

    Unshackled by Perpetua and The Batman Who Laughs, the Bat God Barbatos is back for his dark encore in Death Metal Washington, D.C. and Lady Blackhawk needs your help finishing this closer.

    New Feats!
    • Barba-Toast
    • Barbatos Beatdown
    • Barbatos’ Batmares
    • Gotham’s Heavy Burden
    • Gotham’s Burden
    • Themyscira’s Ultimate Failur
    • Themyscira’s Failure
    • Endless Visions of Krypton
    • Visions of Krypton
    • Bats in the Belfry
    New Rewards!
    • Death Metal Batman Scythe Weapon Style
    • Chainsaw of Truth Weapon Style
    • Death Metal Guitar Weapon Style
    • Alfred Box Combat Pet
    Death Metal Batman Scythe, Chainsaw of Truth, Death Metal Guitar Axe Weapon Styles

    Alfred Box Combat Pet

    PLEASE NOTE: The boss will launch this Thursday with daily server restarts.
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  2. Secret Son of Krypton Level 30

    I want to be excited for this...I'll try :)
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  3. Zoe· YouTuber

    Interesting. No new drops or anything?
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  4. Lowest New Player

    That’s a little disappointing
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  5. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Really though?
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  6. Jcal Dedicated Player

    Bit worried about those new feats. Seem like counter feats related to old content or something. :/ Hope I'm wrong.
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  7. MrSuperman Dedicated Player

    I get it…

    It’s something “new”. But DCUO is becoming so predictable. Devs, it’s just really hard to get excited anymore. It’s the same thing month after month. I want to be positive, but you guys have to give me a reason to be positive.

    If I see anymore dark knight content released in the next decade, it will be too soon. (My opinion)
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  8. BabyBoyzim Dedicated Player

    Let me guess…. 50? 75? I do know one thing, their counter feats are always mind numbingly boring, unnecessary, and should all be removed from the game.
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  9. Tolly Committed Player

    Will people choose the sun/beach? the holiday? or the redundancy?
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  10. Forum Junkie Well-Known Player

    Extend the artifact week.
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  11. Stamen Dedicated Player

    Maybe one of the most teeth grinding, I can't sleep because this pug group was that bad, content in the game, gets another look. Something tells me it will be just as ugly the 2nd time through. I never go back there. On purpose, just don't que up for for it and when it pops I run the other way. I guess the internal game metrics showed that and they thought this would fix it.

    All it's going to do is multiply my headaches at night, cause me to overdose on Ibuprophen and get hauled off to the mortuary with a rigid centristic finger pointed to the sky. Let the mayhem, and hair pulling, begin.
  12. Shadowdragon Devoted Player

    Some of the feats sound like counters and some sound like styles or drops.
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  13. Stamen Dedicated Player

    Wait, so after re-reading this - we don't actually have to go back and fight Barbatos in the old metal raid? He's just going to be laying around in Doomed DC?

    Oh heck yes, I am in full board. I owe that chap a good beat down and it will feel good giving it. Yes, Yes, Yes.... if they do this I am 100% in.
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  14. UT Firefly Well-Known Player

    a new boss for death metal thats it? :(
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  15. LoganCaron Active Player

    I know its not related to the added boss..but mannnnn im so disapointed with the montly rewards..come on..the emblems on it is even smaller than with mostly any other chest styles that can have an emblem. I mean the community been asking for a long time for a new simline style without hands being give us that..but a little tiny emblem slot on it..urrrr
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  16. Tolly Committed Player

    it would be better to motivate people to make and remake instances instead of imprisoning them to farm a boss 100 times in the open world, because to demotivate the players of the game, there is nothing better than that...
  17. MystoganJella Well-Known Player

    Looks like this boss is going be in the broken hall of justice area isn’t that a little too close to the shadow batman

    Side Note: (There should be rewards I highly doubt all those feats listed are solely for the counters :) )
  18. RahRah Active Player

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  19. Achikah Committed Player

    Hmm, by the look of those feats, I sense a few eyes styles...? Maybe an orbital? I am intrigued.
  20. Ergotth Committed Player

    I think this episode was the absolute end of Death Metal/overall Metal saga, and this Barbatos is just something they are adding in for flavour while working on the next one.

    Remember, this Metal saga spanned for SEVERAL episodes! Including mentions in unrelated episodes but that all hinted towards it, like Luthor talking about the source wall in the BoP episodes.

    Basicaly, this was the latest saga to be as big, if not bigger than Fight for the Light and Amazon Fury. Plus tied in to the comics.
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