New Booster Bundle arrives next week!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kikumod, Mar 6, 2024.

  1. TheMikeB Active Player

    I am surprisingly proud that for once we are all on the same page. I'm sure that super op most famous player on the EU side is thinking of a way to spin this as a positive though.
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  2. Doctor Impossible Level 30

    I haven't logged on yet,but i was told Earth 3 is the bonus week ,but there was no announcment, players discovered it themselves.
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  3. phill132 Level 30

    I kept meaning to come here to say to stop complaining about every event that isn't 2xp. We didn't even have these for the 1st decade of the game. If you think you're waiting a long time for 2xp, I've been waiting on another 20% discount at the quark vendor since 2022! I can get 2 things that I really want, but they haven't done that event in almost a year and a half! BUT THEN I SAW THIS BOOSTER BUNDLE POST, and just wow, AND is there no event at all this week or no announcement? Why do devs of most games hate making their gamers happy?
  4. WhiteLanternNC Level 30

    It's definitely a pass for me . I'm done spending money until we get some information regarding the future of the game .
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  5. OvaRated New Player

    At this point the bundle should be free. Breaks my heart the time we put into this game… sad sad
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  6. Doctor Impossible Level 30

    Ha, well, it worked on me :( I bought too much storage space, that's what i get for drunk buying at x-mas. I need to scroll down,it's a pain.
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  7. Gassius_Spray Loyal Player

    Meanwhile outside of D'ink HQ, some old friends decided to show up and kick rocks.
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  8. Pupz New Player

    kinda cringe to think about, this is sad
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  9. phill132 Level 30

    I think the devs could get a huge population increase and money by making the game more playable. My character was born on 1/3/2012. He's only ever been gadgets. How much more fun could I have if I could play any power? And I mean play any power without having to buy sp with replay badges and spend 2 or 3 years maxing out more artifacts. Is 12 years, 700 sp, and 6 to 8 max artifacts not enough to just let me play whatever power with the same xp and at least 6 maxed artifacts? There would be no more tank shortage, plenty of healers, and I think the game would become very active. Madden had this with the yard. They had like 20 different types of player you could be. I wanted to play more with all of them, but just leveling 1 was such a long grind. They missed an opportunity to have a lot of people playing that the same way dc is missing this opportunity. And then dc further misses the boat by refusing to give us what we want. It makes such little sense that I actually think they've been trying to make this game die, but maybe there's some legal reason or something they can't turn it off, so they're just killing it. On top of everything, I've always hated seasonals, and there's always a seasonal. It's so annoying, but then they make it even more of a grind by increasing prices. They've gotten so many hundreds of dollars out of my sub, but now I think I'm finally feeling like everyone else on here. They often forget to give me my replay badges and loyalty points for my sub, too. I still don't think bashing the devs every week will get us anywhere, but they really need to do so much better right now.
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  10. Pupz New Player

    Honestly, it's hilariously sad how the only communication this game has had recently is how they are going to release a bb back to back.
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  11. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Devs, I'm sorry, but the stuff in this bundle greatly lacks imagination and creativity, not to mention, didn't we just recently have a bundle?

    With all the changes going in over our heads, and absolutely no communication about that or the direction of the game from you guys, there's obviously a lot of us who have closed our wallets until further notice. I'm even canceling my subscription to return to a bi-monthly sub, since we have no clue what is going on there.

    PS5 update, for example, was supposed to be December. Yet, we haven't heard anything. Where's the Dev discussion, yearly goals, mapping out the roadmap, etc?

    If you want to milk the cash cow, you gotta feed it first.
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  12. Ninjabiscuit Well-Known Player

    After all that radio silence, THIS is what the devs release to what few players we have left? This is lazy, pointless and overpriced hot garbage that has been garnished with a well polished turd.

    Devs can't be bothered to even pretend to give a crap about this game. If you can't even be bothered to at least TRY to save this game, then I can't be bothered to keep paying for it.

    Hard pass. This is pathetic.
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  13. Jhaina1 New Player

    Sabe qual é o maior problema? Vocês reclamam mas nada fazem para mudar isso, certamente o Broker vai explodir mais uma vez com esse monte de lixo,hora faz um favor,se todos não comprarem um booster se quer e as vendas forem igual a zero ,pode ter certeza que algo sera feito a respeito
    Os mesmos que aqui reclamam,chora como criança mimada será os mesmos a comprarem 20,30 dessas merdas
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  14. Ninjabiscuit Well-Known Player

    It's not like there's anything even worth buying this time.
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  15. DuffleBagBoii Well-Known Player

    We gotta start spamming tomato throwing gifs in threads like this. Its not even worth typing a paragraph they aren’t gonna respond to it, but a thread full of rotten tomatoes lets them know we dont like it, & were not giving them the time of day complaining ab stuff that wont change
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  16. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    Not getting a red cent from me. Our current roadmap ends with seasonal drop next week. Y'all can suck it with your cash grabs. When we don't even know what's going on with the game.

    Voice chat has been broken since gentleman ghost was added and the lag spikes good grief. People are jumping ship daybreak get your house in order before you kill our game completely
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  17. Ninjabiscuit Well-Known Player

    Nah we're way past tomatoes. Send the bottle kids!

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  18. iLazy Well-Known Player

    Why not both?


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  19. BlackGryphon Well-Known Player

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  20. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    As always, you confuse your hallucinations with reality.

    You always pop up to announce What's Going To Happen based SOLELY on your imagination.

    And you are never, ever, right. Never.
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