New Booster Bundle arrives next week!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kikumod, Mar 6, 2024.

  1. BUDOKAI101 Committed Player

    Stats revamp was supposed to be a balanced revamp to make stats matter instead they went with a heavy stat clamp leaving players to feel progressionless after all there grinding. They know they failed miserably so they introduced artifacts which were not clamped and still are not clamped. What exactly was the point of stats revamp we should have just stayed with the old revamps instead they left us with a money grab clamp **** show stat revamp. I totally stick to my opinion about what went wrong from day one
  2. Ingrando Well-Known Player

    I can’t decide which ones worst this or the previous BB since when we’re BB released back to back?

    I won’t even buy these from the broker no way
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  3. Siramez Well-Known Player

    stats revamp was 7 years ago no? same time as water power launch
  4. LavaSpitter_json Level 30

    it saddens alot of people that more work (more or less) was put into making the booster bundle than the actual release of next episode update or next gen port
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  5. LavaSpitter_json Level 30

    i wont say this is worse, but the fact that metallic mats is returning with a new name and couple new ones is bad. and the skin....updated lava skin tbh.
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  6. FluffyCloud99 Committed Player

    Ok now i know there are issues in communication in this company.
    They announce that there is booster bundles next week in discord and on here too
    then they announce its this week on discord
    then they retcon that and say its next week.

    What the actual hell is going on over there????
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  7. Aiden_Warren Well-Known Player

    Episodes are free, Booster Bindles it what can make money.
    Though they are working on the next episode.
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  8. CherrySm0ke New Player

    You made me login to say... This is garbage.
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  9. Icon Well-Known Player

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  10. Iconic Simulation YouTuber

    This whole ordeal reeks of mismanagement and dysfunction.

    The way they decided to deal with the seasonal pricing seemed rather passive aggressive in nature.

    This is a whole other issue of it's own, and it wouldn't have been so badly received if they didn't keep players in the dark about the game's future.

    I look forward to seeing what this brings. ;)
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  11. Midnight- New Player

    How about a game update instead of more cash grab items??
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  12. Aiden_Warren Well-Known Player

    The insanity of worrying about the same things over and over wanting a different result.
    10 years go by and people still worrying about the same things over and over.
    It's a game that has no real logic to reality. Where reality of things is ignored and avoided to where only function is seeming to be the easy way out.

    MsTickle Fate, I like how brutally direct and not holding back to these ppl. They need a reality check.
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  13. zNot Loyal Player

    But How else will say keep their other titles alive if it wasnt for the money they get from dc? ;)
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  14. Rainbow New Player

    Ooo yay! Another booster bundle... Ever thought about fixing the in game chat that's been broken since before xmas or how about this new lagging issue that has appeared since the release of the Valentine's event ‍♀️ I'll always have love for DC but quite honestly you're killing your own game. Priorities are backwards af. No purchase of legendary for me unless they fix the issues they currently have, I can't warrant spending money on a game that clearly isn't listening to the community and is more interested about making the next $.
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  15. Black Dawn Steadfast Player

    I would be very curious to see the sale numbers on this BB in the first week when compared to older ones.
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  16. WonderEU Active Player

    They weren’t expecting the out pouring of hate against this idea so are now back pedalling like a spin class so we think it was a mistake. This week… next week it doesn’t matter it is nothing short of a joke at our expense that they even think of releasing ANOTHER booster bundle, you’ll notice there is nothing to announce what this weeks bonus was meant to be.

    I have been an avid supporter over the years but this last few months I have seen a different side of Daybreak and it’s not a pretty sight. After over 10years of being subbed I’ve cancelled my membership and it breaks my heart to see the game I have loved for so many years descend into the state it is currently in.

    Honestly at this point they might as well come out and admit there is no direction, there is no vision and basically they are at sea without a rudder. We need something from someone at a higher level within the team, it’s well beyond time and we as paying customer deserve at least that.
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  17. Arwen Skywalker Loyal Player

    We're in a state of Booster Bundle getting more frequent release than an episode, thats, pretty fkn sad.
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  18. AmónRa New Player

    I will not pay a single cent for this, good work ignoring your players.
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  19. Plowed In Loyal Player

    No new content means my pockets are closed until further notice. Please relay my dissatisfaction to your management.
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  20. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

    You guys at DI are so out of touch that is baffling, seems like self sabotage at this point.
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